Overview Of Point Click Care For The Nursing Instructor

Overview of point click care for the nursing instructor

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Overview of Point Click Care
Electronic Medical Record ‐ eMAR
• An eMAR user is able to log in and out of the
eMAR by entering his/her credentials in the
appropriate fields

1. On the eMAR touch screen: touch PCC icon
on the desk top screen. (stethoscope)
2. Using the keyboard, type in your org code
(cat.)user name and password
Note: the org code is the facility code and
proceeds the user ID for logging into the eMar
eMAR Step 1

Click onto “Clinical Tab”
Step 2

In the drop down box
under Module
Select “eMAR”
Step 3

eMAR All patients/residents in your
assignment/team will appear

eMAR FYI: Color Codes
The color red indicates the administration documentation
is overdue according to schedule
The color yellow indicates the administration
documentation is due according to the schedule. Yellow is
also displayed in case a PRN medications that require
The color green indicates the administration
documentation is complete
The color white indicates that the scheduled
administration documentation is not due yet

Administering meds at this time will generate a warning

*NOTE – the patient icon will remain white until all of
his/her scheduled medications are complete for the shift

eMAR FYI: icon indicators
The heart icon indicates that supplementary documentation (vitals,
labs or other documentation is required prior to administration. You
will be prompted to record when you click the “Y” button
The page icon indicates there are Administration Notes
specific to this pass time
The N icon indicates that the medication is a narcotic
Step 4

Click on your patient’s name
eMAR Step 5

Prepare medication(s) listed for
eMAR Step 6

Click on the “Y” box next to each
medication you are going to administer
Step 7

eMAR Click on the padlock icon to lock
the eMAR while administering
the medications
Step 8

After the medications have been
administered, click on the word
“Locked” to unlock the eMAR

Step 9

If patient/resident took all the prepared medications Click
eMAR “Save”
If patient/resident refused a medication, or the medication
could not be administered for some other reason, click the
“N” box (see next slide)
Step 10

If the patient/resident refuses a
medication, or there is another
reason why the medication could not
be administered, after clicking on the
“N” box, this screen will display

Select “Administration Details”

Nursing Documentation Step 2. Selecting your resident/patient: If resident/patient isn’t already listed; left click on the “All Residents” tab and then click on the first letter of their last name. To select your resident/patient, double click on his/her name. 36

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i connect to the pointclickcare poc cna portal login account?

To connect in to the PointClickCare POC CNA Portal Login account, follow these instructions:Visit www.pointclickcare.com/cna to access the Point Click Care CNA Login official website. Login to Point Click Care Cna Enter your Organization Code, Username, and Password here. Your PointClickCare CNA account can be accessed by clicking Login.

What are the benefits of pointclickcare?

Improve the quality of care, ensure care staff have access to complete information, and decrease the risks associated with incomplete documentation and copycat charting. Integration with other PointClickCare modules lets information flow directly to MDS and other assessments, and eMAR to help reduce errors and omissions and maintain compliance.

What triggers the thought process for the care staff?

The notifications that are set-up in the system trigger the thought process for the care staff. We go through PointClickCare or Point of Care and just the questions or notifications alone trigger what we’re supposed to do for the resident, something we did not have available to us with paper.