On Pages 6 7 Recently Updated Forms From Wi Legal Blank

On pages 6 7 recently updated forms from wi legal blank

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Volume 35 Issue 5 • June 2014 • Connecting the Rental Community Right Next Door and Across the State
Overview of 2013 WI Act 76
on pages 6-7
Recently Updated Forms from
WI Legal Blank
on page 10
WAA Conference &
Tradeshow Registration Form
on page 15
2014 Roster of Events
(for a full calendar of events, visit our website at www.waalonline.org)
Saturday, September 6 ● 10:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m

Ho-Chunk Convention Center, S3214 Hwy 12, Baraboo ● Lower Dells C/D
Lunch (optional) will be at Standing Rock Buffet at noon. Cost is $12

Please RSVP to Kristy at [email protected] or 920-230-9221
no later than Tuesday, September 2

A few rooms have been held for Friday and/or Saturday at a rate of $99/night plus tax

Please contact Ho-Chunk directly at 800-746-2486 and mention group #3321 to reserve your
room before Saturday, August 23

Thursday, June 5—Copperleaf Hotel. Appleton
Thursday, June 12—Cranberry Creek Lodge, Tomah
Thursday, June 19—Ambassador Hotel, Milwaukee
3:00—6:00 p.m. ● $25 for WAA Members
WAA Legislative Liaison, Gary Goyke, & Legislative Co-Chairs, Chris Mokler & Dale
Hicks, will present updates on WAA legislative projects, a report on legislative issues &
upcoming elections, & a political report specific to each region with local legislative guests

Mark Your Calendar
for the
2014 WAA Conference & Tradeshow
October 10-12 at the
Three Bears Resort,
1500 Jellystone Park Dr,
Call Three Bears Resort at 888-482-5634 and mention WAA to get the special
room rate of $89.95/night plus tax
or a suite for $109.95/night plus tax

Room block availability is limited and closes September 10th!
June 2014 ●
WAA Directory
WAA/RHR Executive Committee
President: Dean Ramsden Beloit Property Mgrs Assoc. Janesville Area Rental Oshkosh (Winnebago
(C) 715-421-6403 Matt Ruch* (608) 361-6896 Property Association Apartment Association)
[email protected] [email protected] Dale Hicks** (608) 752-3104 Tracy Frost (920) 233-5810
Joe Hansen (608) 365-8427 [email protected] [email protected]
Past President: Dale Hicks [email protected] Don Chapin (608) 755-1121 Donn Lord** (920) 420-0662
[email protected] [email protected]
(C) 608-201-3774
Eau Claire
[email protected]
(Chippewa Valley A.A.) Kenosha Landlord Assoc. Inc. Racine (S. WI Landlord Assoc.)
Dale Goshaw** (715) 836-7507 Brian Hervat* (262) 652-8000 Wendy Wade (262) 221-6627
Vice President: Sherrie Dorn
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
(C) 262-497-0516 Larry Capozzo (262) 658-9000 David Pioro (262) 939-9022
[email protected] Fond du Lac Area Apt Assoc. LCap- [email protected]
Vicki Garthwaite** (920) 923-4135 [email protected] Dave Bybee** (262) 681-7233
Secretary: Adele Vogel [email protected] Liza Thober** (262) 818-0299 [email protected]
(H) 262-781-4044 Gary Schwefel (920) 924-5746 [email protected]
[email protected] Mary Ruplinger (920) 921-3791 Waukesha Area Apt. Assoc

La Crosse (Apartment Assoc. Norm Vogel** (262) 781-4044
Treasurer: Chris Mokler Green Bay (Apt. Assoc. of the La Crosse Area) [email protected]
(O) 920-235-6470 of Northeastern WI) Pamela Strittmater***
[email protected] Nancy Behnke** (920) 639-7557 (608) 317-3678 [email protected] Wisconsin Rapids Area Rental
[email protected] Duane Roesler* (608) 788-0259 Property Owners Association
Gary Heilmann (920) 499-5019 [email protected].com Sharon Jacoby (715) 510-0000
Regional Directors
[email protected] Jessica Olson (608) 782-0808 [email protected]
Nancy Kuehn (920) 494-9556 Harold Streekstra &
Northeastern: Hank Dreschler
[email protected] Marshfield Area Apt. Assoc. Helen Streekstra** (715) 424-2105
(H) 920-766-3104
Chuck Virnig (715) 305-1232 [email protected]
[email protected]
Hudson (St. Croix Valley [email protected]
Apartment Association) Kris Mueller** (715) 676-2353
North Central: Kris Mueller Allan Brown (715) 778-5809 [email protected]
(H) 715-676-2353 Rob Peifer (651) 470-6679
[email protected] [email protected]
Northwestern: Pamela Strittmater
(C) 608-317-3678
[email protected]
South Central: Matt Ruch
[email protected]
We need YOU! Our association is only as strong as our members and member participation is critical for our growth and
Southeastern: Gus Orozco success. We have established a number of standing committees (teams) to ensure that our association continues to meet
(C) 847-668-7658 goals that are set, retains and adds members, and provides education, leadership, and representation to ensure that YOU are
[email protected] able to operate your rental business successfully, ethically, and responsibly in our state. These members have agreed to
volunteer their opinions, skills, and time to make this association the best it can be. Please consider getting involved as well
WAA/RHR Staff and help make a difference in YOUR association, the Wisconsin Apartment Association!
Education Committee – Julie Fay-Krivitz-Chair (Associate), Sherrie Dorn (SWLA, Racine), Dale Hicks (JARPA, Janesville),
WAA Administrative Assistant/ and Pamela Strittmater (AALA, La Crosse)
Newsletter Editor/Designer Legislative Committee – Chris Mokler-Co-Chair (Winnebago, Oshkosh), Dale Hicks-Co-Chair (JARPA, Janesville), and
Kristy Weinke Jessica Olson (AALA, La Crosse)
920-230-WAA1 (9221)
[email protected] Membership Committee – Kathy Haines-Chair (Associate), Julie Fay-Krivitz (Associate), Pamela Strittmater (AALA, La
Crosse), Jeff Pralle (AALA, La Crosse), Hank Drechsler (FVAA, Appleton), Kris Mueller (MAAA, Marshfield), Gus Orozco
(SWLA, Racine), and Paul Winans (AALA, La Crosse)
Legislative Liaison (WRHLC)
Gary Goyke Conference Committee - Pamela Strittmater-Chair (AALA, La Crosse), Kathy Haines (Associate), Julie Fay-Krivitz
(office) 608-237-8121 (Associate), Susan Verbeten (SWLA, Racine), Kelly Jensen (SWLA, Racine), Bill White (Associate), Lori Thurloff (AANW,
[email protected] Green Bay), Dawn Powell (KLA, Kenosha), Dale Hicks (JARPA, Janesville), and Paul Winans (AALA, La Crosse)
● June 2014
President’s Letter
Another month is upon us and the clock doesn’t stop. As landlords, not only
are we faced with the many challenges of keeping our units rented, but also
keeping our units maintained, paying taxes, paying mortgages, and making
sure the government is not taking more than their fair share

I want to spend a little time in my letter this month writing about maintaining our
properties…knowing the law and keeping informed about government issues
throughout the State of Wisconsin

As members of the WAA, I believe landlords who are members of the WAA are interested in
being more professional and keeping their properties clean and maintained. As members of
the WAA, we want to strive to a higher standard in providing quality housing, being fair to our
tenants, and following fair housing laws

I was in small claims court some time ago and the landlord who was in front of me (and who
was not a member of the WAA), was not informed on some landlord/tenant laws and it was
embarrassing watching him in court. I had wanted to run after him after he was done to find
out who he was and invite him to our next meeting, but I couldn’t as I was up next. It made me
glad that I was a member of the WAA and that we have a strong organization that is interested
in keeping landlords well-informed with education and keeping up the fight in Madison!
The WAA has a long history of helping landlords become better business owners and taking
care of the needs of our tenants. Without our organization and our lobbying efforts, we would
be left to our government making laws that seem right for us and our tenants. We need to
protect the voice of the WAA in Madison

You may wonder how can I help the WAA? We need YOUR participation and support in any
way YOU can lend to the WAA. This is what makes the members of the WAA different from
other landlords. YOU want to make a difference and YOU care about your business and the
industry. Stay active in your local, reach out to other landlords who are not members, and
show them the WAA difference. Stay active in your local governments, create strong
committees in your local area, and join us and share your ideas with us at the next WAA
board meeting

Our mission is to strengthen the WAA with growing our membership. We have a goal set for
this year and we need everyone’s help with this mission…we need YOU!
In closing, my thoughts turn to our tenants. They are our customers! Without customers, our
businesses will fail. How can we serve our customer better? What does it take to keep our
customer for a long time? I would like to compile a list of good ideas that we can share with
our fellow landlords. When you are done reading my letter, please send me an email at
[email protected] with YOUR good ideas on how you lengthen the retention of your
tenant(s). I will then share them with the rest of our members in future letters

Wishing you the best,
Dean Ramsden
WAA President
June 2014 ●
Rental Tip
Wisconsin Tenant Rights to Wisconsin Guide to Tenant Rights
For an overview of Wisconsin landlord-tenant
Withhold Rent law, see http://datcp.wi.gov/uploads/Consumer/
Find out what justifies rent withholding pdf/TenantsRights143.pdf

in Wisconsin if your rental unit has
Wisconsin State and Local Law on Rent
serious defects. Withholding and Landlord Retaliation
By Marcia Stewart, Nolo.com
For state law on rent withholding, see Wis. Stat

Wisconsin tenants are legally entitled to rental
property that meets basic structural, health, and
safety standards and is in good repair. If a For state law prohibiting landlord retaliation, see
landlord fails to take care of important Wis. Stat. § 704.45

maintenance, such as a leaky roof or a broken
heater, you have several important legal rights, Also, check your local housing ordinances for
including the right to withhold rent until repairs any city or county rules that cover tenant rights
are made. when it comes to repairs. Contact your local
building or housing authority. To find yours, call
What Justifies Tenants Paying Less Rent in your mayor or city manager’s office or check
Wisconsin your city or county website

Before you can withhold rent, make sure that the
circumstances justify you paying less rent and
that you comply with state legal requirements
on things like notice you must provide your
landlord. Check Wisconsin state law (see
resources below) on the following:
the type of repair and habitability
problems that qualify for rent withholding

the type of notice you must give the
landlord and the amount of time the
landlord has to fix the problem before you
can withhold rent

the limit on how much rent you may
withhold and how often you can use a
particular remedy your protection from
landlord retaliation, such as a termination
notice or a rent increase, for exercising
your legal right to pay less rent because
of a habitability problem, and any other
conditions that apply before you can
withhold rent, such as a requirement that
you pay rent into an escrow account

● June 2014
Legal Beat
Wisconsin Rental Housing the gander!‖ One exception is that the city can
make laws allowing a registration program that
Legislative Council (WRHLC) impacts residential rentals if the information
REPORT obtained is solely for the purpose of a person to
contact the owner or, at the option of the owner,
2013 Wisconsin Act 76, or as you have known an agent of the owner

as SB 179, was signed by Governor Walker not
long ago. This is a bill that the Wisconsin The next section within Act 76 is concerning cars
Apartment Association (WAA) and the Wisconsin parked on private property. You no longer have
Rental Housing Legislative Council (WRHLC) to call the local police department to have a car
worked on for some time with other groups ticketed and then towed. If you follow the rules
representing the Rental Housing industry. The as laid out in the Act and rules to be promulgated
bill contains about four main areas of legislation. by the Department of Transportation, you can
The third section was more of WAA/WRHLC simply call a tow truck. I am not going to go into
area of concern. Other groups brought forward details, as I have not seen the rules from the
the other sections. DOT yet. This part of the Act does not affect
many of us and I encourage you to do your
The first area of legislation within Act 76 homework before you call the tow truck!
concerns State Statute 66 concerning the ability
of local units of government being able to enact The third area of the Act is the main area of work
certain ordinances. The first area states that a by your WAA and WRHLC leaders. There have
local unit of government may not enact an been several changes to Statute 704 and I
ordinance that limits a residential tenant’s encourage you to read and check with your
responsibility, or a residential landlord’s right, to attorney when making changes to your lease, as
recover for any damage or waste to, or neglect you will have to change your leases!
of, the premises during a tenants occupancy. The first change is to 704.05 regarding the
Basically, the local government cannot say you storage of personal property when a tenant
cannot collect for a tenant’s failure to clean or forleaves or is evicted. The eviction part is added
a hole in the wall that was damaged by the here if you remember back to Act 143 of the last
tenant. legislative session, the eviction part was not
Next, Act 76 says a local unit of government included. As was in ACT 143 of 2011, and now
cannot require a landlord to communicate any with Act 76 of 2013, you do not have to store
information to a tenant that is not required by personal property that is left behind, except for
State or Federal Law and a local unit of certain situations like medicine, if you properly
government cannot require a landlord to place in your lease that you are not going to

communicate any certain information to the local Please read the new Statute and consult legal
unit of government unless it is either required by advice, or use the Wisconsin Legal Blank Lease

State or Federal Law or required of all real If you do not have the proper wording, you must
property owners. The first basically says that adhere to the 2009 704.05, which requires
your City cannot force you to give your tenants storage and certain notices

your name and phone number, which for most of 704.07 was amended to include the infestation of
us we do anyways, but some owners use insects or other pests due to the action or
property managers and do not want their inaction of a tenant to damages by a tenants and
information given out. The second section stops the landlord’s right to either allow the tenant to
cities from creating registration of landlords remediate or repair or for the landlord to take
whereby landlords must give information about appropriate action and hold the tenant
them to the City, unless the City requires it from responsible

all real property owners within in the City limits

Kind of ―if it is good for the goose, it is good for (cont’d on page 7)
June 2014 ●
Legal Beat (cont’d)
(cont’d from page 6)
704.08 changes the wording regarding a check- More interesting, there is a section that allows
in sheet that Act 143 created to simplify the members of LLCs to appear in evictions, as
process. Basically, the landlord shall provide a some courts have been saying only attorneys
tenant with a check-in sheet and the tenant has representing your company or employees of
seven (7) days to return it. A landlord does not your company may appear. You, as a member of
need to give the tenants another check-in sheet your LLC cannot, but now you can! There are fur-
on a lease renewal (for obvious reasons!). ther changes to the types of service and other
items that probably do not affect most of us

704.14 is amended to require that a notice is to
be added to your lease regarding domestic There are several other changes in Statute 799,
abuse protections within the Statute. You will regarding evictions, which will need to be
need to add this to your lease or use the updated discussed in more length in a future article, so
Wisconsin Legal Blank lease. This is important to stay tuned…
note that this must be added to your lease!
704.28 is amended to make changes to the Respectfully,
your lease. The Statute was amended to say Chris Mokler
that if a tenant initials each provision, it is
refutably presumed that the landlord has WRHLC President &
specifically identified the nonstandard provision Legislative Co-Chair
with the tenant and the tenant has agreed to it. [email protected]
Further amendments to 704.28 go on to clarify
when the termination date of a lease is based
upon evictions, early move outs, etc. for the start
of the 21 days to return a security deposit

Dale Hicks
704.44 makes some changes to the Statute that WAA Past President &
I will address in a future newsletter, as there are
Legislative Co-Chair
several important things to note with this change

[email protected]
The final section of the Act is concerning Statute
799. There is a lot of discussion on a certain
number of days in which the local court must act
on evictions and other items

FOR SALE: 6-Unit Apartment Building located in Spring Valley, WI
Features: Five 2-bedroom apartments; One 1-bedroom apartment; On-site laundry;
Paved parking lot & sold with additional 100x95 ft lot

Great rental history
For more information, please contact Jack Hannack, Kruger Real Estate at
(715) 495-1959 or [email protected]

● June 2014
Associate Member Directory
Landlord Services, LLC Samantha Dalsing Wisconsin Legal Blank Printing & Forms
Kathy Haines PO Box 3280 Rick Russell
1264 Cass St. Madison, WI 53704 749 N 37th St
Green Bay, WI 54301 Ph: (608) 205-8025 Milwaukee, WI 53208
Ph: (920) 436-9855 [email protected] Ph: (414) 344-5155
Fax: (920) 436-9856 www.TestudoOnline.com Fax: (414) 344-0577
www.wicreditreports.com [email protected]
ACSI-Automated Independent Insurance Services, Inc. HEALTH
Communication Services 2960 Triverton Pike Drive Health First Wisconsin
Samuel Handziak Fitchburg, WI 53711 Ph: (608) 268-2620
13120 County Rd 6, Ste 100 Ph: (608) 273-3325 www.healthfirstwi.org
Plymouth, MN 55441 Toll-Free: (888) 695-5889
Ph: (763) 253-2321 Fax: (608) 273-4474
Cell: (262) 689-8780
[email protected] INSURANCE
www.weareacsi.com Potter Realty Capital Independent Insurance Services, Inc

Jeff Potter 2960 Triverton Pike Drive
6365 Crossland Blvd Fitchburg, WI 53711
ENVIRONMENTAL/ENERGY Gurnee, IL 60031 Ph: (608) 273-3325
CONSERVATION Ph: (847) 226-0095 Toll-Free: (888) 695-5889
Connor [email protected] Fax: (608) 273-4474
Patrick Connor [email protected]
1421 Clarkview Rd., Ste 100 www.indep-insurance.com
Baltimore, MD 21209-2188 WaterStone Bank
Ph: (410) 296-7971 Julie Fay-Krivitz Bader Company
[email protected] 21505 E Moreland Blvd Dan Rego
Waukesha, WI 53186 Account Executive
Ph: (414) 459-4568 9777N. College Avenue
Focus on Energy Fax: (414) 918-0933 Indianapolis, IN 46280
Brody Vance [email protected] Ph: (888) 223-3725 ext 6092
Multifamily Sr. Program Manager www.wsbonline.com Direct: (317) 706-6092
15770 W. Cleveland Avenue [email protected]
New Berlin, WI 53151 www.baderco.com
Ph: (866) 486-0832
Fax: (262) 786-1487
[email protected]
June 2014 ●
Associate Member Directory
Coin Appliances, Inc Diamond Vogel UMOS Corporate Headquarters
Bob Day Appleton & Green Bay Robert Forster - Administrator/
Geoff Erdman - Mark Severson (920) 470-0052 Management Analyst
6580 N 40th St Sheboygan & Milwaukee-Butler 300 S. Koeller St. Ste E
Milwaukee, WI 53209 - Gary Paul (920) 207-5271 Oshkosh, WI 54902-5590
Ph: (800) 242-5453 Madison - Paul Schneider Ph: (920) 232-9611
Ph: (608) 271-3880 (608) 219-0453 Cell: (414) 791-0301
Fax: (414) 353-2214 Milwaukee, Oak Creek, Racine, Fax: (920) 232-8129
[email protected] Kenosha - Frederic Ryan [email protected]
www.coinappliances.com (414) 550-3241 www.umos.org
Minnesota - www.diamonvogel.com
Great Lakes Commercial Sales, Inc

Brookfield, WI 53005 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES NWP Services Corporation
Ph: (262) 790-5885 Newmark Grubb Pfefferle Annette VanDuren
Ph: (800) 236-5599 Tom Scheuerman Ph: (949) 529-8324
Fax: (262) 790-5886 200 E Washington St, Suite 2A eFax: (630) 282-4771
www.greatlakeslaundry.com Appleton, WI 54911 [email protected]
[email protected] Ph: (920) 540-5068 www.nwpsc.com
Fax: (920) 968-4300
[email protected]
Wash Multifamily Laundry Systems
District Sales Manager Dean’s Satellite Service, Inc

WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems, SOFTWARE Sonya Pennel
LLC Milwaukee Office Connor 2350 Commercial Dr
N30 W22383 Green Rd., Unit G, Patrick Connor Sparta, WI 54656
Waukesha, WI 53186 1421 Clarkview Rd., Ste 100 Ph: ( 608) 269-2897
Ph: (800) 421-6897 ext. 5340 Baltimore, MD 21209-2188 Fax: (608) 269-5241
[email protected] Ph: (410) 296-7971 [email protected]
[email protected]
● June 2014
Legal Forms
Updated Legal Forms from WI Legal Blank
By Rick Russell, WI Legal Blank
Several Wisconsin Legal Blank forms were revised and/or updated
to comply with the new landlord-tenant law, Act 76. The new law
was effective as of March 1, 2014, and the revised forms have been
available since March 17th. Any new tenancies that commence after March 1st should use
the revised forms

The following are the WLB forms that have been revised and a brief description of what was
a. Language was added which provides notice of certain domestic abuse protections

b. Revision of "Extermination Costs" section

c. Addition of a Non-Waiver section

d. Addition of a "Criminal Activity Prohibited" section

e. The " Notice to Vacate" section was modified to clarify the law better regarding
terminating a lease for term

f. The "Abandoned Property" section was modified to comply with the law changes in
Act 76

g. Additional language was added to clarify that operating a business or providing
child care services are not allowed in the rental unit

h. Additional language was added in the section entitled "Security Deposit" to state
that if the repair costs for tenant damages are not known in time for the
security deposit transmittal letter, that a "good faith" estimate be used

i. Clarifying language was added to the "Breach and Termination" section

with Act 76's changes regarding abandoned property

3) NOTICE OF RENT INCREASE #332 - Updated to comply with Act 76's changes regarding
abandoned property

4) CHECK-IN / CHECK-OUT SHEET #993 and #997 - Updated to comply with Act 76 with
regards to the title and the "When to Use" explanation

5) RENTAL APPLICATION # 996 - Eliminated some sections that were not needed and
could possibly cause problems for landlords, added additional instructions for applicant and
rewrote much of the language at the bottom of the signature page

6) NONSTANDARD RENTAL PROVISION # 984 - Rewrote the "When to Use" section to
better explain the purpose of a NSRP document, removed the "Miscellaneous Matters"
section and revised statutory references

You can order all of these and all other landlord-tenant forms online at www.wilegalblank.com or by
calling1-800-890-6890. WAA members receive a 10% discount on all orders. Contact your local
forms rep or Kristy at the WAA office to get your discount code

June 2014 ●
● June 2014
Local Affiliate Updates
Info submitted by Kathy Haines
Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Hilton Garden Inn, 1015 Lombardi Ave., Green Bay
Info submitted by President Pamela Strittmater
The Apartment Association of the La Crosse Area is branching
out. One of the issues that we deal with as an association is that many
of our members own rental property in different smaller communities
surrounding La Crosse. Each community is unique in its own way and has different city,
village, or town employees, departments, ways of communicating emergencies, etc. Some
of our members don't even own any property in La Crosse. We try to have meetings with
guest speakers that benefit everyone, but with all of the hot issues happening in La Crosse,
more focus has been put on that information instead of something for everyone. Members
Jeff Pralle and Paul Winans have been working together and developed the Onalaska/
Holmen branch. Jeff is hosting meetings in his realty office every month with topics and
speakers that are important for rental property owners in Onalaska and Holmen to
know. Their second meeting was in May and the interest is starting to grow. We are excited
for them. We look forward to watching the branch grow and are willing to assist in any way

Save the Date!!! October 23rd is the 25th Anniversary of the creation of The Apartment
Association of the La Crosse Area, originally created as the La Crosse Apartment Owners
Association. Plans are underway to celebrate this momentous event. We are looking into
creating a memory book to commemorate the last 25 years. If anyone has a story they
would like to share, please email Pamela Strittmater at [email protected] before August 15th

Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Moose Lodge
Info submitted by Dale Hicks
June-Walt Bancroft, Home Inspections & Rental Weatherization
July-JARPA will be celebrating their 35 year anniversary at their picnic on
July 17th. Several members in JARPA have been members for all of that
plus more. Everyone who has been a member for at least 15 years will be recognized

The new City Manager, Mark Freitag, and others from Housing and other city depart-
ments will be invited as well

August-Debbie Kolste, District 44 Rep, & Brian Frazier, Director of Humane Society
September-Landlord training with John Fischer
Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Commercial Bank, 1400 Blackbridge Rd., Janesville
June 2014 ●

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are forms available at the wisconsin state law library?

The Wisconsin State Law Library does not guarantee the accuracy, currency, or applicability of any form. Selecting, completing, and filing forms is entirely the responsibility of users and their attorneys. The WI State Law Library has form books covering many topics.

Where can i find court forms in wisconsin?

Court forms can be found on the Wisconsin Court System web page. Child Support related court forms can be found on the BCS Court Resources and Forms web page. If you cannot find the form or publication you are looking for, contact DCF Agency Operations for assistance.

How do i contact the wisconsin department of revenue?

• Send a fax to (608) 267-0834 • Write to the Audit Bureau, Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Mail Stop 3-107, PO Box 8906, Madison, WI 53708-8906 • Call or visit any Department of Revenue office Obtaining Forms If you need forms or publications, you may:

What are the updates to the wlb forms?

When you purchase WLB products, your account dashboard will also keep you notified of updates in forms you utilize. Revised to conform to the recent Act 317 law. Visit Attorney Tristan Pettit's Landlord blog for more information regarding changes to the law. Updated to align with HUD's new requirements for applicant screening and refusal to rent.