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One sheet imagestemplatenet

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One Sheet
A one sheet is a straightforward and practical business document. Whether you are
promoting a rock band, a mobile app, or even a new pharmaceutical drug, it is best to
prepare a one sheet that’s loaded with information but easy enough to understand

One Sheet Definition & Meaning
A one sheet is a document that offers a glimpse or an overview of a business, product, or

It contains and summarizes all the key information such as history or biography, list of
achievements, contact details, or even business goals and objectives

What Is a One Sheet?
A one sheet can sometimes be referred to as a one-pager. It is a document that is typically
used in the entertainment, film, or broadcast industries. But essentially any business,
company, or even individual can create one for the purpose of marketing their services or

10 Types Of One Sheet
Company One Sheet
A company one sheet is incredibly useful especially during trade shows, business
conferences, and similar events. It offers a simple, quick, and easy-to-digest overview of a
company. It is vital to include business contact information and striking graphics, as seen in
this pastry company one sheet template below

Promotion One Sheet
At its core, a one sheet is essentially a promotional or advertising tool. Not everyone has
the time nor the luxury to read and go through pages of content. A promotion one sheet,
such as the example below, saves the reader a lot of time as it presents a one-page
overview of all the main ideas and highlights only the important points

Radio One Sheet
A radio one sheet is a document that primarily contains basic information about an artist or
performer. Whether it is a traditional broadcast radio or a live stream podcast, musicians
who want to get exposure or recognition should prepare a one sheet that they can readily
distribute to radio stations, DJs, record producers, etc. When creating your radio one sheet,
make sure to also include a photo of the artist

Sales One Sheet
If you are a business or a company, it might be helpful to prepare a sales one sheet to hand
to clients or business partners at meetings. Your sales one sheet should always be brief,
clear, and concise. The example below is a clothing brand one sheet that provides a brief
description of the company’s objectives and also highlights various customer testimonials

One Sheet Proposal
Typical formal proposals are usually several pages long. But it might be helpful to come up
with a one sheet proposal to supplement your longer and comprehensive proposal. Having
a one-page proposal that contains only the essential information or a quick preview of the
full proposal, maybe more reader-friendly and less intimidating

Media One Sheet
If you want to gain greater exposure or publicity in the media world, you need to have a one
sheet that really stands out. Whether you are an aspiring actor or a budding social media
influencer, you have to remember that a one sheet that contains everything there is to know
about you may not be enough. Your media one sheet must also be visually striking and
engaging to capture the attention and interest of people in the industry

A one sheet can somet i mes be ref erred t o as a one-pager. I t i s a document t hat i s t ypi cal l y used i n t he ent ert ai nment , f i l m, or broadcast i ndust ri es. B ut essent i al l y any busi …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a one sheet template?

The one sheet template is a document used in the entertainment industry to summarize a product for sales and publicity purposes. The one-sheet template has branched out to almost every industry due to its effectiveness and simplicity. What is a one sheet for film?

What size paper do you use for one sheet wonder templates?

This one sheet wonder template uses a 12 X 12 piece of designer paper, aka scrapbook paper! One thing I like about Stampin’ Up!’s designer paper though is that it’s double sided which gives you more options for coordinating the pieces on your cards.

What is a one sheet template in the entertainment industry?

A one-sheet template in the entertainment industry is an overview of your TV or movie idea. For an idea of a project, you use it as a promotion so that you will stand out from the competition. You want to get recognized by the entertainment executives when you have an idea.

What is a one sheet and how do i create one?

A one-sheet is not meant to summarize all of your services, but instead to highlight one focused part of your business. If you sell multiple products, you would create a one-sheet for each product.