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Owner Contact Information Form
OWNER REQUIRED TO FILE ANNUALLY WITH HOA, by Civil Code 4041. effective 2017
A On an annual basis, just prior to the distribution of annual disclosures, the HOA will request owners complete and
return this form. Owners are now required to provide written confirmation to the
association of all of the following:
1 The Address which notices from the HOA are to be delivered, i.e. primary mailing address
2 A secondary address to which notice from the association may be delivered if there is no
response to mailings sent to the primary mailing address

3 The name and address of:
a His/her Legal representative if any
b Any person with power of attorney who can be contacted in the event of emergency
4 Whether the unit is:
a. Owner occupied b. Rented c. 2nd Family Home d. Vacant
B The association shall demand this information from each owner annually, prior to the distribution of
the annual disclosures, under section 5300, and shall enter the data into its books and records
C If an owner fails to return the annual confirmation, pursuant to the new law, the condominium address
shall legally be deemed to be the address to which notices are delivered moving forward

With this new Civil Code, owners who fail to return this form to the HOA each year, are by default selecting their HOA unit
as the designated mailing address, regardless of any previous directives. This new Civil Code requires owners update/confirm
their mailing information every year in response to the HOAs request. Owners may no longer challenge fines or fees assessed,
to an owners account claiming documents sent by the association, were sent to the wrong address

Please use the below form to update your information at any time PLEASE PRINT LEGABLY
Please mail to the address your assessment is mailed to, or by email at [email protected]
Date: HOA Name:
Address and unit number of Condominium
Name/s of Owner/s:
***If name on title is a Trust, LLC or Inc., "Name of owner" must be a person, Primary Trustee or CEO
Name/s Reflected on Title:
Unit Is: Owner Occupied Renter Occupied 2nd Family Home Vacant
Names of all tenants
Emergency Tenant Phone #
*** Any subsequent changes to the information on this form must be submitted to the HOA using this form

Please keep a copy of this form handy for future use

Please Indicate which address you prefer Association correspondence to be mailed to. Choose ONLY One (1)
Primary address Secondary Address
Primary Mailing Address:
Must be Unit Owners Address
Secondary Mailing Address:
Property Mgr. or Mailing Address
Primary Phone number: Primary Email:
Unit Owner Unit Owner
Secondary Phone number: Secondary Email:
Prop Mgr. or Point of Contact Prop Mgr. or Point of Contact
Name, address and phone number of Legal representative or person with Power of Attorney in case
extended absence or emergency
Mailing Address:
Phone: Email:
Office Use
Received: Updated/Confirmed: Form Scanned to File: Initials:

Prop Mgr. or Point of Contact Name, address and phone number of Legal representative or person with Power of Attorney in case Name: Mailing Address: Phone: Email: Received: Form …

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