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Optimize Assist
Program Service
Description of services available for
on-premises, cloud (public or OpenText) or
hybrid cloud customers
Contents Introduction 3
Optimize Assist Program 3
Optimize Assist Program - Service Manager 5
Optimize Assist Program - Site Inventory Service 5
Optimize Assist Program - Incident Trend Analysis 6
Optimize Assist Program - On-Site/Remote Technical Assistance (pre-planned flex days) 7
Additional Optimize Assist Services available 8
Business Administration Services (Skills) 9
Staff Augmentation Service (Skills) 9
Application Support Service (Skills) 10
Operational Readiness Assessment (Skills) 11
Standby Expert Support /Assistance Service (Skills) 12
Monitoring Service (Ongoing Task) 13
Patch Management Service (Ongoing Task) 14
Upgrade Assessment Service (Upgrade) 15
Upgrade Service (Upgrade) 16
Environment Alignment Assessment (Expert Checkpoint) 17
Health Check Service (Expert Checkpoint) 18
Disaster Recovery Review Service (Expert Checkpoint) 19
Capacity Planning Service (Expert Checkpoint) 20
Performance Optimization Service (Expert Checkpoint) 21
About OpenText 22
Optimize Assist Service Catalog 2/22
OpenText offers and delivers an Optimize Assist Program that focuses on services
and support. Helping customers improve their user experience, productivity, return on
investment and overall satisfaction of OpenText software, whether it is implemented on-
premises, in the cloud (public or OpenText) or in a hybrid cloud scenario

Operating and maintaining advanced Information Management (IM) solutions can be a
complex proposition for any organization. Delivering on these requirements requires
in-depth technical know-how and expert knowledge of IM deployment and operational
management. Many organizations need additional skills and resources to accelerate and
streamline their digital journey. OpenText understands these challenges and has designed
the Optimize Assist Program to alleviate some of those pressures

As the pioneer of IM software, OpenText is an ideal partner to provide the expertise
needed to achieve a successful implementation and smooth ongoing operations

The Optimize Assist Program contains a number of core services with the ability to add
additional optional services from the service catalog

For customers who are looking for some assistance with managing their IM solution there
are a range of Managed Services that are also available from the Professional Services

Optimize Assist Program
The focus of the program is to help customers operate and maintain their OpenText
solution with fast and effective incident resolution

This program includes the mandatory core essential services to support a customer's
IM needs

Additional services can be selected from the Optimize Assist Program Catalog and added
to the Program in accordance with any specific business needs and requirements

Core Program Benefits
• Improved user satisfaction and user adoption
• Faster resolution of incidents leading to reduced number and severity of follow-on
• Improved stability and reduced downtime
• Advanced technical expertise
• Accountability and innovative problem solving from the OpenText team that developed
the product
• Regular status calls and reporting
• Agreed service response times
Optimize Assist Service Catalog 3/22
Core Services
Services included are:
• Service Manager as a single point of contact and accountable for the service and
customer satisfaction with a Private Optimize Assist Program Workspace to manage
and facilitate all communication and reporting between OpenText and the Customer
(active throughout program term)
• Site Inventory to ensure asset, CI (Configuration Item) and CMDB (Configuration
Management Database) documentation is current to allow for fastest intervention
possible (once per program term, with updates)
• Incident Trend Analysis to identify issues, trends and determine potential candidates for
future problem management
• Onsite/Remote Technical Assistance (pre-planned flex days) to resolve complex issues
or to take over maintenance and support activities in case of limited availability of
customer’s staff

These core services are defined in greater detail on the subsequent pages
Optimize Assist Service Catalog 4/22
Optimize Assist Program - Service Manager
An Optimize Assist Program includes a Service Manager as a named single point of
contact. They will have overall responsibility for customer satisfaction in the delivery and
management of this program

This assigned Service Manager has the following mandate:
• Assigned as the OpenText representative to manage the Optimize Assist Program
contract throughout its life
• A named contact in the time zone closest to the customer, with the required language
skills. This person is dedicated to developing and maintaining a trusted, long-term
relationship between OpenText and the customer
• Establishes and enforces clear and consistent processes that help the customer to
engage, improve and evolve with OpenText at all levels
• The Service Manager will generally be available from Monday to Friday during normal
business hours in the agreed time zone, excluding public holidays unless otherwise
agreed upon by both parties to respond to requests within a reasonable timeframe

• Provide Program planning advice with status reports and calls on support requests
and services. These reports will be available in the Private Optimize Assist Program
Workspace. This OpenText customer service portal is used to manage and facilitate all
communication and reporting between OpenText and the customer
• The Service Manager will offer structured analysis of incidents, identifying trends and
issues in order to find similarities, creating input for problem management and the
Known Error Database (KEDB). Improving system stability and performance

• Closed Incidents are analyzed to identify similarities or trends. If there are any severe
and repeated Incidents these are identified and a problem management ticket is raised

Optimize Assist Program - Site Inventory Service
Included as part of each Optimize Assist Program, this service provides a detailed
and technical site inventory document covering all areas of a given solution including:
the high-level system architecture, network and server infrastructure, client and O/S
configuration, OpenText solution installation and configuration. This documentation is
required so that technical consultants have the information they need to respond quickly
to incidents

OpenText will review and update the technical documentation detailing the most
important elements of the system environment. This will be used as an up-to-date
overview of the system in the event of a system failure

The Site Inventory document typically contains a graphic overview with information about
all relevant servers used for the specific installation or application. The overview should
contain the following information:
• Logical overview
• Server names and IP addresses
• Server usage
Optimize Assist Service Catalog 5/22
• Two servers in case of cluster
• Storage information including disk size
• Load balancer and/or firewall information
• Lines displaying the communication between the servers, including ports
• Network information
• Third-party products, e.g. solutions for incoming documents
Important information for Emergency Support Admins will provide a quick overview of the
customer’s installation, including all required log-on parameters, such as:
• Business case, two sentences about the product usage and any SLAs OpenText or the
customer has in place (short words)
• Installed product version, including patch level
• Log-on information - access to the systems, usernames and passwords including DB
information (if possible)
• Configuration overview - installation path, log file path, start/stop scripts, or services
• How to section - guidelines to quickly solve recurring issues
• Short description of where to find and access system monitoring, if available and
technical documentation of the most important parameters of the system environment
Optimize Assist Program - Incident Trend Analysis
Included in all Optimize Assist programs, this service provides quarterly analysis of
all raised Incidents. The service is intended to identify issues, trends and determine
potential candidates for future problem management

The service offers a structured analysis of incidents in order to find similarities and create
input for problem management and Known Error Database

Improved system stability and performance
• Closed Incidents are analyzed with regularity to identify similarities or trends

• If any severe and repeated Incidents are identified, a Problem Management Ticket is
• Report of Incident Analysis
• Recommendation of Change Requests to improve stability and performance
Optimize Assist Service Catalog 6/22
Optimize Assist Program - On-Site/Remote Technical
Assistance (pre-planned flex days)
This service enables a customer to use OpenText Technical Consultants for on-site or
remote expert technical assistance. These are flex days that offer pre-planned assistance
by mutual agreement

Assists the customer’s administration team to resolve complex issues or to take over
maintenance and support activities in case of limited availability of customer’s staff

These pre-planned flex days allow for customers to deal with the unexpected, by
speaking to an OpenText Technical Consultant and receiving follow up support at a
mutually agreed time

OpenText provides a team of technical product experts familiar with the customer’s
solution and operating processes, such as Incident Management, Problem Management,
and Change Management. This team assists the customer’s admin team with all
maintenance and support activities

The customer will receive access to a team of OpenText experts for on-demand

Note: On-site technical assistance may require agreement on travel logistics and

Optimize Assist Service Catalog 7/22
Additional Optimize Assist Services available to be
added to the Core Program
A selection of services have been created that are regularly added to a core Optimize
Assist Program. Please speak to a Service Manager about the benefits that these
additional services provide. They are grouped into four key areas - Skills, Ongoing Tasks,
Upgrades, and Expert Checkpoints

• Business Administration Services
• Staff Augmentation Service
• Application Support Service
• Operational Readiness Assessment
• Standby Expert Support /Assistance Service
Ongoing Tasks
• Monitoring Service
• Patch Management Service
• Upgrade Assessment Service
• Upgrade Service
Expert Checkpoints
• Environment Alignment Assessment
• Health Check Service
• Disaster Recovery Review Service
• Capacity Planning Service
• Performance Optimization Service
Optimize Assist Service Catalog 8/22
Business Administration Services (Skills)
This service allows customers to offload classic “Super User” tasks to OpenText. Taking
care of daily routine jobs and tasks that would otherwise occupy internal staff

OpenText delivers a defined set of “Super User” tasks, saving the customer from the need
to have internal staff perform these functions

A collection of initial deliverables will be agreed upon during the initial workshop

Examples of deliverables include:
• User and Group Administration
• Search Admin
• Records Management Admin
• Workflow/Business Process Admin
Staff Augmentation Service (Skills)
This service enables a customer to use OpenText Technical expert(s) to provide coverage
for a customer’s staff when absent on planned or unplanned leave. Activities to be
delivered are mutually agreed between OpenText and the customer

OpenText can help operate the customer’s solution and provide cover for the customer’s
technical staff or enhance their staff during critical times to mitigate risk or develop and
boost critical knowledge in the existing staff

OpenText will provide a team of technical product experts familiar with the customer’s
solution and operating processes, such as Incident Management, Problem Management
and Change Management. This team can take over responsibility for all maintenance
and support activities necessary to comply with OpenText best practice and customer’s

OpenText will operate the customer's solution and provide cover for customer's staff
based on the agreed scope

Optimize Assist Service Catalog 9/22
Application Support Service (Skills)
OpenText will support and maintain bespoke extensions, integrations and customizations
made to the core OpenText product deployment

For solutions provided by OpenText Professional Services a maintenance agreement can
also be offered that will provide the following benefits:
• Reporting incidents relating to customizations (as well as standard product) to
OpenText Customer Support
• Track, analyze and review incidents and issues raised
• Maintain the knowledge related to the solutions with an assigned Primary Technical
Specialist for the duration of the service contract

The following services are included:
• A primary technical specialist is responsible for the program
• Support requests related to the customizations will be logged and managed by
OpenText Customer Support
• The Service Manager is responsible for the coordination of all solution services support
requests from creation to resolution
• The specialist will carry out necessary problem rectifications for the customizations
defined in the agreement
• Disruptions related to customizations will be reported to OpenText Customer Support
in the same way as standard product issues, simplifying reporting and accelerating

• When requested by the customer, the specialist will upgrade any customizations linked
to a minor/major upgrade of the OpenText standard software. This upgrade is limited to
the provision of customizations, with all necessary modifications in order to allow these
to run on the new minor/major upgrade version of the OpenText standard software

Optimize Assist Service Catalog 10/22
Operational Readiness Assessment (Skills)
This service is recommended for customers who are undergoing the initial
implementation of a new OpenText solution, with a specific focus on what activities can
best assist the customer’s IT team. The service assists the customer in developing plans,
policies, tools and the knowledge needed to effectively administer, support and maintain
the OpenText solution

• Assistance to the Support/Admin teams
• Structured and optimized Customer Support processes
• Improved understanding of OpenText Software
• Improved Risk Management
• Improved Strategic Planning
• Operational Readiness support is offered in addition to the Software Maintenance
Program that customers will be subscribed to
• Proactive problem prevention
• Rapid resolution of issues encountered
• Positive end user experience
• Status reporting and regular meetings
Optimize Assist Service Catalog 11/22
Standby Expert Support / Assistance Service (Skills)
This service provides standby services to offer a remote “safety net” for a customer’s
planned system events and business critical periods by providing supplementary internal
IT Staff for evening and weekend work. This standby service is available 24/7, in support
of customer business critical production environment activities

As a means of supporting maintenance work outside of normal working hours (e.g. the
weekend), support can be requested with a lead time of four weeks. The additional agreed
charges shall apply

During the planned system event or business critical period, the customer will have
additional know-how from the OpenText technical specialist(s) in order to receive any
assistance that they may need

• One or more highly experienced and dedicated technical specialists will be available
remotely via email and telephone for any issues or questions the customer may have
• The specialist will closely work together with a customer's Solution Administrator to
analyze the occurring issues to get them resolved or to find workarounds
• The specialist will work together with OpenText colleagues in other departments as
needed (e.g. Customer Support, Development)
• Continuous availability of highly experienced technical specialist(s)
• Continuous access to the best practice know-how of Optimize Services Programs
during a critical maintenance or business phase
• Rapid support to resolve issues
Optimize Assist Service Catalog 12/22

Optimize Assist Service Catalog 5/22 Optimize Assist Program - Service Manager An Optimize Assist Program includes a Service Manager as a named single point of contact. They will have …

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