Official Request For Information Nalc Branch 908

Official request for information nalc branch 908

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To: __________________________ Supervisor
Title: ___________________________
From: _________________________ Shop Steward
Title ___________________________
NALC Branch ______ Date Request sent/delivered: _____________
_________________________________ Received by: ___________________________
Last day to file grievance or make appeal: _____________ Work days left: ________
Subject: ___________________________________________________________________
We request that the following documents and/or witnesses be made available to us in order to
properly identify whether or not a grievance does exist and if so, their relevancy to the grievance. In
addition, we request any and all evidence (including supervisory notes and witness statements)
with regard to this case in the possession of Postal Management, whether or not relied upon to
support it's decision or position

Article XVII, Section 3 requires the Employer to provide for review of all documents, files, and other information necessary in
processing a grievance

Article XXXI, Section 3 requires that the Employer make available for inspection by the Unions all relevant information necessary
for collective bargaining or the enforcement, administration, or interpretation of the Agreement

Section 8a(5) of the National Labor Relations Act states that it is an unfair Labor Practice for the Employer to fail to supply relevant
information for the purpose of Collective Bargaining. GRIEVANCE PROCESSING IS AN EXTENSION OF THE

The USPS, in response to the NLRB, has issued instructions that requests for information are not to be denied on the technical
ground that the local union official has no authority to make an information request. It also states “if the requested
information has some bearing on an issue between the parties, it should be disclosed to the unions. If an information
request is unclear, management should attempt to clarify the request, rather than denying the request on a technicality.”
1.____________________________________ 5.__________________________________
2.____________________________________ 6.__________________________________
3.____________________________________ 7.__________________________________
4.____________________________________ 8.__________________________________
Request for Information
Check all boxes below that apply and return a copy to the NALC

[ ] On the date listed I have provided the documentation requested to the NALC. It was:
[ ] Made available at my office DATE__/__/__
[ ] Given to an NALC representative DATE__/__/__
[ ] Mailed to the NALC DATE__/__/__
[ ] On the date(s) below I have or will make available the witness requested except as noted

[ ] I have excluded certain requested documentation. Documents excluded and reason(s) is/are:
SIGNED________________________________________ ___/___/___
Manager/Supervisor Signature DATE
PRINTED NAME_________________________________
Copy Distribution: Supervisor, union officer, _________________

2 Request for Information NOTICE TO SUPERVISOR/MANAGER Check all boxes below that apply and return a copy to the NALC. [ ] On the date listed I have provided the documentation …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the nalc partisan?

The NALC is not partisan and neither is our fight. Our struggle is for letter carrier jobs and we deserve support for that struggle from all political parties. All NALC members need to know and understand the process and how to get involved.

What is the 2011 national agreement for letter carriers?

This Agreement (referred to as the 2011 National Agreement) is entered into by and between the United States Postal Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Employer”) and the National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO (hereinafter referred to as the “Union”), pursuant to an Arbitration Award issued January 10, 2013.

What is branch 40?

FYI Branch 40 is THE largest branch in Region 11, which encompasses Ohio and Upstate New York. More than TWICE the size of Cincinnati or Columbus. Yet their voices are heard at NALC Headquarters, while ours are not. Why is that?

What does nalc do to challenge discipline?

NALC spends a significant amount of its resources grieving discipline, arguing that management lacks the required “just cause.” Discipline can accumulate in an employee’s personnel file and lead to discharge, so NALC may grieve to challenge any level of discipline, from a letter of warning to discharge.