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Openlab cds basic information agilent

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Rev. C
OpenLab CDS – Basic Information
Terms Help and Learning
ACQUISITION Includes the instrument settings for an experiment. GETTING STARTED
METHOD Edited in Acquisition

Access the interactive Getting Started Modules from the
AUDIT TRAIL A representation of changes to a record that desktop by clicking the OpenLab Help & Learning icon

includes 1) identity of the user who made the The modules provide step-by-step instructions on the
change, 2) date/time of the change, 3) description basic workflows and help you to familiarize yourself
of the change, and 4) reason for the change. with OpenLab CDS

Configure audit trails in OpenLab Control Panel

LAYOUTS Defines how and which information is displayed. CONTEXT SENSITIVE HELP
Use preset Layouts or customize your personal Use F1 to get context sensitive help

Changes in layouts are saved per user

Use Reset function to return to default layouts
LINKED METHOD Processing method that is assigned to an injection. Collaborate with others about applications, discuss Agilent products, and
PROCESSING Contains the information and parameters needed to find in-depth documents and videos relevant to Agilent

METHOD process the data and generate results

Edited in Data Analysis. MENU COMMANDS
PROJECT Use to organize your data, e.g. by instrument,
laboratory, or study. Apply individual access rights
to each project
REPORT Defines the layout of a report

TEMPLATE Edited in Data Analysis

RESULT SET Collection of raw data, methods, and injection list. Find commands in the ribbon. Data Analysis: contextual ribbon tabs
Create custom result sets by combining single (highlighted in blue) offer commands for the selected window

samples or sequence injections, and reprocess

Prepare, Install, Configure
SEQUENCE Defines a flexible pattern for creating new Prepare:
CREATION sequences. Useful for creating cyclic sequence. The OpenLab CDS Requirements guide contains information on Hardware
TEMPLATE Edited in Acquisition. and Software requirements, Firewall ports, OS configuration
SEQUENCE TABLE Identifies the order of runs to be included in a Install, configure:
sequence. Edited in Acquisition. Click setup.exe on the USB stick to run the installation wizard

OpenLab CDS – Quick Reference Sheet
Access Instruments and Projects Acquire Data Analyze and Report Data
Use the Desktop icon to launch OpenLab Control Panel. Define acquisition and instrument parameters for runs using this „ To load data, double-click node in the Data Selection view
method. „ Pin injections or result sets for comparison
Download to instrument to use new parameters immediately. „ Use Peak Explorer to view a sequence at a glance and
identify trends or artifacts

ROLE: SYSTEM ADMIN „ Create custom result sets based on existing injections (right-click
„ Assign users to groups
nodes in the injection tree to add them, click Create new Result Set
„ Assign roles to groups „ Enter sample parameters in the ribbon)

„ Use default roles or assign privileges to roles „ Include acquisition method
(use role Chemist for Acquisition and Data Analysis) „ Optional: Include processing method
„ Manage licenses A processing method may already be linked (assigned) to the data

If not, create new master method
RUN A SEQUENCE Link injections to the master processing method
PROJECTS Create a new sequence, or A result set method (stored in result set folder) is generated
Open and edit a previously saved sequence, or on linking the master method to the injections

ROLE: PROJECT ADMIN Import a CSV file (also possible via drag and drop), or Reprocess (automatic after linking, or manually)
Create projects to organize your data: From a result set, or
„ Activate method audit trails Click Apply Template to apply a sequence creation template
„ Apply project-specific options EDIT PROCESSING METHOD
„ Add custom parameters for samples and compounds Processing methods are divided in sections: e.g

Edit sequence table:
„ Integration Events for all or for specific signals
Create shortcut for Data Analysis with a project. Right-click and use Fill-down to edit rows, copy/paste entire rows,
pin columns at the front „ Compounds:
Launch Data Analysis for a project. Add compounds: Right-click a peak, or right-click the compound table

Edit injections and sequence parameters:
„ Calibration: Set number of calibration levels in the General tab
„ For automated processing and reporting: enter existing processing
method „ Spectra: MS or UV reference spectra for confirmation or purity checks
INSTRUMENTS „ Extraction > Spectrum: Background correction settings
„ Define name of the result set
ROLE: INSTRUMENT ADMIN „ Tools > Custom Calculation: Extend default calculations
Create and configure instruments SEQUENCE CREATION TEMPLATE
Monitor instruments Create a new template in the Sequence Creation Template window:
Create shortcut for acquisition with an instrument

Use for cyclic sequences with varying numbers of samples. Import default templates into your project
Launch Acquisition for an instrument

(start customizing templates from here):
Data Selection > Import Default Templates
STATUS Print results manually:
View Run Queue, Instrument status, Online signals In Data Analysis, edit the processing method Reports section,
and link the method. Click Print all in the ribbon

Print processing method:
LAUNCH DATA ANALYSIS Go to Data Processing > File ribbon tab > Print Method
Launch Data Analysis in review mode to show already completed Print Individual PDF:
injections of a running sequence: Click icon in the Run Queue. Go to Reporting > Preview > Save as PDF
Sequence summary report: submenu Save result set summary report

OpenLab CDS – Basic Information Terms ACQUISITION METHOD Includes the instrument settings for an experiment. Edited in Acquisition. AUDIT TRAIL A representation of changes to …

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What is openlab cds?

OpenLab CDS is chromatography data software that combines productivity, usability, and data integrity. It offers the most comprehensive Agilent and non-Agilent instrument control of your LC, GC, LC/MS, and GC/MS systems. Chromatography Software - OpenLab CDS

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