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The Washington State Department of Printing
Order, Print & Save Order your printing online
Utilize our new online ordering system to
send all of your projects quickly and easily!
Advantages & Helpful Tools
My Quick Copies
▪▪ Save frequently used jobs in your account
Order your
Order black and white or
color copies, with very ▪▪ Retain electronic records of previous jobs!
basic options. We deliver
▪▪ Review and re-print previous orders
to your front desk or to
a nearby copy center for ▪▪ Store multiple ship to addresses
pickup, quick turnaround. ▪▪ Access your online order history
▪▪ Active access to current job status
My Books & Manuals ▪▪ Order directly from your desktop
Create Books & Manuals ▪▪ Store your frequently used files online
with multiple options ▪▪ Easy long distance access
for binds with the ability
▪▪ The ability to price basic jobs
to create tabs, colored
sections and other types ▪▪ Unlimited users with-in an agency
of section dividers. ▪▪ Helpful drop down menus to guide you
through your order
▪▪ Convert your Microsoft Office Documents
My Full Service Copies into PDF files
Order black and white
or color copies with a
number of options such
as tabbing, padding,
laminating, & more. The Washington State Department of Printing
Digitally order your job 7580 New Market Street SW
and have it delivered as Tumwater, WA 98501
soon as possible. 360-570-5555
prt.wa.gov • myPRINT.wa.gov
@ my myPRINT
How to place an order!
Order your 1
printing online!
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4... ▪▪ Go to myPRINT.wa.gov ▪▪ Select the different options for your print job
▪▪ If you don’t already have an account, in the print options section. Review these
click on the Register button. Once you have an carefully and click the Next button at the
Log into
1 myPRINT.wa.gov account set up, click Login. bottom of the page

▪▪ Select the Category that best suits your type of ▪▪ Review the digital preview of your document

job – Quick Copies, ▪▪ If everything looks correct, select the I
2 Upload your document Full Service Copies, or Books & Manuals Approve check box and the Add to Cart
▪▪ Confirm category and click Begin. button

3 Select your print options
Review, select a ship date and place 4
4 your order
If you need any assistance submitting an 2
order or have questions about myPRINT,
please call Andy Schoen at 360-570-5540
or email [email protected]
▪▪ Enter in the Job Name and enter in the Quantity ▪▪ Select your Requested Ship Date
▪▪ In the Add Files section click the Browse button ▪▪ Click the Checkout button
▪▪ Browse to your desired file on your computer ▪▪ Enter a Purchase Order or Requisition
▪▪ Click on the Upload File button Number (Optional)
▪▪ Your files will be listed in the Files Added section; ▪▪ You are now complete; select Place
Cert no. SW-COC-003445
click Next button at bottom left when you are My Order

Order your printing online @ [email protected] myPRINPRINT.wa.govT.wa.gov myPRINT.wa.gov Order, Print & Save Utilize our new online ordering system to send all of your projects quickly and easily! …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i order print services online in washington state?

myPrint.wa.gov DES Printing and Imaging offers secure online shopping to give you a fast, cost-effective way to order printing services. Our team also offers fulfillment and shipping services that streamline government mailings. Order stationery, publications or products from our online store.

How to print in color on the myprintbw device?

Select the print options you desire note printing in color on the myprintbw print queue will not result in color printing. Once you have confirmed your print settings tap “Print”. The final step is to release your print job at MyPrint device.

How can myprint help you?

myPRINT : Create, submit, and manage print orders from your desk any time of day or night. (Registration required.) Use design templates and an online catalog system to build custom-printed business cards, letterhead and other documents. Then view a proof, place your order, and even track the status of your job from the same central location.

How do i print to a myprint printer?

Click on the “Select a printer” pull down then select the given MyPrint printer you wish to print to Click on the down arrow to confirm your print settings then click on the printer icon at the bottom. Note printing Color to the “MyPrintBW” print queue will not result in color printing.