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Opas online contact form fine arts software

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OPAS Online – Contact Forms
Contact Forms Contact Forms give musicians (or other visitors to your OPAS Online site) the ability to fill
out a form of your design, and send that form to you. These forms can be anything your
(setup) organization requires: change of address forms, tour request forms, instrument insurance
information, and the like. This guide will use a space request form as an example

Contact Forms must be incorporated into your OPAS Online site by the OPAS Online
programming team

Log in to OPAS Online using your administrator account and ensure the proper User
Group(s) have access to Contact Forms
• Select System > User Groups along the top menu
• Select the User Group used by your orchestra
• Scroll down to the third section and expand the
Contact Forms section. Set the Form Name,
Caption and XML to both Read and Write. This
ensures OPAS Online will display everything
necessary to incorporate Contact Forms

• Click Save in the lower right-hand corner
Create the Form In Microsoft Word, create the Form that musicians will fill out. Create the document in
conjunction with OPAS Technical Support as we can help design the form for maximum
efficiency and best understand what data is to be filled in by the musician, and what is to be

Our space request form has a very simple format:
The actual venue will be selected from a drop-down list of available venues. All other
elements (Name, Date and Time, Notes) will be typed by the person filling out the form

Once the form is completed, deliver it to OPAS Technical Support so that it can be
incorporated into your OPAS Online site

Page 1 of 2 OPAS – OPAS Online Contact Forms
Filling out the After the Form has been incorporated into your site, when musicians visit the OPAS Online
site there will be a new Contact Forms option on the main menu

Clicking that item shows the Contact Form(s) installed
on your site:
Selecting the item displays a screen on which the person visiting the site fills in the
information required for the form:
The musician types or selects information, based upon the design of your form. Note that
above, the venue is selected, and the other items are manually entered

When the information is complete, the musician clicks the Send button in the lower right-
hand corner

OPAS Online displays a message that the form has been submitted

Receiving the Contact Forms are sent from the OPAS Online site to staff member(s) you specify when
you set up the form. (Different forms can have different recipients)
Form recipients (orchestra staff) will
receive an email and the form will be
a PDF attachment:
When you open the attachment, you have the filled-in form:
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Page 1 of 2 OPAS – OPAS Online Contact Forms . OPAS Online – Contact Forms . Contact Forms (setup) Contact Forms give musicians (or other visitors to your OPAS Online site) the …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is opas online and how does it work?

OPAS Online is an add-on that seamlessly delivers your OPAS schedule and repertoire to a web server where it can be seen in any web browser and via iPhone and Android phone apps. OPAS Online features… Secure logins you control: orchestra members, board, volunteers, staff and others

How do i contact opas?

At OPAS, we value every opportunity to communicate with our members. US Office (Main Office) Phone: +1 (503) 262-7036 Fax: +1 (503) 262-7037 E-mail: [email protected] Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 5:30 pm (Pacific Standard Time) Saturday, Sunday and Holidays Closed.

How can opas find my package?

As tracking numbers are the primary way for OPAS to find your package, please always provide this number when making an inquiry to OPAS about your missing package. Ideally, you should copy and paste the tracking number, rather than enter manually. This will eliminate potential errors and mistypes.