Marketing Datto Saas Protection Sales Product Partner Sales

Marketing datto saas protection sales product partner sales

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Table of Contents
Datto SaaS Protection
Partner Sales &
Marketing Toolkit
1 |
Purpose of the Toolkit
According to Datto’s 2020 State of the MSP Report, 23% of Datto partners find
sales and marketing to be their top business challenges. The purpose of this
toolkit is to provide you with key sales and marketing resources for Datto SaaS
Protection so that you can provide fast and reliable protection for your clients’
Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) data

If you have questions about this toolkit, partner resources, or sales and
marketing guidance contact your Account Manager or [email protected]
Quick Links to Resources
Marketing Sales Product Compliance Pricing
We are proud of our global partner community. In order to make this toolkit
accessible to all, we have placed an icon under each content piece to denote
the language in which the content has been written

NA North American English ANZ English for Australia DE German
& New Zealand
UK&I British English FR French NL Dutch
2 |
Table of Contents
MSP Marketing Resources
Generate Leads Using MarketNow
MarketNow is a robust marketing automation platform
that allows Datto partners to launch pre-built email
and social campaigns, access a library of co-branded
client-focused content, and manage leads from prospect
to sale. It’s one of the many benefits of Datto’s Global
Partner Program that’s offered to all partners at no cost
and is available from the Datto Partner Portal. Learn more
by downloading the Quick Start Guide or viewing our
Onboarding Webinar

To help you get started with launching a demand
generation campaign, we have compiled the most
valuable Datto SaaS Protection marketing materials
below. If you are already using a marketing automation
tool, not to worry. You can download and co-brand the
marketing assets to use in your own platform

3 |
Table of Contents Datto SaaS Protection Campaign Guide
Marketing Why use this campaign?
Sales We know word-of-mouth offers a great way to capture new leads for MSPs

However, word-of-mouth alone is often not enough to significantly grow your
Product business. That’s where a functional demand generation plan comes in

Compliance This campaign is geared toward building awareness and educating your target
Pricing audience about the importance of SaaS Protection as well as the opportunity to
position yourself as the solution. By using our inbound marketing campaign, you
can engage with clients through relevant and valuable content, all in an effort
to “warm-up” your leads over time and get them ready to make the Datto SaaS
purchase when you make the ask

Buyers Journey Stage
Certain items in this campaign pack can be used to engage with clients in the
awareness, consideration, and decision stage

Awareness content is focused on addressing the buyers’ challenges or pain
CONSIDERATION points and should be used to attract and convert leads into prospects

• How SaaS Backup Can Help Infographic
• Shared Responsibility Model Infographic
DECISION • Top 3 Reasons to Backup SaaS Data PDF
• Microsoft 365 Social Campaign containing 10 posts
• Google Workspace Social Campaign containing 10 posts
• Microsoft 365 landing page
• Google Workspace landing page
4 |
Table of Contents Consideration is the next stage after you have built awareness for the
product. Here you can propose Datto’s SaaS backup solution to the
Marketing prospects you’ve attracted

Sales • Microsoft 365 Product Sheet PDF
• Google Workspace Product Sheet PDF
• Protect Remote Workers from Data Loss PDF
Compliance • Microsoft 365 Email Campaign containing 4 emails
Pricing • Google Workspace Email Campaign containing 4 emails
• SaaS Explainer video
Decision is the stage in the buyer’s journey that focuses on moving a prospect
from a shopping mentality to a purchasing mentality

• SaaS Protection Buyer’s Guide
5 |
Table of Contents MarketNow SaaS Playbook
Marketing Our MarketNow Playbook is like a GPS. It provides clear
Sales directions to launch a MarketNow campaign and is a
Product systematic organization of all marketing assets related to
Compliance Datto SaaS Protection

Pricing The 5 steps will walk you through how to manage your
contact list, launch an email and social campaign in addition
to the marketing assets available. The final stage will
highlight how you track the progress of your marketing
activities, using the reporting capabilities of MarketNow

Click below to access our MarketNow Datto SaaS campaign
and playbook. Not sure if you have MarketNow access?
Head to the Datto Partner Portal and select the MarketNow
tab to create a profile. If you require further help you can
reach us by emailing [email protected]

6 |
Table of Contents Top 5 Ways to Use the Campaign
The key to connecting with potential clients is to provide
Sales content that is educational, helpful,and useful. This format
Product adds value and nurtures the client along the buying path, thus
Compliance prompting the opportunity for customer conversion. To help
Pricing spark a connection, here are 5 ways to utilize the MarketNow
campaign with your clients, either in full or in pieces

1. Capture New Leads
Host one of the PDFs on your website behind a marketing opt-in form. Or utilize
our pre-built landing pages on MarketNow. Build your lead list and follow-up to
convert them to use Datto’s SaaS Protection Solution

2. Send as a Follow-Up to a Sales Call with New Leads
Has your prospect made reference to Microsoft or Google in your first call?
Send a PDF, or key pieces, via email on why their SaaS apps need a separate
backup solution

3. Upsell Your Clients at Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace Renewal
Contract renewal is one of the best times to upsell new services. Use this
campaign at this time to impress upon your existing clients why it’s important to
add a backup solution to their bundle and how easy it is to add it

4. Incorporate Key Parts in Presentations, Emails, Leave Behinds, etc

There are no limitations. Cut, copy, paste, alter whatever parts you need from
MarketNow and pull them into Sales presentations, emails, or even call scripts

We’ll make the content available, but you can decide what needs to be shared
with your client!
7 |
Table of Contents 5. Thought leadership
Post key facts and statements from the PDFs in a sequential series on LinkedIn,
Marketing Facebook and Twitter to establish yourself as a leader in the IT world. Becoming
an authority figure in a particular industry is a great way to connect with clients
and boost sales

Compliance Find Answers to Common Questions
Pricing in our Client-Focused Collateral
For clients new to cloud backup, you may encounter
some of these common questions. We’ve provided the key
point to each answer plus how marketing assets from
MarketNow can help support your answer. If you run into
any others and need assistance, please reach out to your
account manager. We’re here to help you

Q: Microsoft 365/Google Workspace is in the cloud. Isn’t that safe enough?
Why should I buy extra backup?
A: Data loss still happens in the cloud. In fact, 70% of businesses will suffer an
unrecoverable data loss in SaaS applications by 2022. It often occurs because
of accidental deletion, hackers, malicious deletion, and software issues. Show
customers ‘Top 3 Reasons To Backup SaaS Data’ PDF to highlight why cloud data
needs extra protection from outside threats

The SaaS Protection Overview video is also a great way to summarize the
solution and why customers should invest in under 3 minutes

8 |
Table of Contents Q: With cloud backup, what can I protect?
A: Our product sheets for Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 show that data
Marketing and productivity are protected. It’s fast and flexible to restore in bulk or just a
Sales file at a time, providing your client with peace of mind

Product Q: How expensive is data loss? Is that less than I would pay in backup fees?
Compliance A: Every issue is different, so costs often vary. ‘How SaaS Backup Can Help’
infographic pulls out key stats to share with clients such as small incidents
Pricing of data loss costing businesses $18,120 to $35,730. Without a cloud backup
solution, you will likely bill by the hour to fix their issue, which will be costly
Login to MarketNow to co-brand and disruptive to their business. And in many cases, the data is not 100%
Datto SaaS Protection content! recoverable. Datto SaaS Protection will work out to be a few dollars per
month, per employee and ensures lost or corrupted data can be quickly and
easily restored

Q: I thought Microsoft and Google could keep your data safe? What’s the
advantage of restoring data from a backup solution?
A: The Shared Responsibility Model was created by Microsoft to outline who is
responsible for data in different scenarios of data loss. SaaS vendors are only
SaaS Protection for responsible for data protection and data loss some of the time. That means
Google Workspace → your clients are responsible for data security and data loss for the rest of the
time. Your clients can read ‘The Shared Responsibility Model’ infographic to
understand their responsibilities

Q: You have also mentioned BCDR? Should I purchase cloud backup or BCDR?
A: With 85% of MSPs reporting attacks against SMBs in the last two years,
SMBs need a powerful solution that protects against ransomware, accidental
deletion, and disasters no matter where the attack occurs. BCDR includes
SaaS Protection for
Microsoft 365 →
9 |
all the comprehensive tools necessary to protect your files and applications,
Table of Contents whether they live on local servers, SaaS applications, or end-user computers

Marketing We hope this information alongside the MarketNow campaign assets help drive
demand for Datto SaaS Protection amongst your clients and ultimately leads
to recurring revenue growth. Log in to MarketNow to co-brand your regional
Product version and begin executing your demand generation campaign today

Compliance NA UK&I
MarketNow Concierge Services
The MarketNow Concierge program is exclusively
designed for Datto partners with little time, but big
marketing needs. Your dedicated marketing expert will
take over the everyday tasks and help you:
• Add contact lists to your account and segment
• Deploy email and social media campaigns
• Customize marketing and sales assets
• Create new marketing and sales materials
• ...and more!
For more details on the various services offered and/or
to sign up, click here

10 |
Table of Contents Marketing Best Practices
Marketing Marketing is a critical component of any long-term
Sales business strategy. It takes many forms and can be vastly
Product different from one business to the next. That said, there
are some tried and true best practices that you can use
to generate leads for your business. Leverage these
resources to learn more

Marketing Made MSPeasy
Marketing best practices for MSPs

Lead Generation Made MSPeasy
Essential methods for driving a flow of continuous leads into your sales pipeline

Social Media Made MSPeasy
Best practices to build your brand on social media

Success Story Templates
Looking to gain visibility in the market? Success stories are a great way to do
this. Leverage one of these templates in MarketNow to help you get started

11 |
The Ultimate MSPs Guide to Sales and Marketing
In this eBook, Carrie Simpson, the founder, and CEO of Managed Sales Pros
shares some of her sales tips for MSPs

Table of Contents
MSP Sales Resources
Pricing Tools
To make your sales efforts successful, these tools are
designed to help you engage with clients and secure
Datto SaaS Protection deals

Sales Presentation Template
This asset contains all the critical information you need to include in your
SaaS Protection proposal so that it aligns with your clients’ needs

How to Sell Datto SaaS Protection Video Series
Learn from Datto’s Product experts on what SaaS Protection means for you
and clients, how to position your offering against other competing solutions,
overcoming sales objections, all while showing value to your clients and
building healthy margins for your business

Selling SaaS Protection - Problem - SaaS Data is Vulnerable Pt 1
Selling SaaS Protection - Problem - SaaS Data is Vulnerable Pt 2
Selling SaaS Protection - The Solution - Introducing Datto SaaS Protection
Selling SaaS Protection - Tips & Tricks - How to Sell Pt 1
Selling SaaS Protection - Tips & Tricks - How to Sell Pt 2
12 |

However, word-of-mouth alone is often not enough to significantly grow your business. That’s where a functional demand generation plan comes in. This campaign is geared toward …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is datto saas protection?

Datto SaaS Protection allows MSPs to access, control, and most importantly help protect their clients’ Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace data. Protect Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace applications against accidental or malicious deletion, ransomware attacks, and other cloud data loss with 3x daily, automated backups.

What is partner portal integration for datto saas protection?

This article outlines Partner Portal integration for Datto SaaS Protection services and administrators. Partner Portal integration can provide Datto SaaaS Protection clients with access to their SaaS Protection Status information, as well as Super Administrator access to the Client.

How do i remove or unlink a datto saas protection account?

You can remove a Datto SaaS Protection service, or Client Admin by clicking the trash can icon next to the client or services name. 1. You can unlink a Datto SaaS Protection account from a client by clicking the Edit icon next to the client. 2. In SaaS Protection Services, click the trashcan icon next to the client to Unlink SaaS Account.

Does datto backup microsoft 365?

Datto SaaS Protection provides comprehensive recovery and backup for Microsoft 365. This includes protection for Exchange, Calendar, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams data with 3x daily backups and flexible restore options. Does Datto backup Google Workspace (GSuite) data?