Model Making As A Career

Model making as a career

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Model Making as a Career
People forget how fast you did a job --
but they remember how well you did it

- Howard W. Newton
What is Model Making?
Model making is the art, skill, and way of thinking employed to bring
designs and concepts to life in a very real way that sketches, renderings,
and computer models simply can’t do. It is the craft of providing the context
necessary to sell a creative idea to both corporations and audiences alike in
many industries, utilizing both old-school model making practices and new-
school advanced manufacturing techniques

Model making continues to stay relevant in a field of advancing virtual reality
technologies. It pulls users into the scene and allows them to experience
ideas in ways that VR simply can’t, through touch and the emotion of the

Who is the APMM?
The APMM is a non-profit organization formed in 1993 in Silicon Valley,
California. Their goal? To unite and represent model makers across all
industries. They educate their members about breakthroughs being made
constantly in skills, tools and techniques for model making and prototyping,
about managing different aspects of a model making facility, and about
opportunities in the field. APMM members can access this information through
the website, frequent online meet-ups, Social Media
updates, and conferences

Since its founding, there have been 22 conferences pulling in model makers
from all over the globe, allowing them to pool and share their knowledge in
workshops, find out about new products and services from industry vendors,
and visit local model shops in the host city. 2021 saw the first worldwide virtual
conference, where the workshops and tours were recorded and archived
on the website. Between conferences there are frequent meet-ups online to
discuss crucial topics or just share fun and interesting content. The APMM
partners with other organizations and operates on several Social Media
platforms in order to remain the definitive resource for information about this
ever-changing industry

Professional Model Making
Model making is a highly rewarding experience for anyone interested in
making or design, and this booklet outlines some of the varied types of work
that makes model making such a diverse and fulfilling career

Professional model makers are employed to produce high quality models
across a wide range of creative industries, whether needed to test or
communicate the designs of products, structures, vehicles or buildings; to
create make-believe worlds in film, television, and theatre; or to educate and
inform through museums, exhibitions, and advertising, the demand for models
is extremely high. Medical prosthetics and forensic reconstructions also rely
on model makers, with the career offering many different areas to explore

Many design and architectural firms employ teams of model makers directly,
while there are several hundred commercial model making companies in the
USA who supply a range of models for clients all over the world. With the
American film industry thriving, thanks to Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+,
there is also extensive work for model makers developing sets and props for
major blockbuster movies

Model Makers
Model makers need to be highly adaptable and able to use a variety of
materials and processes – whatever best meets the requirements of each
specific model they are working on

Constantly innovating, model makers are often called upon to develop novel
solutions to problems, and their broad skill-set allows them to work on a range
of projects. This makes model making an exciting and varied career – one
week a model maker might be building a timber model by hand, the next they
might be preparing CAD files for 3D printing

Entry into the profession is normally through studying a specialist degree
course such as Industrial Design or related fields at many design schools
throughout the USA and around the world

Many professionals discovered their love of model making as children and
have continued their passion through making models for industry

If you are interested in model making as a career, undergraduate programs
in majors such as Design and Technology, Art, Engineering, Photography,
Textiles, or Graphics is an ideal place to start

Develop your problem solving skills, be curious and experiment with different
materials, and most of all, just enjoy making things

Model Making for Design
If you have ever purchased a car, a mobile phone, a laptop, or even a bottle
of shampoo, there were probably many different models made during the
development of its design

Models are widely used in both product and automotive design to test new
ideas, and to communicate those ideas to others once the designs have been

Companies such as Dyson, Bose, Ford, Herman Miller, Toyota, Apple, Jaguar
Land Rover, Crown Equipment Corporation, Tech Tronic Industries, and many
others, employ model making teams directly. Specialist commercial model
making firms also produce countless models for a huge range of global clients

In making product or automotive models, a professional model maker might
find themselves sculpting a car body at full size in clay, designing complex
digital models to be 3D printed, or applying a high quality paint finish using a
spray gun

Sketch models – rapidly assembled to test design ideas – form an integral
part of the design process, and professional model makers will often be
working alongside designers, providing important input into the development
of products

Model Making for Architecture
Architectural models have been an integral part of the architectural design
process for centuries. Many of the major architectural practices such as Foster
+ Partners, RSHP, Make Architects, SOM, BIG, and AHMM all have in house
modelshops where dedicated model makers produce thousands of models
each year

Alongside these, there are many commercial architectural Model Making
firms who produce models for architects for use in competitions, planning
applications, and public display and marketing

The demand for architectural models has never been higher, and professional
model makers are in great demand. Working as an architectural model maker
involves many of the same skills as any other kind of model making, and as
with model making for design, often involves working alongside architects
during the design process making sketch models. As architectural designs
progress, the level of detail required in a model increases, and so the most
impressive and complex models are produced at the end of the process to
present the final design to the public

Model making is a highly rewarding experience for anyone interested in making or design, and this booklet outlines some of the varied types of work that makes model making such a …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is modelling a good career?

  • It is a highly marketed career,
  • which causes a lot of people to try it,
  • Many of these people are “fast food quality consumers” and they create a poor learning environment at…
  • there is a large number of poor quality schools offering specialist degrees in 3D production technologies
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How to start a modeling career?

  1. Decide what kind of model you want to be. There are many types of models, including runway models, print models, plus-size models and hand models.
  2. Start practicing at home. You can begin practicing for a modeling career immediately. Look for videos of professional models and study the way they move and pose.
  3. Build your photograph portfolio. Start with photographs taken by your friends. Have them take full body and head shots of you wearing simple makeup against a plain background.
  4. Look for an agent. You can try getting clients on your own, but most clients prefer working through a modeling agency, so you should try to find an agent.
  5. Take relevant classes. There are modeling schools that teach about the industry, including how to perform at a photo shoot and how to maintain good health and nutrition.
  6. Look for opportunities to be noticed. You need to be fearless about self-promotion to succeed as a model. ...
  7. Use social media. The internet is a great way to promote yourself, since you can post photographs and videos that potentially thousands of people will see.

How do you start modeling?

This Is How It Works

  • You will be contacted by your modelling agency if an opportunity arises – if they think that you are suitable for a casting call.
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  • A lot of waiting around usually takes place until your name is called. ...

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How do you become a model?

Requirements to Be a Model

  • Good personal grooming - a model must look put together and natural. ...
  • Collaboration skills - a model must work well with all backstage member of a shoot or a show, the director, the photographer, and the designer
  • Physical fitness - a model must maintain their body well based on the type of modeling that they do

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