Medical Marijuana Use Registry Physicians

Medical marijuana use registry physicians

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This Guide lays out the basics of the Medical Marijuana Use Registry:
• Logging In & Managing your Account,
• Searching for Patients/Caregivers
• Adding or Editing Patients/Caregivers
• Physician Certifications & Orders
“Why is this important?”
Knowing how to log in and manage your Registry Account is important because the Medical
Marijuana Use Registry (Registry) is where Qualified Ordering Physicians instruct others on how
their Patients may obtain Low-THC Cannabis, Medical Marijuana and Medical Marijuana
Delivery Devices. All orders must be entered into the Registry by a Qualified Ordering Physician,
and dispensed by an approved Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC)

“How do I get started?”
Qualified Ordering Physicians may self-register. You will need to initially verify your identity
using your medical credentials, receive your initial logon credentials via email, and then update
your password to one of your choosing before you can record Certifications & Orders

Here is how to Register your Account; Head to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, and click the
Log In menu bar link. You’ll be taken to the login page. Next, click the Register tab title in the
Login panel. We’ll show you what you see next on the following page:
The Registry is connected to the Department of Health, Division of Medical Quality Assurance
and if you complete the fields shown, it can use that information to check if you’re able to
access the Registry. It will be checking for statutory requirements:
• Your profession (M.D. or D.O.)
• Your name/DOB/SSN details are a match for your license
• Your medical license is active and unrestricted
• You have the required educational credit in CE Broker
If there are issues with the first two listed above, you will not be able to obtain an account

Please contact MQA Licensure Support Services at [email protected] to ensure
your information is accurately reflected on your medical license

If there are issues with your license or education, you may still be able to access the Registry,
but not as an Ordering Physician – you may be able to review data, but will be prevented from
adding patients or Orders. Think of it as a ‘read-only’ mode

When you have been verified, you will be taken to a screen where you can supply a user name
and an email address. Your login details will be emailed to you immediately after completing this
step and you can begin to use the Registry

“I supplied my information, but it says there’s not a match.”
The Registry is verifying what you supplied against what the Department of Health, Division of
Medical Quality Assurance has on file. You can log into your FL Health Source account and verify
your information here:
“I’m told that there is already an account for me.”
You only need to self-register once. After that, you can just log in as normal

If you did not create an account, and are being told you already have one, consider reaching out
the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) for support – or, try and ask the system for a new
password as describe later in this document

“I’m told that my email address is already in use.”
Users cannot share email addresses, and yours must be unique

“How do I know if I have an account?”
Check your email inbox for an invitation to log in for the first time. The email will look like this:
After you saved your email address when you self-registered, the Registry sent you this
email, along with another that contains your temporary password

“I don’t have that password email anymore!”

“I forgot my password!”
This is not a problem. You can get a new temporary password at any time by supplying your
Username. Here’s how:
Using your web browser, navigate to the Registry ( and
click Login in the top Menu Bar

Just below the Log in Button, you will l see a link titled “Forgot Password?”
You will l be asked to supply your Username. Type it in and hit Submit

“I don’t know my User Name.”
Contact the OMMU for support at: [email protected]
“Now what?”
Once you’ve supplied your username, and hit Submit, the Registry will email you your temporary
password. The temporary password is only good for one login – as soon as you use it, you’ll be
asked to Reset your password to something else

“I never got the email after submitting my username...”
If the system didn’t say “This login was not found.” and you still didn’t get an email from the
Registry, check your email’s Spam or ‘Junk’ filters – sometimes they’re intercepted there. If you
find it was caught by your junk filter, this would be a good time to adjust your settings

“I’m able to log in, but I want to change my password!”
Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a “Change Password” link in the menu bar at the top. Clicking
it will take you to where you can change it:
This page is where you’ll change your password:
The information in the Registry is confidential, and so you’ll need to use a Secure Password, that
• Is at least 10 characters long
• Has at least one uppercase letter (A B C etc)
• Has at least one lowercase letter (a c b etc)
• Uses a “special character” like ‘#&*(^$()&?/’
• And at least one number (1 2 3 etc)
“I have a Patient but I’m not sure if they already have already been entered into the
Florida Law required that a Qualified Ordering Physician reviews the medical marijuana use
registry and confirmed that the patient does not have an active Physician Certification from
another Qualified Ordering Physician, and is not currently activated under another Qualified
Ordering Physician’s care

The best way to do this is to try and search for any patient you treat before creating a Patient
Profile. Under the menu bar item titled Patient Management, you’ll have a link for People

This is where you can find existing Patients or Caregivers

You can search for Patients or Caregivers either by name and DOB or by Patient Number and
DOB. If there’s a match, you’ll be taken to that Profile

“The Registry says that the Patient I searched for was not found!”
If you are sure you’re searching for them with the correct information and still cannot find a
matching Patient Profile, then you will need to create a new Patient Profile for them, as outlined
later in this user guide

“I found the Patient, now what?”
If your search is a match, you’ll be taken to the Patient’s Profile:
If you wish to treat this Patient, you must associate yourself to them. You can do this by clicking
the Edit Demographics button at the bottom, and you’ll see that the Patient’s Profile becomes
editable. At the bottom of the Profile, you’ll see a button titled “Activate this Patient”. Click this
to associate this patient to your Qualified Ordering Physician account

When you navigate back to your My Patients listing, you’ll see them listed there

“I don’t see the “Activate this Patient” button. Why?”
By Florida law, a patient can only be associated to one Qualified Ordering Physician at a time. If
the patient you’ve searched is already associated to another Qualified Ordering physician, you
cannot undo this – only the current Qualified Ordering Physician can do this. You must ask your
patient to contact their previous Qualified Ordering Physician to be deactivated before you can

“What about Caregivers?”
Searching for Caregivers works the same as patients – except when you have a match, you’ll be
shown a list of all the Patients that that Caregiver represents

“How do I add a Patient to the Registry?”
If you’ve already searched for the Patient, and don’t find them in the Registry, it’s time to add
them. To begin, navigate to your My Patient’s listing under the Patient Management tab

You’ll see a New Patient Button

Clicking that button will take you to a blank Patient Profile for you to complete:
You must supply at a minimum:
• First Name
• Last Name
• Address Line 1
• City
• Patient Weight
If you want your Patient to be able to manage their account online, apply for an OMMU ID Card
electronically, and view their orders– you must add their Email Address to their Profile

When you’ve finished, click Save and the Patient will be added. You can add a Caregiver here if
you’d like as well. Once you’re done, the patient will appear in your My Patients listing

Be accurate here. A misspelled name, incorrect DOB, SSN, or Address may delay your Patient’s ability to
obtain products, an OMMU ID Card, or possibly cause an issue should they encounter Law Enforcement

“The Registry says that the patient’s SSN is already in use.”
Every Patient or Caregiver must be unique, and must have their own SSN. Some possible reasons
for this are:
• The Patient is in the system with a differently-spelled Name or different DOB, with the
correct SSN
• A Qualified Ordering Physician supplied the incorrect SSN for another patient, and it
happens to be the same as your Patient’s

• The Patient is already in the system correctly, but you tried to add them without
searching first

If this happens when you are trying to register a new Patient or Caregiver, please contact the OMMU to
resolve this at [email protected]
“The Registry says that the patient’s email address is already in use.”
No person in the Registry can share an email address. Please supply a different email address

“I don’t see a New Patient Button!”
Your ability to add patients is contingent upon your licensure status meeting statutory
requirements. The Registry checks this each time you log on

“I pulled up the existing Patient Record, but something needs to be changed on it.”
There’s three types of changes that can be made to Profiles:
• Things only the Qualified Ordering Physician can change, that means the Patient/Caregiver will
need to get a new ID Card (if they already have one issued):
 Your name
 Your date of birth
• Things you or the patient can change, that won’t mean the Patient/Caregiver needs a new ID
Card (if they already have one issued):
 Your Phone Number
 Your Email Address
• Things that, if you or the Patient/Caregiver change them, mean they’ll need a New ID Card
 Your address information, Address Line 1 thru Zip Code

The Patient Number cannot be changed

MEDICAL MARIJUANA USE REGISTRY. 1. Once you’ve supplied your username, and hit Submit, the Registry will email you your temporary password. The temporary password is only …

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Frequently Asked Questions

How medical marijuana is currently being used?

Marijuana is already being used to treat many different illnesses and pain relief. An example being pain nausea/vomiting, hot flashes, loss of appetite, anxiety, and insomnia caused by breast cancer.

Is medical marijuana a sin to use?

The use of marijuana as a medical therapy can and does have a very serious negative effect on patients with pre-existing immune deficits from AIDS, organ transplantation, or cancer chemotherapy, the very conditions for which marijuana has most often been suggested as a treatment.

Is it illegal to sell medical marijuana?

Marijuana remains illegal under federal law, specifically, the Controlled Substances Act. Found at Title 21, Section 811 of the United States Code (U.S.C.), the law makes illegal to use, possess, grow and sell marijuana. It does not recognize medical marijuana.

Do medical marijuana laws encourage adults to misuse the drug?

However, medical marijuana laws may be driving up the use and abuse of the drug among adults. that has reignited the debate over whether marijuana laws encourage illegal use of cannabis. While the researchers don’t take any position on whether medical marijuana should be legal, they say this is an important topic to study.