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Photo: Save the Children in the Philippines
Every letter you send goes a long way!
Letter writing is the most exciting aspect of sponsorship to many sponsors. If you choose, you can start a friendship
with your sponsored child through letters and cards throughout the year. Letters might have to take multiple trains,
planes and automobiles to reach your sponsored child, and just as many forms of transportation for their reply to
reach you! Please be patient as this whole journey can take up to 4 months

1 You send a letter to your sponsored
child through email or by mail, starting
your letter’s long journey

7 You’ve got mail! Hopefully
your child’s letter puts a huge
smile on your face, too!
2 Your letter is received and
translated by our local staff

6 We carefully translate
the letter, wave goodbye
3 We deliver your letter —
no matter how remote
and send it Following the the area — putting a huge
smile on your child’s face!
on its way journey of a
to you

5 Your child’s letter takes
the journey back to our
headquarter office

After helping your child read
the letter, we also help him
or her write one back to you

Tips for success
Letter writing is one of the best ways for you to develop
a bond with your sponsored child that you can both cherish
forever. We know that writing to a child you’ve never met,
in a country you may not know, can be challenging. Here are
a few simple tips for making every communication a positive
experience for both you and your sponsored child

1 Sask
 how genuine interest. Respectfully and enthusiastically
about your sponsored child’s family, friends, daily
life, favorite activities and goals for the future

Photo: Save the Children in Bolivia
2 S
 hare something about yourself. Kids are curious

There’s no better way to build a bond than by sharing interesting details about your own life and interests

3 sponsored
S  how you care. Words of encouragement go further than you realize. Your letters show your
child that someone cares and is invested in his or her life and future

4 Esponsored
ncourage your child. Many children lack a supportive, positive voice in their lives. Celebrate your
child’s achievements and root for his or her dreams

5 difficult
W  rite simply and clearly. Use language that’s free of slang or complicated ideas that may be
to translate or that your sponsored child may not understand. Also remember, your child may
still be learning to read

6 Linearn about his or her culture. Research and ask about traditions, holidays and special occasions
your sponsored child’s country. Share details about your own traditions. Since we serve children of
many religions, please refrain from asking about or sharing any personal religious beliefs

7 Fcommon
ind common ground. The best way to build a friendship, and bridge a culture gap, is by finding
ground. Emphasize shared interests and experiences with your sponsored child

8 shoulder

Listen and accept. Sometimes kids just need someone they can share their feelings with. Be a
to lean on. Let your sponsored child know you hear and accept him or her.
9 Lthree
ess is more. Avoid possible confusion by limiting the topics and questions in your letters (two or
is good), and don’t expect your sponsored child to always address every comment or question

We also recommend limiting the number of letters you send to three or four letters a year

10 Be
 sensitive. Keep in mind that your sponsored child is likely living without many things we may take
for granted, so try not to focus on materials items. Please avoid religion, politics or culturally sensitive
subjects, and don’t share last names or contact info

What to include with your letter
When you’re ready to send your letter, make sure to include the
following information to ensure delivery:
• On the envelope: The name and address of your sponsored
child’s country office (available in your welcome kit or online account)

• Within the letter (or email): Your donor ID, your first name,
your sponsored child’s child ID and your sponsored child’s first name

Please note that if you’re sending an email through your online account,
this information will be filled in for you. If you can’t find the info you need,
you can retrieve it through your online account (sponsor.savethechildren

org/myaccount) or by contacting your donor services team at
[email protected] or 1-800-728-3843, Monday-Friday
Photo: Save the Children in Vietnam 8am-5am (EST)

Sending photos, cards and gifts
Including photos in your letters is another great way to bond with your sponsored
child. Please be sure all people in photos are fully and conservatively dressed

In addition to encouraging you to write letters, we will occasionally send you
colorful greeting cards that you can personalize and send to your sponsored
child for special occasions, such as his or her birthday. Children love reading
these festive messages, so please be on the lookout for these mailings

If you wish, you may also show your support by sending your child modest,
non-monetary gifts. We encourage you to send gifts a child can share with
their friends, such as stickers, activity sheets or coloring books, so long as they
are unwrapped, fit into one 10” x 13” mailer envelope and each individual item
doesn’t exceed $10 in value. For more info on gift guidelines, visit the FAQ
section of your online account

About postage Photo: Save the Children in Zambia
Postage for your sponsored child’s letter or package will vary based on weight
and size. For more info, visit the USPS website at https://postcalc.usps.com/ to calculate postage

Sample letters
Here are two sample letters to help get you started thinking about what to write to your sponsored child
— and how to write it:
Dear Anna, Dear Anna,
My name is Matt, and I’m so excited to be your Thank you for your letter. I shared it with my
sponsor and learn more about you. own kids, and they would love to learn even more
I live in New York in the United States. We have about you!
a very beautiful river here and many parks that I It was nice to hear about your town and your
enjoy visiting with my wife Pam and our children family. I’ve included a picture of me, my wife Pam
Cindy and Steven. We like playing soccer and and our two children Cindy and Steven, so you
sitting by the water under the trees. can see what we look like

Can you tell me about where you live? What are I was especially glad to hear that you like learning
your favorite hobbies? in school. My favorite class in school was writing,
because it inspired me to become a journalist

Sincerely, What’s your favorite class? And do you know
Matt what you want to be when you grow up?
Your Friend,
Need more help?
If you need additional ideas for writing, can’t find your account information or need any other assistance,
your donor services team will be happy to assist you. Contact us at [email protected]
or 1-800-728-3843, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (EST). You can also access your online account at

Your letter’s long journey. 1 Your letter is received and 2 translated by our local staff. We deliver your letter — no matter how remote the area — putting a huge smile on your child’s face! 3 4 …

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What happens when you become a save the children sponsor?

When you become a Save the Children sponsor, you can be sure you’re joining a growing, global community dedicated to doing whatever it takes for children, empowering their lives and the future we share. 4. Can I write or email my sponsored child? Yes!

How do i write an e mail to my sponsored child?

E-letters are the fastest, easiest way to correspond with your sponsored child. Just log into your personal account on ChildFund.org, click on the “My Correspondence” tab and start writing. You can even upload photos and choose from different backgrounds. What should my letter say?

When is donate sponsor a childgive website unavailable?

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What do you receive when you sponsor a child?

What You Receive When You Sponsor a Child: 1 A welcome kit, including a photo and information about your child. 2 The opportunity to write letters back and forth with your child. 3 Annual updates and ongoing print communications highlighting the impact of your sponsorship on your child and other children in the community. More items...