Wireline High Temperature Tool Odp Legacy

Wireline high temperature tool odp legacy

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Wireline High
Temperature Tool
Top Sub
Description Closure Collar Spring Carrier
Seal Supports Spring
In high temperature environments (such as hydrothermal Female Connector Retaining Ring
Dowel Pin
systems or lower crustal settings), temperature logs can be Male Connector
Upper Chasis Sub Discrete Contacts
recorded using the Wireline Slim-Hole Hi-T Temperature
Insulating Stopper
Tool (HTT) developed at LDEO. The HTT can be used
in temperature conditions up to 275°C. The HTT is a
wireline tool that does not have internal batteries; therefore,
it is dependent on the wireline for tool power and data
transmission. Logging cable with Teflon insulation will
begin to degrade beyond 232°C. Generally, this could
present a problem after extended use in temperature
Pressure Case
conditions exceeding 235°C. However, the HTT system Electronics Area
can still transmit reliable measurements even after the cable
has been considerably degraded. The HTT’s telemetry
system is frequency, not amplitude, dependent

Dewar Support
Applications Insulated Stand-Off
Spacer Rod
♦ Hydrogeological analysis - identifying regions of fluid in/
out flow
♦ Geothermics - estimating the vertical heat flow regime
♦ Safety - evaluating fluid temperature prior to deploying
heat sensitive tools
Bottom Sub
Schematic illustration of the Wireline Slim-Hole Hi-T
Temperature Tool

Length: 3m (9.84 ft)
Weight: 250 lbs (113.4 kg)
Diameter: 3.5 inches
Temperature resolution: 0.5° C
Temperature rating: 275° C
During assembly, the electronic components of the Schlumberger style (adaptable
HTT (right) are placed inside the pressure case. Cable head:
to Gearhart Owen)
ODP Logging Services, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Rt. 9W, Palisades, NY 10964
Hole 504B - Costa Rica Rift
Casing 274.5 m
571.5 m
780.5 m
Depth (mbsf)
ODP Leg 111
ODP Leg 137
ODP Leg 140
ODP Leg 148
2000 m
0 50 100 150 200
Temperature (°C)
The HTT provides a measurement of temperature versus depth. Typically, boreholes
will exhibit a natural hydrothermal gradient that increases with depth; therefore,
borehole fluid temperatures will tend to increase with depth. Variations in this
gradient can often be associated with changes in the heat flow regime as well as
borehole fluid movement. In the above example, high temperature data acquired
with a precursor to the HTT (the Gable Hi-T tool) demonstrates the capabilities
of this type of temperature probe

Transmission. Logging cable with Teflon insulation will begin to degrade beyond 232°C. Generally, this could present a problem after extended use in temperature conditions exceeding 235°C. …

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