Using Microsoft Teams To Manage Care Requests

Using microsoft teams to manage care requests

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Using Microsoft Teams to
Manage Care Requests
What’s the problem?
In situations of increased need, we can expect an influx of new
requests that stress the often-organic care processes of many churches

How can we streamline the process and provide a means to:
• submit requests for help, simply,
• triage incoming requests,
• assign tasks to care team members,
• track progress?
First things first
• Do you already have a system in place? Can it expand to support the
current need?
• Use what you have first if possible
• Does you ChMS have the ability to manage task assignments?
• Consider whether you can get it running fast enough

Perfect world…
• When we come back to some normalcy, create day-to-day processes
from everyday care that can easily scale up in times of demand

• Let's not recreate the wheel every time the scenario changes

• Just execute the plan "at scale"
Focus of this workshop
• Tracking incoming requests, assigning them, tracking them
• Match people who have a need with people who can meet a need
• Watch a quick introduction video here
Post to
Create a Task in Planner
Coordinator Assign to Team Lead
Update status in Planner
Start with a Intake Create
diagram of Form
Task Create additional
the process tasks as needed
Track in
of new
Create Create a new Team
What we’ll
accomplish Invite Invite people to our Team
Create Create a group form in our Crisis Care Team
Create Create a One Note and Planner in our Crisis Care Team
Create A Power Automate Flow to notify team members of new requests and
Create start a new task

Structure of a Microsoft Team
Document Library
General Channel Folder
General Channel Notebook
1 Team : 1 Office 365 Group Team Mailbox
Create a Team
• Click here to watch How To video
• Click here to log into Teams
Create a form
• Click here to watch How To Video
• Click here to launch Microsoft Forms or use
• Create a shared form
Add a Planner to
track tasks
• Click here to watch How To video
• Add a planner to your “triage” channel
• Explore the “buckets” and options for
categorizing things

Using Microsoft Teams to Manage Care Requests. What’s the problem? Structure of a Microsoft Team Document Library General Channel Folder 1 Team : 1 Office 365 Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can i use microsoft teams to manage patient care?

Use Outlook to set up reminders to follow up with experts and patients. Securely share your health plan with your patient in Teams so everyone is viewing the latest treatment findings. Bring the entire medical team together to securely create and track a patient care plan. Keep patient history, lab results, and clinical notes secure.

What can you do with microsoft care management software?

For starters, you can create and personalize care plans and manage care team members, and schedule and coordinate home visits. And you can customize Microsoft collaboration tools based on the needs of your medical staff.

Whats new in microsoft 365 for care teams?

That’s why, today, we are announcing new capabilities coming soon to Microsoft 365 that empower care teams to securely collaborate and communicate, helping clinicians and administrators perform their jobs more effectively.

What is microsoft teams for healthcare?

Reduce costs and risks and increase customer loyalty by connecting Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft 365, and Azure using Microsoft Teams for Healthcare. Get Teams along with Office apps, file storage sharing, email, and other capabilities.