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Udx shopping using hosted catalogs university of delaware

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Shopping Using Hosted Catalogs
What’s different in UD Exchange?
Central Shopping
Previously, UD employees shopped directly from vendor websites with their Procurement
Cards, sometimes missing out on special contracted pricing, or inadvertently shopping
with vendors who were not the exclusive supplier for UD in certain product categories

In UD Exchange, employees have access to UD contracted suppliers as well as other popular
vendors all in one place. Billing is handled centrally by Procurement Services, and allocation
and approval is completed before the order is placed

Shopping Using Hosted Catalogs
• Catalog shopping can be accomplished using hosted or punch‐out catalogs. These
catalogs have UD‐specific items and prices offered by UD‐contracted suppliers

• Hosted catalogs are maintained directly within UD Exchange

• The hosted catalog shopping experience has a consistent look and feel
regardless of the supplier

• Hosted catalogs don’t require you to go to another website, and include
pricing for each item

From your Shopping Home page, select a supplier by clicking on the supplier’s logo or

Suppliers with hosted catalogs will not have the gray square icon with an arrow in it and will
be noted as “Hosted.”
A pop-up search box will appear. Search for the item by entering keyword(s), and click the
magnifying glass to search

1. Locate the appropriate product/item and enter the Quantity

2. Click Add to Cart

This area 1
helps you
narrow down
results. 2
Once done adding items to your shopping cart, click the shopping
cart icon located at the upper right corner of the page

Click View My Cart. (Or, if you are ready to finalize your cart,
click Checkout.)
2 3
1. Enter a unique shopping Cart Name to easily identify or
1 search for your shopping cart

2. If you have been advised that your Requester will
complete all shipping and financial information for your
orders, click Assign Cart and select your Requester
3. If you have been advised that you are responsible for
completing the financial details, click Proceed to
checkout to complete the financial details on the cart
before assigning

Additional Features
• Adding Favorites
• Advanced Search
If you order the same items frequently, you can click the heart
to add it as a favorite

The Add Favorite window will appear

Add any details, including a nickname or
description, and select your destination folder

Click Save Changes

You will have to
create a new favorite
folder the first time
you add a favorite

In UD Exchange, employees have access to UD contracted suppliers as well as other popular vendors all in one place. Billing is handled cent rally by Procurement Services, and allocation …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the university of delaware catalog contain links to other resources?

The Catalog also contains hyperlinks to other resources at the University of Delaware; these are provided as a convenience to the reader and is not part of the Catalog itself. Failure to read this Catalog does not excuse the student from the requirements and regulations discussed herein. See the Catalog Legal Statement for more information.

How do i view the undergraduate catalog?

To view the current Undergraduate Catalog or an archived catalog (previous years), use the drop-down menu above. For archived catalogs prior to the 2017-2018 Academic Year navigate here. To navigate into the current Undergraduate Catalog, click on the appropriate tab on the left. From there you will be able to navigate into more detail.

What are the policies and program requirements in the undergraduate catalog?

Policies and program requirements contained in the Undergraduate Catalog supersede any similar information which may be contained in any of the websites of any of the colleges or departments.

What makes the university of delaware unique?

The University of Delaware thrives on constant renewal, fueled by the fresh perspectives and inspired ambitions of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends.