Udx Shopping Using Punch Out Catalogs

Udx shopping using punch out catalogs

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Shopping Using Punch‐Out Catalogs
What’s different in UD Exchange?
Central Shopping Hub
Previously, UD employees shopped directly from vendor websites with their Procurement Cards,
sometimes missing out on special contracted pricing, or inadvertently shopping with vendors
who were not the exclusive supplier for UD in certain product categories

In UD Exchange, employees have access to UD contracted suppliers as well as other popular vendors all
in one place. Billing is handled centrally by Procurement Services, and allocation and approval is
completed before the order is placed

Shopping Using Punch‐Out Catalogs
• Catalog shopping in UD Exchange can be accomplished using hosted or punch‐out
catalogs. These catalogs have UD‐specific items and prices offered by UD‐
contracted suppliers

• Punch‐out catalogs are maintained on the suppliers’ websites and accessed from
within UD Exchange

• The punch‐out catalog shopping experience is different from supplier to

• Punch‐out catalogs are created and maintained by each supplier so the exact
steps of how to search, shop and add items to your shopping cart will vary

Suppliers with a punch-out catalog are marked with a gray square
icon with an arrow in it

From your Shopping Home page, select a supplier by clicking on
the tile with the supplier’s logo or name

Punch‐outs will
always have an
option to cancel
You will automatically be connected to the supplier’s punch-out. to return to UD

Search for the item using the punch-out catalog’s functionality

1. Locate the appropriate item and enter the Quantity
2. Click Add to Cart

Continue to shop and add items to your shopping cart, if needed

1 2
When you are finished shopping and ready to checkout, go to your shopping cart

Review your order and select Continue to Checkout

You will be returned to your UD Exchange shopping cart
1. Enter a unique shopping Cart Name to easily identify or search for
your shopping cart. For example: “Gel Pens order from Mason”
Additional Features
• Adding Favorites – generally speaking, punch‐out items
cannot be saved as favorites because they are accessed on
the supplier’s website, unless that supplier offers an option to
save the favorite on their website

• Advanced Search – sometimes punch‐out items will return in
results from an Advanced Search. This is because those
suppliers use “Level Two” punch‐outs

To search for items across all UD hosted catalogs, go to Shopping > Advanced Search

In UD Exchange, employees have access to UD contracted suppliers as well as other popular vendors all in one place. Microsoft PowerPoint - UDX Shopping Using Punch-Out …

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Why should you integrate punchout catalogs into your software?

Integrating PunchOut catalogs into your software instantly propels you ahead of many of your online competitors, the ones within that top 20%. This one feature can expand your reach to even more clients and make you one of the most convenient and flexible suppliers around. What are Some Other Benefits of PunchOut Catalogs?

What is punchout procurement automation?

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How does punchout work with an online store?

Online stores may also enable this connection by integrating their eCommerce software with a PunchOut catalog application. Either way, the software makes use of data transfer protocols, also known as “PunchOut protocols,” to plug an eProcurement system directly to an online store’s product catalogue.

What is punchout in erp?

The idea of punchout is to export a product catalog from the supplier's ERP system or website to the buyer's ERP system or e-procurement application for convenient corporate purchasing.