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Informative Letter Assignment
The informative letter assignment is designed to introduce yourself to your teacher. And,
it’s so easy! Just adhere to the following guidelines

Choose either block-style or modified block-style letter format
Create a three (3) paragraph letter
-Introduction – Use this paragraph to grab your teacher’s attention (ie

Attention grabber). Formulate a thesis statement- state what you will
discuss in the upcoming paragraph
-Body – Discuss at least three (3) traits you’d like your teacher to know

Feel free to share your hobbies, interests, family, likes/dislikes, future
goals, or any other information

-Conclusion – Summarize the contents of the paper. Include a sentence
that states your expectations and plans while attending Broadmoor High

Place the letter in an envelope and address it to your teacher using the following
Teacher’s Name
Broadmoor High School
10100 Goodwood Blvd
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70815
Be sure to type your letter in 12 pt size, Times New Roman font with 1in margins. This
assignment is due on Monday, August 19, 2013 and is worth 100 pts

Informative Letter Rubric
Letter Format – 20pts Content – 70pts Envelope – 10pts
-Block or Modified -Attention Grabber -Your Information
-Thesis Statement -Teacher’s Information
-Three (3) paragraphs
-Three (3) traits
Formats for Business Letters (Types of Business Letter)
1. Block Style Business Letter
o Everything is typed at the left margin

2. Modified-Block Style Business Letter
o The Date, Complimentary Close, and Writer/Title are typed at a tab stop at/near the center of the document
(3 inch mark)

o Everything else is typed at the left margin

Business Letter Template
1. Left and Right Margins: One-inch margins

2. Top Margin: Two-inch margin

If you are using Word and the top margin is set to 1 inch, press your ENTER key six times

3. Date: Enter your date and press your ENTER key four times

o June 14, 2004
4. Inside Address: Person who will receive the letter and press your ENTER key two times

o Jennifer Gill
o 123 Sample St

o Business Letter, GA 12345
5. Salutation: A greeting (and press your ENTER key two times)

o Dear Sir:
o Dear Madam:
o Dear Sir or Madam:
o Dear Ms. Gill:
o To Whom It May Concern:
6. Body: Type your paragraphs. Press your ENTER key two times between paragraphs

7. Closing: Type the closing (this depends on the type of letter you are sending) and press your ENTER key
four times � to allow for your signature

o Best regards,
o Cordially,
o Regards,
o Sincerely yours,
o Sincerely,
o Thank you,
o Yours truly,
8. Writer and Title: Type your name, press your ENTER key ONCE and type your title (if needed). Press your
ENTER key TWICE if you need to add an Enclosure

9. Enclosure: Type: Enclosure (something to be included in the envelope)

Business Letter Layout
Block Style Example
Modified-Block Style Example

The informative letter assignment is designed to introduce yourself to your teacher. And, it’s so easy! Just adhere to the following guidelines. Choose either block-style or modified block-style …

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How to write an informative letter?

Here are seven steps you can take to write an informative letter: 1. Research your topic As the goal of an informative letter is to convey facts to an audience, you might start your writing process by gathering the information you plan to include in the letter.

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