Informational Notice Homeowners Aiml Survey

Informational notice homeowners aiml survey

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Informational Notice – Homeowners AI/ML Survey
This informational notice is being distributed on behalf of Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Nevada,
North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin (the “Requesting States”) i to your
company’s Market Conduct Contact, Market Conduct Annual Statement Contact, and Government
Relations Contact, if available

The Requesting States are conducting analysis of various Homeowners Insurers to gain a better
understanding of the industry’s use and governance of big data, as used in an Artificial Intelligence and
Machine Learning (AI/ML) system. The NAIC, pursuant to a confidentiality agreement with each
Requesting State, will collect and compile the information on behalf of and under the direction of the
Requesting States

Your company will receive an examination call letter in late October from the Requesting States to
respond to the survey. The NAIC will distribute the call letter on behalf of the Requesting States

To allow additional time for your company to prepare its responses, documentation relevant to the survey
can be found on the data call webpage. The survey webpage contains an Excel survey template and Word
document of the survey definitions. The webpage will be updated with additional information necessary
to submit your company’s responses to the Requesting States using the NAIC’s Regulatory Data Collection
(RDC) tool. The additional information will include a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document, data
formatting information, and data validations

You are strongly encouraged to visit the webpage to familiarize yourself with the survey to begin your
internal process to gather the necessary information. Please note the survey format will be modified
for use within the RDC tool and to better facilitate gathering the data in a format that will be easily
aggregated for anonymity and subsequent reporting. It will look different than the Excel survey
template. Access to the survey through the NAIC RDC tool will be available in late October

Before accessing RDC, you will need to have an NAIC User ID and specific role assigned for this survey

Instructions on how to obtain a User ID and have the AI/ML user role assigned are available on the survey

Any questions regarding the survey should be e-mailed to [email protected]. Responses will be
provided to each e-mail and, where appropriate, the questions with corresponding answers will be
compiled into the FAQ document that will be available on the survey webpage in late October

The letter was revised on 10/4/2022 to exclude Oregon as a Requesting State

Informational Notice – Homeowners AI/ML Survey . Please note the survey format will be modified for use within the RDC tool and to better facilitate gathering the data in a format that …

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are surveys useless without an effective hoa board?

Without an effective HOA board and an invested community, surveys are useless. Luckily, both are somewhat within your control. As an HOA board member, do your best and set an example for everyone else to follow. There are also things you can do to increase engagement among homeowners.

What is the purpose of this privacy notice?

This Privacy Notice describes how we collect, use, and share information gathered in connection with your completion of any survey, focus group, interview, study, or other activity designed to collect information that is conducted by Deloitte (collectively, “Surveys”) that links to or references this Privacy Notice.

How do i distribute my hoa survey?

Distribution of the Survey After coming up with a final version of your HOA survey, it is time to actually conduct it. This means deciding on how you intend to distribute the questionnaires. There are many methods to go about this. Email and online surveys are popular choices as they are convenient and do not require printed copies.

How important are hoa surveys?

They bring previously unknown problems to light and provide residents with a way to make their opinions known. More than that, surveys are a great way to assess the health of your association. For this reason, you must make them a regular part of community feedback and planning. HOA surveys are only one side of the equation, though.