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M+W Americas, Inc

A Company of the M+W Group
1001 Klein Road, Suite 400
Plano, TX 75074
Phone 972.535.7300
Fax 972.535.7301
Internal Memo
Date: January 22, 2013 Rick Whitney
Subject: Workplace Violence Phone 972.535.7306
Sexual Harassment Fax 972.535.7301
[email protected]
Name Company
All Employees M+W U.S., Inc

Total Facility Solutions, Inc

M+W Automation, Inc

Spectrum Engineering Solutions, Inc


M+W continues to strive to ensure our workplace is one in which all employees are treated
with dignity and respect. All employees have a right to work in an environment in which
they feel comfortable and safe on a daily basis. As we enter into a New Year, we would
like to take the opportunity to reiterate our company polices on Workplace Violence and
Workplace Harassment

Harassment of employees on any basis undermines employee morale, interferes with
working relationships and adversely effects productivity. Many forms of harassment violate
both M+W policy and the law

Workplace Violence and Workplace Harassment will not be tolerated at M+W. Any M+W
employee who is found to have engaged in workplace violence or harassment will be

a. The Company is firmly committed to maintaining a positive working environment
in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. The Company
promotes equal employment opportunities and prohibits discriminatory practices,
including harassment. Therefore, the Company expects that all workplace
relationships will be professional and businesslike and the workplace will be free
M+W Americas, Inc

A Company of the M+W Group
of bias, prejudice, harassment, and inappropriate conduct, including offensive
verbal and written communication of a sexual nature

b. The Company will not tolerate harassment of its employees, whether committed
by a fellow employee, a member of management, or a visitor to the Company’s
workplace, such as a vendor or customer. All employees are responsible for
ensuring that the workplace is free from harassment, especially when such
conduct relates to gender, race, age, religion, national origin, disability or other
protected categories. All employees, including managers and supervisors, will be
subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge from employment, for
any act of harassment they commit

c. Examples of prohibited harassment include, but are not limited to:
1. Use of slurs, epithets, and words that degrade an individual, even when
used in a joking fashion;
2. Unwelcome advances, demands or requests for sexual acts or favors, and
other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, such as flirting,
touching and commenting inappropriately about another person's dress or
3. Display of cartoons, photographs, drawings, pinups, posters, calendars, or
images that are offensive or degrading to others;
4. Conduct which has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an
individual's work performance or which creates an intimidating, hostile or
offensive work environment; or
5. Conditioning hire, continued employment, or terms and conditions of
employment upon submission to sexual advances or requests for sexual

d. If an employee feels that he or she is being harassed, or if an employee has
knowledge of harassment of a co-employee, the employee must immediately
bring it to the attention of a supervisor. If for any reason you do not feel
comfortable discussing the matter with your supervisor, contact Human
Resources or any member of management whom you feel comfortable in
approaching. All reports will be promptly investigated in as confidential a manner
as possible. Based upon the findings of the investigation, the Company will take
prompt and appropriate action to remedy any violations of this policy

e. No employee who brings a good faith report of harassment to the attention of the
Company will suffer retaliation or other adverse employment action as a
consequence. Any employee, including managers and supervisors, who is found
to have retaliated against an employee who reported a violation of this policy, in
good faith, will be subject to discipline up to and including discharge from
employment. It is important for employees to report incidents of harassment,
M+W Americas, Inc

A Company of the M+W Group
because without your assistance, violations could go undetected and

f. The Company’s policies against sexual or other harassment apply fully to the E-
mail system, and any violation of those policies is grounds for discipline, up to
and including discharge from employment. Therefore, no E-mail messages
should be created, sent, or received if they contain intimidating, hostile, or
offensive material concerning race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin,
disability or any other classification protected by law:
Workplace Violence
a. The Company strongly believes that all employees should be treated with dignity
and respect. Acts of violence will not be tolerated. Any instances of violence must
be reported to the employee’s supervisor and/or the Human Resources
Department. All complaints will be fully investigated

b. Workplace violence includes, but is not limited to, intimidating, threatening or
hostile behaviors, physical abuse, vandalism, arson, sabotage, use of weapons,
carrying weapons of any kind onto Company property, or any other act of
inappropriate workplace aggression

c. Employees who feel they have been subjected to any of the behaviors listed
above are requested to immediately report the incident to their supervisor, any
manager with whom they feel comfortable, or the Human Resource Manager

Complaints will be investigated, and action that management believes is
appropriate will be taken

d. Employees who observe or have knowledge of any violation of this policy should
immediately report it to Company management or Human Resources. Where
appropriate, employees may contact proper law enforcement authorities without
first informing management if they believe a threat to the safety of themselves or
others exists

e. The Company will promptly respond to any incident or suggestion of violence

Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action, up to and including
immediate termination

All employees and managers have a responsibility for keeping our workplace safe. Please
report any and all incidents per our reporting policy outlined in our Employee Handbook

Please contact HR or management for any additional questions

Internal Memo Date: January 22, 2013 Subject: Workplace Violence FaxSexual Harassment [email protected] relationships will be professional and businesslike and the …

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How to write an internal memo for a manager?

There can also be an additional option of carbon copy for the manager of the company. The message that is conveyed through the internal memo should include the introduction of the message, the background, the reason for sending the memo, main points of the discussion and some closing remarks.

What are the benefits of sending internal memos to employees?

Sending or handing out internal memos benefit the company in the following ways: Memos are far less expensive as to disrupting work and having a meeting where attendees could have been out there doing work that they are paid for. Memos also serve as evidence in case of disputes between employees and managers.

What should be included in a company memo?

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