Introduction 6 Yachtmasters

Introduction 6 yachtmasters

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Introduction 6
Lower deck 30
Main deck 52
Bridge deck 76
Upper deck 114
Sun deck 136
Roof deck 150
General Arrangement 160
Specification 162
4 5
F LYING FOX was completed in March,
2019, by the renowned German
shipyard Lürssen in Bremen. Founded in 1875
by the 24 year old Friedrich Lürßen in Aumund
near Bremen, the Lürssen yard draws back on a
long history of building many of the world’s finest
yachts. Not only by her enormous size - with
136m she is among the top 20 in the world -
but especially through her innovative, bold and
curvy design by award winning Espen Øino,
she became an acclaimed distinctiveness in the
yachting scene

6 7
8 9
A t 136 metres in length and
PYC compliant, her 22.5 m
wide beam boasts a massive volume
and ensures a comfortable living
space together with a unique design of
both exterior and interior. The yacht’s
proportions are well balanced, allowing
for expansive exterior decks and
more intimate formal areas. Cutaway
bulwarks on the bridge deck and upper
deck allow plenty of natural light to
flood in through the floor-to-ceiling

10 11
12 13
LYING FOX is built with a
steel hull and an aluminium
superstructure. The shapely curves have
been an enormous challenge for the
welders. Perhaps even more amazing is her
performance: FLYING FOX is capable of 20
knots flat, with a cruising speed of 15 knots

14 15
16 17
18 19
20 21
22 23
ike a mirror – the
perfectly varnished outer
skin of the hull reflects the white
foam pattern of the water below

Peek-a-boo – on each side of the bridge
deck a lifeboat is hidden behind the
grid. The harmony of the outer lines is
not disturbed. In order to launch the boat
a 1.2 ton piece of the bulwark swings
up and the lifeboat, hanging under two
beam cranes, can move out

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a yachtmaster qualification?

Modern Sailing Yacht. A Yachtmaster qualification is a certificate of competence of the ability to handle either a sailing boat or motor boat (as endorsed) in certain prescribed conditions.

What are the different types of yachtmasters?

Three different titles are specified; Yachtmaster Coastal (previously - and in some countries still - called Coastal Skipper), Yachtmaster Offshore, and Yachtmaster Ocean which specify the level of competence required and the area of operation certified.

Why choose the yachtmaster ocean?

The Yachtmaster Ocean is experienced and competent to skipper a yacht on passages of any length in all parts of the world.

What is the yachtmaster ocean exam?

The Yachtmaster Ocean examination consists of an oral and a written test of the candidate's knowledge of ocean passage making including planning, navigation, worldwide meteorology, crew management, yacht preparation, maintenance and repairs.