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About deluxe radancy

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About Deluxe
Deluxe Corporation (NYSE: DLX), a Fortune 1000 company, is in the midst of transforming itself to
become a Trusted Business Technology™ company that champions business, so communities thrive

Deluxe solutions help businesses pay and get paid, accelerate growth and operate more efficiently

For more than 105 years, we have been helping businesses succeed at all stages of their life cycle,
from start-up to maturity. Our company’s unparalleled global scale supports approximately 4.5 million
small businesses, over 4,000 Financial Institutions and hundreds of the world’s largest consumer
brands, and uniquely positions us to be our customers’ most trusted business partner. For further
perspective, Deluxe processes or supports approximately $2.8 trillion in payments annually – or
roughly 13% of the U.S. GDP. Deluxe is delivering strong cash-flow and healthy margins, with sufficient
liquidity to continue to thrive. Our dividend yield is in line with the S&P 500. We have unparalleled
scale, an impressive customer list, a footprint in seven countries, marketing opportunities in the US,
Europe and Australia, and an emerging presence in Latin America

Deluxe is Values- and Purpose-Driven
As part of the significant strategy overhaul announced in 2019, we also refreshed our brand promise
and updated our core values. The New Deluxe has created an ownership culture by taking the
unprecedented step of granting stock to every one of our North American employees to further
alignment among employee and shareholder interests. Of course, underlying all of this, is the 100+
year legacy of unquestioned integrity and an unshakable commitment to protecting the health and
safety of our employee-owners

Our Purpose:
To be champions for businesses so communities can thrive

Our Values:
» Customers first. We deeply understand and delight our customers by partnering with them to
anticipate their needs, deliver on our commitments, and bring our diverse perspectives and
unique insights. Their success is our success

» Earn trust. Our business and partnerships are built on trust and integrity - it is at the heart of what
we do and guides our decisions. We always strive to do the right thing

» Innovation. We create what's next by collaborating with our stakeholders and each other. We
actively seek to understand diverse voices to further our legacy of innovation and build the future

» Grit and Perseverance. We are driven to succeed. By aligning employee-owner and shareholder
interests, we deliver meaningful results for all stakeholders

» Power of one. As one Deluxe, we celebrate our differences, relentlessly pursuing a culture of
inclusivity, diversity, equity and appreciation. We are stronger together because of our individual,
authentic selves

© Deluxe Enterprise Operations, LLC., all rights reserved

Brief Company History
W.R. Hotchkiss founded Deluxe in 1905 with the simple idea of
the checkbook as a way to make portable, easy-to-complete,
secure payments. In doing so, Deluxe became the founder of the
modern payments ecosystem. In the decade prior to the arrival
of our President and CEO, Barry McCarthy, Deluxe aggressively
focused on diversification away from the traditional check business
to a financial technology business as a means to drive long-term
growth. The company completed over 50 acquisitions prior to Barry
joining, focused on select, technology-based offerings to sell into
our existing customer segments of small businesses and financial

The Company did not pursue true integration of any of the
acquisitions made, and as a result, Deluxe was being run like
a holding company, or a “company of companies.” A new
management team, led by President and CEO Barry McCarthy,
implemented our “One Deluxe” strategy, focused on driving sales-
driven growth. Uniting the company in this way required obliterating
the silos of the past and reorganizing in four new segments:
Deluxe has stood the test
Payments, Cloud Solutions, Promotional Solutions, and Checks

of time. This is a photo of This new strategy and structure enables us to grow organically and
our first true factory, located fulfill our promise as a Trusted Business Technology partner

at 2531 University Ave in
Deluxe is headquartered in Shoreview (suburban Saint Paul),
Saint Paul, Minnesota. The
Minnesota, with significant operations in Kansas City, Atlanta,
building came down when and other locations across the world. We employ approximately
a freeway came through, 6,500 employees, primarily in North America. The One Deluxe
approach recognizes the strength of our 105-year heritage while
but the Deluxe spirit and
implementing a new strategy to move us aggressively into the
commitment to innovation tech-enabled, high growth, high-multiple Payments and Cloud-
lives on. delivered services markets

Putting together all of the pieces of the New Deluxe - clear
values and purpose, a clear strategy, solid balance sheet and
cash flow, and an accomplished new management team - we are
confident we will deliver consistent, long-term revenue growth and
shareholder value

To learn more visit deluxe.com
© Deluxe Enterprise Operations, LLC., all rights reserved

Deluxe Today
Deluxe began operating in the four exciting, easy-to-understand new segments in the first quarter of
Payments is a high growth market. The Deluxe Payments offerings include:
» Treasury Management. Deluxe runs a massive scale lockbox operation and is building additional
products to support the entire life cycle from order-to-cash

» Digital Payments. Deluxe recently announced the Medical Payment Exchange, and our digital
disbursement products called Deluxe Payments Exchange. These products digitize many of the
use cases remaining for paper checks. This is a natural place for us to reinvent Deluxe

» Small Business Cash Management. Deluxe offers end-to-end cash management tools for a small
business, and we recently announced a relationship with Fiserv to provide credit card acceptance
to our small business customers. Other relationships with companies to support funding are in the

» Payroll for Small Business. Deluxe has the leading payroll solution for small businesses targeted
at the low end of the market with millions of potential customers generally ignored by the biggest

Cloud Solutions is also a high growth market. The Deluxe suite of Cloud and software as a service
(SaaS) solutions that help businesses of all sizes across the business life cycle include:
» Data Driven Marketing. Deluxe offers full-service and omni-channel data-driven marketing
solutions for both B2B and B2C segments on both pay-for-service and pay-for-performance
models. Major financial institutions are customers

» Web Hosting. Deluxe offers a complete suite of online commerce and web presence services for
small and mid-sized businesses, hosting over 4.5 million websites

» SaaS. Deluxe offers a suite of solutions across the entire life cycle of a small business from cloud-
based incorporation services, logo design, do-it-yourself (DIY) and do-it-for-me (DIFM) web
design models, digital marketing, logo design, web design and more

Promotional Solutions provide predictable revenue primarily selling to small businesses, but
increasingly to large enterprises as well. The Deluxe Promotional Solutions include:
» Forms and Business Essentials. Deluxe produces custom forms for a variety of industries that are
essential for their business operation. We are also a leading producer of other business essential
items, including envelopes, business cards, stationery and secure documents

» Omni-Channel Retailer. Deluxe offers all of its solutions through multiple channels, much like a

© Deluxe Enterprise Operations, LLC., all rights reserved

» Branded Merchandise. Deluxe can imprint a logo on virtually any product from low value pens
to ultra-luxury custom embroidery. We provide these solutions one-off, or as part of massive
turnkey programs. For example, we are the turnkey partner for Mazda Motors USA for in-store
merchandise, promotion and Mazda Motor Racing

The Checks segment is in permanent secular decline but offers outstanding margins and cash flow to
support our expansion elsewhere. We continue to invest and innovate in the space, allowing us to win
market share. Our offerings include:
» Personal Checks. Deluxe distributes its product primarily through Financial Institutions who offer
our product to their customers. A portion of this revenue is achieved selling to consumers directly
via a number of web properties

» Business Checks. Deluxe offers a variety of products for payments needs that cannot be handled
in other ways

© Deluxe Enterprise Operations, LLC., all rights reserved

WebDeluxe recently announced the Medical Payment Exchange, and our digital disbursement products called Deluxe Payments Exchange. These products digitize many of the use cases remaining for paper checks. This is a natural place for us to reinvent Deluxe. » Small Business Cash Management. Deluxe offers end-to-end cash management tools for a small

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