A 10 Step Job Readiness Program That Works

A 10 step job readiness program that works

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A 10 Step Job Readiness Program That Works!
Providing relevant, customized, continuous, 365/24/7, on demand,
instructor and self-learning opportunities via classes, webinars, blog
posts, articles, podcasts, seminars, keynotes, workshops and videos,
for every workforce professional, nationwide

It is our pleasure to provide this outline of potential training/consulting for your consideration. Our past
work with workforce professionals, nationwide, uniquely qualifies us to engage with your staff. We truly
understand their passion and mission to serve. We know their challenges, obstacles and opportunities

We are familiar with their deep, burning desire to help others achieve a better life. In fact, our overall
workforce training expertise with Youth Programs, Employer Engagement, Business Services and Job
Development, has led to training opportunities for Workforce Professionals from all 50 states, Puerto
Rico, Guam and the US Virgin Islands

Of course, we would welcome this additional chance to inform and inspire your staff. Our travels and
experiences have provided a better understanding of the work needed to be done in order to say “we
achieved our goals”. These days, every group with barriers has an advocate; Veterans, Youth, Older,
Disabled, Ex-Offenders, Long Term Unemployed etc. Therefore, each of your workforce professionals
must be experts, consultants, motivators and achievers. In today’s world, that means breaking free from
only using traditional classroom style training and allocating more time to other platforms, including
SELF-LEARNING. We have adopted that mantra as we engage Workforce Professionals across the
country. How? By blending on-line reading, webinars, videos and audio platforms to support and
reinforce classroom training. I’ve outlined this in the attached pages

Workforce180, LLC is very excited at this chance to work with your Workforce Professionals! Your
comments and feedback of the attached materials is greatly appreciated

FYI—We will customize any program to meet your performance goals!
Best regards,
Mike Fazio
Workforce180, LLC
Mike Fazio has become well-known as a keynote speaker at state, regional and national
conferences, as well as, for training thousands of WIB, Youth, School, Academy, One Stop, DOL,
Non-Profit and Government staff from all 50 states + Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Guam! He
enjoyed a 20+ year private sector career in telecommunications, focused on Sales, Management,
Marketing, Training and Recruiting, with a definitive belief that consistent, enthusiastic Coaching
and Leadership Development provides individuals and organizations with the tools needed to reach
higher levels of performance

Since entering the workforce industry in 2008, he has worked tirelessly to assist workforce
professionals improve their sales, marketing and presentation skills

Below is a partial list of his speaking and training credits:
* North Carolina Training and Employment Conference Keynote 2014
* South Carolina Workforce Symposium Keynote 2014
* California Workforce Association Keynote 2013
• NAWB National Conference 2009-2010-2011-2012-2013-2014
• NAWDP National Conference 2010-2011-2012-2013-2014
• Association of Iowa Workforce Partners Keynote 2012
• Corps Network National Conference Keynote 2012
• NYATEP Youth Academy Conference Keynote 2012
• NAWDP New England Annual Conference Keynote 2012
• NAWDP Youth Development Symposium Keynote 2011
* Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs 2011 and 2012
• Missouri Assoc. for Workforce Development Conference
• Experience Works National Conference
• Goodwill Industries of NY and NJ
• Goodwill Industries of New Mexico
• Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake
* Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
• Philadelphia Workforce Development Corporation
• Los Angeles Urban League
• Boston Jewish Vocational Services
• Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, Connecticut
• SEEDCO New York
• Proteus, Inc

• Pathstone Corporation, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois
• Innovations Group, Arizona
• Insights Training Group, Kentucky
• Indiana Region 5 & 9 WIB
• Pike’s Peak Workforce Center, Colorado
* New Jersey Dept. of Labor and Development
* Goodwill Industries International
* Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services
* Indiana Regions 5 and 9
* WorkforceOne Employment Solutions, Florida
Delivering relevant learning opportunities to workforce professionals,
nationwide, is our mission. Everything we do is in workforce language
specifically for serving the thousands Workforce Professionals, nationwide

A recent branding enhancement resulted in the formation of Workforce180,
LLC., to build upon our six years of successful endeavors, allowing 100% focus
on staff capacity building for workforce professionals

We deliver information to your staff, in every way possible. Today, more than ever, people need balance
and learning diversity to absorb all the information thrust at them! That’s why we give you the option of
who, how and when. So, whether it’s a 24/7 website, keynote speech, conference workshop, webinar,
single day or multi-day training, we’ll deliver in a way they can learn from it

Keynote Speeches: A 45-90 minute motivational speech focused on topics ranging from Hiring Right,
Workforce Language Barriers, Average is Over, Age of Affirmation, Learn to Share, I Hate Starbucks and
many more!
Conference Workshops: A 45-90 minute engaging session focused on audience participation and
conversation. These are not lectures but rather very interactive. Past topics include: Using Social Media,
Turning Job Developers Into Salespeople, Working With Businesses, Selling To Your Staff, Case
Management vs. Case Motivation and many more

Webinars: A great way to teach and reinforce. Every session of every series is recorded for download
and playback. Every slide is available for download. Flexibility is the key benefit to this learning vehicle

On Site: In addition to our traditional classroom training, we can also visit your workplace and conduct
"reality training". What's that? We work with them while they work. That means sitting with Case
Managers, attending appointments with Job Developers, evaluating how Trainers deliver training,
etc. We'll even sit with the Receptionist to make sure he/she are greeting and assisting Customers
properly. We’ve nicknamed this our “Walk the Walk” Program!
Long Term: Contact us for the details of our Turnaround Program, which incorporates long term “change
planning” for all leaders and staff members who participate. By extending the learning process over
months, instead of days, it increases employee engagement and ensures content is applied

Website: www.180BOOST.com is the first website geared 100% toward workforce professionals on the
front line. The site is updated daily and filled with relevant information, videos, webinars and articles to
keep your employees in the know and thus more effective! Let your staff use the info to stimulate ideas to
make themselves more productive and/or to inspire the Customers they serve

Besides training individual workforce organizations, we have also completed
statewide and national projects for Job Development, Case Management,
Business Services and other skills improvements, directly geared toward
assisting Workforce Professionals. We always make all materials available for
free download to each customer. The diversity of past projects has allowed
for content flexibility and development. Below are a few examples of such
 Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs: National project in which 200 staff from
47 grantees were trained over a period of a 15 month period, by visiting regions for class
training, attending grantee conferences and conducting monthly webinars

 Pike Peak Workforce Center: A 6 month “Turnaround Program”. This includes engaging with
all workforce center staff, from Admin to CEO level. Goals are to improve Service, Goal-Setting,
Time Management, Sales, Instructional and inter, as well as, intra organizational Communication
skills. This project involves multiple site visits, webinars, one on one coaching sessions, along
with written reports and updates

 Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services: State-wide, long term training project which
included visiting 5 regional locations to deliver a 3 day training focused on Job Development

Once complete, a 10 part webinar series was delivered to ensure reinforcement and a continued
focus on improving skills related to employer engagement

 Colorado Department of Labor and Employment: State-wide project, to deliver four, multi-day
Job Development Training Classes for the Rural Consortium. The goal was to reach, train and
motivate staff who were not part of citywide workforce programs. Over 100 people successfully
completed the training program over a 6 week period

 NJ DOL and Workforce Development: State-wide project to deliver to four different locations, a
three day, Job Development class. Over 120 people successfully completed the program. Each
person was required to build and present a sales presentation via PPT

 Experience Works: National project in which 180 staff were trained from across the country, via a
customized webinar series, for Job Development. All staff---not just Business Services, were
included to infuse a national endeavor to do MORE selling, not matter what your title!
 National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP): National project n
which, on four different occasions, NAWDP members could participate in a 5 part webinar series,
hosted by Mike Fazio. Over 300 people have completed the program, so far

 New York Association of Training Professionals (NYATEP) State-wide project in which
workforce professionals were trained via webinar series for a Job Development Training Series

This occurred after Mike Fazio conducted the keynote speech at their annual Youth Conference

Interest was so strong that the series was created for all NYATEP members. Over 50 completed
the program

In order to maximize the learning potential for each attendee, content can be delivered in
four formats; first, via the classroom for a full day(s) of training; next, through
reinforcement webinars; then one on one coaching with key staff to ensure training is
carried forward and lastly, by providing access to 180BOOST, for the consumption of
daily workforce information and inspiration. The proposed working theme for this
training project is “Workforce Professional Learning Never Stops”. As with all workforce
projects we conduct, customized content for all three forms of delivery will be created to
ensure consumption reflects familiar workforce staff terminology

Job Readiness Training
Pat Troy-Brooks
Director of Workforce Development
So much has changed in the job search landscape many job seekers are
discouraged and frustrated with the process. The book's Introduction outlines
what’s changed and what the job seeker can do about it. In the author’s no
nonsense approach, ground rules are established, the time commitment is
outlined, what’s needed to organize your job search and what it takes to achieve
career success. What follows is a comprehensive program structured to break
down the career exploration process into 10 manageable steps. Each step
provides guidance on all facets of the career search process

As Director of Workforce Development at
Workforce180, Pat works with organizations to
assess skill gaps and barriers to attaining and
maintaining employment for their clients

Customized solutions are developed on topics such
as, soft skills, how to jump start your job search now,
how to retool and reinvent yourself, how to create a
powerful resume that gets results, how to proactively
connect with employers, create a powerful narrative
to tell your story and ace the interview, utilize
technology and social networks to enhance your
results, overcome barriers to gaining employment
and how to brand yourself and differentiate yourself
from the competition

[email protected] •WWW.WORKFORCE180.COM/180WORK-UP
Our courses can be delivered live, in person to your
jobseekers or we’ll train your trainers how to do it!
When using a GPS or map, before you can figure out where you need to go and how
to get there, you must first identify where you are. This principle also applies to your
search for employment. Before you can continue on the path to a new career, you
Step 1: must first assess where you are, who you are and what the path ahead looks
like. Many people don’t even know how they got started on a particular career path. It
Yes, You is said that “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step” and Step 1:
Are Here You Are Here is the beginning of your exciting new journey. In this chapter, job
seekers will complete assessments to uncover their passion, work values, transferable
skills and much more. Job seekers will set goals and develop a plan of action for

Everyone, at one point or another, has self-esteem issues. Whether you are
Step2: unemployed or unfulfilled in your work life, it can make you feel down and out. The
Confidence truth is it takes time and effort to build self-esteem. Step 2: Confidence Behind the
Wheel is just what job seekers need to get positive and energized about their future

Behind the This chapter focuses on practical techniques to identify an individual’s uniqueness,
how to build self-confidence and their journey to the “IT factor.” Job seekers will be
Wheel inspired and learn methods to boost their self-esteem and confidence

Step 3: A powerful résumé and cover letter are vital tools to capture the attention of hiring
Packing for managers. Step 3: Packing for the Journey provides in-depth details on
21st Century résumé writing and other job seeker correspondence such as cover
Your letters, thank you notes and job seeker business cards. Learn how using keywords in
your résumé can increase your chances of being called for an interview

In today’s competitive market, most jobs are filled through networking and referrals

Step 4: Most people don’t realize just how vast their network is or how to work it. Step 4: It’s
It's a Small a Small World After All will change that and teach how to tap into your contacts and
connect with people who can help job seekers achieve their career goals

World After Communication skills, how to set up social media profiles that are employer-friendly,
how to develop a powerful elevator speech, and how to connect at networking events
All are covered in this comprehensive chapter

In order to conduct a successful job search, you must be internet savvy. Step 5: Ready,
Step 5: Set...Internet! covers all aspects of the electronic segment of the job search. Job
seekers will learn how to set up a free e-mail account, select an appropriate e-mail
Ready, Set,... address, utilize social networking sites to enhance results, use job boards effectively,
Internet! build your brand, manage your digital footprint, and other techniques to leverage

Our courses can be delivered live, in person to your
jobseekers or we’ll train your trainers how to do it!
Interview techniques of the past are no longer effective. Step 6: Cruising through
Step 6: Cruising Interview Avenue teaches how to articulate your value to employers. In this chapter,
Through Interview job seekers will learn how to secure interviews, make a lasting impression on hiring
Avenue managers, answer and practice interview questions, brush up on interviewing skills,
dress for success, and much more

Whether you’ve been laid off or fired, have a disability, been convicted of a crime,
Step 7: Situations have bad credit, have no high school or college degree, are new to the workforce,
Matter: Overcoming have been out of a job for a long time, are aging or a teen, are unqualified or
Detours and Road overqualified, this step prepares job seekers to address their specific hurdle with
Blocks confidence. They will learn practical strategies to overcome these barriers and
achieve career success

The road to gaining employment is not an easy one. In fact, it could very well be the
Step 8: On the Road most difficult time in a job seekers life. Negative headlines in the news and the
rejection experienced while seeking employment make it challenging to keep a
positive mindset. In order to survive it, you must remain positive, think on your feet,
Faith: Making It
be creative, and have faith that the future holds something brighter. Step 8: On the
Happen Road to Faith: Making It Happen will equip job seekers with tools and techniques to
handle rejection and remain positive on their journey to becoming employed

Just because you are unemployed doesn’t mean you should take just any old
compensation package an employer offers you. You need to seriously evaluate your
Step 9: Pathway to
financial value and not be afraid to ask for it, while at the same time be conscious of
the fact that asking for too much could jeopardize your chances of landing the job
Boulevard altogether. Step 9: Pathway to Compensation Boulevard will guide you through the
process of salary negotiation

Once you achieve your goal of gaining employment, you must develop a plan to stay
Step 10: You've employed. Step 10: You Have Reached Your Career Destination...How to Stay the
Reached Your Career Course offers retention strategies to position yourself as a valuable member of your
Destination new team. Employer expectations and techniques to handle sticky situations in the
workplace are explored

BONUS: Be Your
As an entrepreneur for over 20 years, the author, Pat Troy-Brooks shares her insights
Own Boss: A Guide to
on what it takes to own a business and valuable information for starting a business

 Mike Fazio
 Founder/CEO
 Workforce180, LLC
 203-464-3143
[email protected]
 Jerry Mattiace
 Founder/COO
 Workforce180, LLC
 917-549-3909
[email protected]

Completed the training program over a 6 week period. NJ DOL and Workforce Development: State-wide project to deliver to four different locations, a three day, Job Development class. Over 120 people successfully completed the program. Each person was required to build and present a sales presentation via PPT.

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