Nqs Quality Strategy Template Agency For Healthcare

Nqs quality strategy template agency for healthcare

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National Quality Strategy
Working for Quality
OMB No. 17-0043-2-EF
When completed, the NQS Quality Strategy Template will produce a quality improvement strategy
that reflects your organization’s commitment to achievement of the NQS aims by focusing on the six
priorities and using the nine levers. This template will produce a quality strategy in two parts: the
alignment table and the organizational narrative. Suggestions for the completion of each section can
be found below

Alignment Table
The alignment table section provides a visual link between your organization’s actions and
whichever of the six priorities and nine levers best apply to your organization’s actions. These
actions can be past, present, or future actions with measurable results. The suggested layout for
each right-hand column cell can be seen below. Text in each of the description boxes can range from
a few sentences in length to a paragraph depending on your organization’s activities and
capabilities. For each program that your organization details, we recommend noting the relevant
NQS lever your organization will use in its quality improvement efforts

1. Title of Program/Initiative
2. Description of Program/Initiative
Making care safer by reducing harm
3. NQS Lever Used
caused in the delivery of care

4. Rationale for Approach
5. Metrics/Goals for Improvement
Ensuring that each person and family is
engaged as partners in their care

Promoting effective communication and
coordination of care

Promoting the most effective prevention
and treatment practices for the leading
causes of mortality, starting with
cardiovascular disease

August 7, 2017 1
National Quality Strategy
Working for Quality
OMB No. 17-0043-2-EF
Working with communities to promote
wide use of best practices to enable
healthy living

Making quality care more affordable for
individuals, families, employers, and
governments by developing and
spreading new health care delivery

Organizational Narrative
The narrative section serves as a broad overview of your organization’s health and health care
quality improvement efforts and directly links your organization’s quality improvement efforts to
the first-ever national movement to improve health and health care quality. After inserting the
recommended NQS language at the beginning of your organization’s narrative, include a statement
describing your organization’s most relevant programs, capabilities, or efforts that advance the
Strategy’s three aims and work to achieve one or more of its six priorities. Finally, this section
should include any quality goals or quality statements that your organization may have. When
developing this section, it may be helpful to fill out the alignment table first to ensure that your
organization has a comprehensive list of its programs available for discussion while writing the
organizational narrative

Suggested Content
Language to be Included Prior to Your Own Organizational Statement: The National Quality
Strategy (NQS), a national, not Federal, effort was established to serve as a catalyst and compass for a
nationwide focus on quality improvement efforts. The NQS is the first-ever national effort backed by
legislation to align public- and private-sector stakeholders to achieve one goal: better health and
health care for all Americans

Stakeholders are working together in new and innovative ways to incorporate achievement of the
three NQS aims as a part of their day-to-day efforts to make health and health care better and more
affordable for people and communities

To help achieve the aims of the NQS, [insert your organization] works to [insert primary NQS priority,
e.g. ‘make care safer by reducing harm caused in the delivery of care’]

[In this section, insert a broad narrative overview of your organization’s efforts that work toward the
achievement of the NQS aims. You may wish to include here any potential details of your
organization’s quality plan, ideas of which can be found below]:
August 7, 2017 2
National Quality Strategy
Working for Quality
OMB No. 17-0043-2-EF
• Quality goals and infrastructure
• Stakeholder participation
• Performance measurement
• Capacity building
• Strategy implementation
• Communications
• Other relevant elements
August 7, 2017 3

NQS QUALITY STRATEGY TEMPLATE . Introduction . When completed, the NQS Quality Strategy Template will produce a quality improvement strategy that reflects your organization’s …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the nqs?

National Quality Strategy: What is the NQS? - RWJF What Is the National Quality Strategy? Health care spending in the United States now totals $2.5 trillion a year, the most per capita in the world.

What is the national quality strategy for health care?

To address this problem, the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to establish a National Strategy for Quality Improvement in Health Care, also known as the National Quality Strategy.

What are the three main goals of the national health care strategy?

The strategy establishes three objectives: (1) to make health care more accessible, safe and patient-centered; (2) to address environmental, social and behavioral influences on health and health care; and (3) to make care more affordable.