Needs Assessment Report Template Incidents Of Mass

Needs assessment report template incidents of mass

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Needs Assessment Report Template:
Incidents of Mass Violence and Terrorism
In the context of incidents of mass violence and terrorism, a needs assessment is a process of
identifying and estimating specific needs, available resources, and costs of meeting those needs,
based on best available data and the literature on previous mass casualty events

State Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) administrators and local officials should consider working with
a community agency, evaluation specialist, consultant, or academic institution with a
background in the evaluative process and skill in conducting needs assessments. Experience in
helping communities develop funding strategies to address complex issues is also helpful

A needs assessment report includes information on the scope of the event, the specific needs
of victims and those affected by the event, and the resources that are necessary to address
these needs in the short and long term. A successful needs assessment will provide the
information needed to seek and secure available local, state, and federal funding assistance. For
example, the needs assessment can be a helpful tool in developing strategies for emergency
funding grant applications (e.g., the Antiterrorism and Emergency Assistance Program)

Consider coordinating with grant writers to assist in the development of federal, state, and local
grant submissions. Identify the primary agency that will manage the application process in
coordination with the primary agencies providing victim services during the recovery phase

The needs assessment report template on the following pages may provide some ideas for
questions to include in such a grant application

Needs Assessment Report Template: Annotated Outline
I. Overview
(Include background information on the event, relevant research/data, scope of problem, impact on
victims, data collection results, identification of needs—both apparent and unanticipated—and
II. Background
(Describe the details and timeline of the incident.)
III. Theoretical and Data Support
(Describe data collection and analysis. An evaluation specialist will be able to identify and
recommend the most appropriate theoretical models to guide the needs assessment, based on the
nature of the event.)
A. Example: Population Exposure Model
B. Example: Models of Individual and Community Response to Trauma
C. Example: Ecological Model of Community Impact
IV. Scope of Problem
(Describe the methods used to determine the victim impact initially, in the immediate aftermath,
and across time. Explain how these methods were of assistance in identifying needs and potential
resources for those affected.)
V. Review of Literature
(Review recent articles, research, case studies, reports, etc., related to mass violence and terrorism
A. Example: Fatalities
B. Example: Injuries
C. Example: Mental Health Impact
VI. Victim Impact
(Explain the scope of needs for those affected by the incident.)
VII. Response: Location of Incident and Related Areas
(Describe the initial onsite response and followup responses of local and regional law enforcement,
including FBI involvement. Describe the victim assistance response of the Office for Victim
Assistance, local victim service providers, and first responders.)
A. Law Enforcement Response
B. Victim Assistance Response
VIII. Needs Identified, Addressed, and Anticipated
(Describe and organize by categories of impact and need. See the sample categories below.)
A. Physical/Medical
B. Emotional/Mental Health
C. Insurance/Financial
D. Civil-Legal/Logistical
E. Media Impact
F. Anticipated Needs
IX. Data Collected and Results
(Describe the methods and formats used for data collection, including in-person interviews, Web-
based surveys, telephone interviews, and informal narrative reports from victims, witnesses,
community members, and responders and providers.)
X. Future Focus: Meeting Anticipated and Unmet Needs
(See the following sample list of anticipated and unmet needs.)
A. Equitable Geographic Distribution of Victim Services
B. Behavioral Health Services
C. Civil-Legal Assistance
D. Resiliency Center
E. Community Needs
1. Ongoing Needs Assessment
2. Community Outreach and Educational Campaigns
XI. Summary and Recommendations
A. Summary
B. Sample Recommendations
1. Upcoming Needs
2. Unique Considerations and Anticipatory Preparation
3. Evaluation Process for Recovery Efforts
XII. References
XIII. Appendices

The needs assessment report template on the following pages may provide some ideas for questions to include in such a grant application. 2 Needs Assessment Report Template: …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a needs assessment report?

A well-written needs assessment report will help you and your organization to provide for your needed resources in an orderly or organized manner. 1. Needs Assessment Report Template 2. Sample Community Needs Assessment Report 1. Needs Assessment Report Template 2. Sample Community Needs Assessment Report 3. Needs Assessment Report Outline 4.

How to create a formal incident assessment?

Formal Incident Assessment Template Create a team of professionals from within your organization that includes, it can be the head, the CEO, managers of different teams, etc. This key team will help in doing the evaluation, prepare the report, and make suggestions for the security assessment.

What is this security incident assessment report template for?

This security incident assessment report template will help you to do an effective assessment.

How do you know if you are affected by mass violence?

Feelings such as overwhelming anxiety, trouble sleeping, and other depression-like symptoms are common responses to incidents of mass violence. Other signs of emotional distress related to incidents of mass violence may include: Excessive smoking, drinking, or using drugs (including prescription medication)