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Photo source (doc) : PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda)
List of Contents
About Mizuho Customer
2 14 Base
a. Corporate History
b. The Meaning of Mizuho
c. Mizuho’s Brand Strategy
The Latest Awards and
d. Mizuho Corporate Identity
• Philosophy
15 Achievements
• Values
Corporate Social
8 About Us [ PT Bank Mizuho Indonesia ]
16 and Environmental
a. Shareholders
b. Vision and Mission
c. Good Corporate Governance
d. Prime Quality Management
Company Event
11 Management’s Speech 18
Global Reach
12 Customer Development 19
Product and Services Location in Jakarta
13 20
Photo source of front cover (doc): PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) Company Profile 1
About Mizuho
Corporate History Mizuho traces its roots to three of Japan’s oldest banks—
Dai–Ichi Bank (Dai–Ichi Kangyo Bank), Yasuda Bank (Fuji
Bank), and the Industrial Bank of Japan. Beginning as far
back as 1873, these financial institutions helped build and
rebuild Japan during the early modern and post–WW2 eras,
and laid the foundations for Japan’s financial leadership in the
21st century. We also inherit the spirit of the leaders of these
banks—three key Japanese bankers who played a pivotal role
in the development of the Japanese financial industry: Eiichi
Shibusawa, Zenjiro Yasuda, and Sohei Nakayama. These men
advocated a pioneering and socially responsible approach to
financial services that continues to make Mizuho one of the
world’s top financial institutions today

In 2002, Dai–Ichi Kangyo Bank, Fuji Bank, and the Industrial
Bank of Japan merged to form the Mizuho Financial Group

Since then, Mizuho has developed an extensive network
in Asia and the rest of the world through a consistent
commitment to our values: customer–first, innovative spirit,
team spirit, speed, and passion

As a full–service financial institution, we provide five core
services—banking, securities, trust, asset management, and
research & consulting—in an integrated manner to create
greater value for our customers

2 Company Profile | About Mizuho
Key Dates in Mizuho’s History
• Mizuho Americas established as a bank
holding company in the United States
• Asset Management One established
consolidating group asset management
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and Mizuho
Corporate Bank, Ltd. merged to
become a new Mizuho Bank, Ltd

Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. listed on
the New York Stock Exchange 2003
Mizuho Financial Group, Inc

Dai–Ichi Kangyo Bank, Fuji Bank, and the
Industrial Bank of Japan consolidated and
reorganized into Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and
Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd

• Mizuho Holdings, Inc. established
• Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. established
• Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd

Dai–Ichi Kangyo Bank, Fuji Bank, and
the Industrial Bank of Japan agree to
merge and establish Mizuho Financial
Company Profile | About Mizuho 3
History of Mizuho Financial Mizuho’s roots lie in some of the largest,
most influential financial institutions in
Group at a glance. Japanese history, giving Mizuho a distinct
edge over the competition

Three Banks (1873 – 1999) Birth of “Mizuho” (2000 – 2012)
1873 2000
Establisment of Dai-ichi Bank, the first DKB, IBJ, and Fuji Bank merge to form
national bank in Japan, Oldest joint stock Mizuho Financial Group
company in japan

Mizuho Holdings established
Incorporation of Fuji Bank, later to
become one of the largest commercial Corporate splits and mergers create
banks in japan (house bank of Tokyo and Mizuho Bank and Mizuho Corporate
Osaka municipal goverments) Bank
Mizuho obtains FHC status in the U.S
Nippon kangyo Bank, established by the
goverment to promote development in rural Mizuho list ADRs on the New York Stock
areas of Japan Exchange
1902 2011
Industrial Bank of Japan (IBJ), established Mizuho Trust Bank becomes a wholly
by the goverment to promote development owned subsidiary of Mizuho FInancial
of heavy industries and infrastructures in Group
Mizuho Securities becomes a wholly
owned subsidiary of Mizuho Corporate
1971 Bank
Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (DKB), Formed through
merger of Dai-Ichi Bank and Nippon Kangyo
Bank. Represented the largest bank in Japan at
the time
4 Company Profile | About Mizuho
Mizuho is one of the
world’s largest
full-service financial
One Mizuho (2013 -

• Offices in over 100 locations outside of
2013 Japan and approximately 60,000 employees
Mizuho Corporate Bank and Mizuho • 140+ years of banking experience
Bank merge on July 1, 2013 to become • Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) and
Mizuho Bank the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)*
• American Depository Receipt (ADR)
Mizuho reorganize into a structure made up 60.000
Number of employees
of five in-house companies and two units
Years of banking
outside of Japan
Forbes Global 200
(Non-JP) coverage*
Coverage of
Companies listed in Japan
* Top 200 corporations from Forbes Global
2000 (excluding financial institutions)
Company Profile | About Mizuho 5
Mizuho Corporate
Mizuho’s Corporate Philosophy:
Mizuho’s fundamental approach to business
activities, based on the raison d’etre of

Mizuho, the leading Japanese financial
services group with a global presence and a
broad customer base, is committed to:
• Providing customers worldwide with the
highest quality financial services with
honesty and integrity;
• Anticipating new trends on the world
• Expanding our knowledge in order to help
customers shape their future;
• Growing together with our customers in a
stable and sustainable manner; and
[as of 2016]
• Bringing together our group–wide
expertise to contribute to the prosperity
of economies and societies throughout
The Meaning of Mizuho’s Brand the world

Mizuho Strategy
“mizuho” in Japanese means “ a Mizuho has adopted a new brand
fresh harvest of rice”. Japan is also slogan, “One Mizuho: Building
poetically referred to as “mizuho the future with you”, to indicate
country” or “fruitful country” our commitment to become “The
therefore MIZUHO’s Corporate most trusted financial services
Identity which is composed of group with a global presence
Corporate Philosophy, Vision and and a broad customer base,
The Mizuho Values, serves as contributing to the prosperity of
the concept that forms the basis the world, Asia, and Japan”

of all activities conducted by
Mizuho Financial Group. All Mizuho employees are
committed to realizing the ideas
The name “Mizuho” expresses embodied in our brand slogan,
commitment to bring fruitfulness and together we pledge to all of
to all of our stakeholders and our stakeholders to help Mizuho
contribute to the prosperity achieve its vision for the future

of economies and societies
throughout the world, by These fundamental commitments support our
bringing together our group– primary role in bringing fruitfulness for each
wide expertise and conducting customer and the economies and the societies
business activities and operations in which we operate. Mizuho creates lasting
rooted in this concept. value. It is what makes us invaluable

6 Company Profile | About Mizuho
Mizuho’s Values:
The shared values and principles of Mizuho’s people, uniting all executives and employees together to pursue “Vision”
1 Customer First: The most trusted
partner lighting the future
We are proud to be our customers’ most trusted
3 Team Spirit: Diversity and
collective strength
We always keep an open mind, embrace diversity
partner lighting the future. We put our customers first
in all its forms, and foster a strong team spirit to
and place their interests at the core of our business

maximize our collective strength as experienced
We bring together our group–wide expertise and
financial service professionals

provide the best financial products and services
to them with honesty and integrity. We thereby
4 Speed: Acuity and promptness
earn our customers’ trust, which is fundamental to
Mizuho, and contribute with our customers to the
We strive to provide our customers with the best
prosperity of economies and societies

products and services with a focus on promptness
and accuracy. We are acutely sensitive to our
2 Innovative Spirit: Progressive and
flexible thinking
customers’ needs and respond quickly

We consistently adopt a progressive and forward
Passion: Communication and
thinking approach, identifying new trends in the
challenge for the future
movements on the world stage with wider vision. We
value, encourage, and implement innovative ideas in We are passionate about overcoming any challenges
a flexible way of thinking to respond effectively to to open the way to a bright future of our customers,
customer needs and changes in both local and global society and ourselves. We bring fruitfulness to them
economies and societies. by acting as our customers’ most trusted partner
and fulfilling our social responsibilities. Mizuho
provides them with lasting value. It is what makes
us invaluable

Company Profile | About Mizuho 7
About Us [PT Bank Mizuho Indonesia]
PT Bank Mizuho Indonesia (“the Bank”) was
established on 01 October 2001 by the merger
of three major Japanese banks i.e. PT Bank
Fuji International Indonesia, PT Bank Dai-Ichi
Kangyo Indonesia and PT Bank IBJ Indonesia
PT Bank Fuji International Indonesia, PT
Bank Dai-Ichi Kangyo Indonesia and PT Bank
IBJ Indonesia had been established in 1989
respectively. Hence, in year 2020 our existence
in Indonesia is about 31 years

This photo belongs to Menara Astra
The ultimate shareholder is Mizuho Financial Group, Inc., a leading Japanese financial services group with a global
presence and a broad customer base that is committed to support their primary role in bringing fruitfulness for each
customer and the economies and the societies in which they operate by creating a lasting value which makes them

The majority shareholder is Mizuho Bank, Ltd., a major financial i nstitution that provides optimal solutions to meetthe
increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs of customers in the areas of both finance and business strategies, focusing
its efforts on serving major corporations (such as those listed on the first section of domestic stock exchanges), financial
institutions and their group companies, public sector entities, Japanese and foreign companies overseas

The minority shareholder is PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. (“BNI”), one of the leaders in Indonesian
banking sector based on assets, lending and third-party deposits. They offer integrated financial services to their
customers, supported by several subsidiaries i.e. Bank BNI Syariah, BNI Multi Finance, BNI Securities and BNI Life

To be the Most Trusted Bank with Mizuho global network and a broad customer base, contributing to growth and
prosperity of Indonesia

PT. Bank Mizuho Indonesia sets its Mission based on solid and sound organizational infrastructure to achieve its vision

• To provide responsive and prudent banking solutions beyond customer expectations

• To support the sustainable growth of Indonesia economy and society with strong commitment to the
social responsibility

• To provide high quality services with robust and efficient operational processes, based on the connectivity
to our valued customers

• To maximize values for every stakeholders by strengthening our presence in Indonesia

8 Company Profile | About Us (the Bank)
Good Corporate Governance
PT Bank Mizuho Indonesia (the “Bank”) is aware of the importance of Good Corporate Governance (“GCG”) in supporting
business growth and providing added value to its stakeholders

The implementation of GCG in its business activities has many advantages, among others, encouraging the more effective
and efficient deployment of the company’s resources, generating sustainable economic value in the long term for the
shareholders and communities in general, as well as being able to stand its ground in the increasingly competitive banking

The Bank has always stressed the importance of effective implementation of GCG practices by upholding a high level of
commitment in implementing GCG principles in all of the Bank’s operations, and ensuring that GCG has been implemented
as well as possible in order to increase our shareholder’s value and maintain the trust of our stakeholders. Therefore, it is
continuously applied to all line of business and considered a culture, playing an important role in the Bank’s continuity for
the future

The Bank believes that through the implementation of GCG, it will be able to respond to the challenges of internal and
external changes in the banking sector which are becoming increasingly complex, which will in turn generate valuable
contributions toward the enhancement of business performance and toward gaining increasing trust from our stakeholders

Compliance toward regulations, the implementation of risk management and adequate and effective internal control, have
also become vital factors in the effort of improving GCG implementation at the Bank

Strong commitment from the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors and all other employees in performing the activities
and efforts are set by consistently looks toward GCG principles as regulated by the Authorities on the Implementation of
Good Corporate Governance for Commercial Banks

TARIF or Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independence and Fairness are the key principles in upholding Good
Corporate Governance and the Bank strongly promotes its implementation

In addition, as a form of the Bank’s commitment in implementing GCG, the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors
always try to create a working culture that is in harmony with healthy management principles and to actively take part in the
implementation of 11 (eleven) aspects of GCG

In implementing GCG, the Bank shall refer not only to Indonesian Authorities Regulation on the Implementation of Good
Corporate Governance for Commercial Banks, but also to prevailing international best practices, given that the Bank is a
subsidiary of a large Japanese financial business group with a global business network

Company Profile | About Us (the Bank) 9
Prime Quality Management
» PT Bank Mizuho Indonesia (“the Bank”) continues to develop in the area of
management, ensuring that it will continue to operate in accordance with the best
practice of global banking standards

» The Bank implements the principle of Good Corporate Governance and consistently
carries out improvements in order to enhance performance and create long-term
values to its shareholders as well as other stakeholders

» For the effective implementation of Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Counter
Financing Terrorism (CFT) Program, Global Anti Money Laundering System (G-AML
System) and Anti Money Laundering Filtering System (AMLFS) has been installed
to monitor and filter customers’ transactions respectively

» Harmonious relationship between management and staff creates a healthy synergy
and working environment, which is a valuable asset in rendering continuous
impeccable services to customers

» Risk factors are managed prudently and professionally to maintain sound banking

» Reliable and strict information management ensures customers’ information
confidentiality in tact from possible leakage

» Skillful and experienced human capital are continuously developed to achieve
improved professionalism

10 Company Profile | About Us (the Bank)
Management’s Speech
I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all
of our stakeholders’ continuous support to us

As of November 2020, I assumed the position
of President Director of Bank Mizuho Indonesia

At first, let me express my heartfelt sympathy
to all who affected by the COVID-19
pandemic. Bank Mizuho Indonesia, a member
of Mizuho Financial Group, including Mizuho
Bank, will fulfill our responsibility and duty as
the financial infrastructure of society, to support
continuity in business and livelihoods, so that the
economy and society can regain its stability and
growth at the soonest

The need to address societies rapidly
advancing digitalization and decarbonization
efforts, will bring transformation to our
industrial and socio-economic structure, leading
to development and growth of a sustainable
society in Indonesia. In light of that all of our
customers and stakeholders are facing
challenges to find a way to the future, toward
sustainable growth, we will make every effort
to help realize these goals. This is our long
President Director lasting purpose now, and into the future

We Bank Mizuho Indonesia have defined our Vision: “To be the Most Trusted Bank with Mizuho global network
and a broad customer base, contributing to growth and prosperity of Indonesia”, and in order to achieve this, we
will move forward with the transformation of our business model while emphasizing speed, with the goal of serving to
our valuable customers

We sincerely appreciate your continued support

Yours Sincerely,
Kohei Matsuoka - President Director
Company Profile | Management’s Speech 11

About Us [PT Bank Mizuho Indonesia] This photo belongs to Menara Astra PT Bank Mizuho Indonesia (“the Bank”) was established on 01 October 2001 by the merger of three major …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of company is mizuho financial group?

Company Information of Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. is a bank holding company which manages and engages in ancillary operations related to the management of its legally–owned subsidiaries as defined by the Japanese Banking Act.

What is the network of mizuho?

Mizuho's network consists of our Head Office and branches in Japan, and branches, representative offices and overseas subsidiaries outside Japan. Current deposits, ordinary deposits, deposits at notice, time deposits, specified deposits, deposits for tax, nonresident deposits in yen, foreign currency deposits

What are the activities of mizuho group?

Its activities include streamlining group management functions, creating synergies across various business fields and capabilities, and leveraging the defining strengths and characteristics of the Mizuho group. The representatives of each company have representation rights.