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w w w.n am as o f t . c om
Egypt S audi Ar abi a K uw ai t
NamaSoft Egypt NamaSoft Saudi arabia Asfon Innternational
(+202) 376 15 120 / (+202) 376 15 120 (+966) 114 922 213 (+965) 5063 4517
(+20 ) 100 6011 269 / (+20 ) 100 2653 880 (+966 ) 53 9147 179 / (+966 ) 50 1952 624 (+965) 2261 3104
[email protected] i[email protected] [email protected]
is a software house specialized in developing and Human Capital Management, All these solutions enjoy
supporting soft ware for medium and small enterprises. great usability, unique RIA user interfaces, and high
At Namasoft , we aspire to streamline business flow and degree of adaptability. Furthermore, all Namasoft
empower decision makers through cutting edge, highly solutions are cloud computing enabled, and can be Modern methods and advantages consolidate all your companies in
adaptable soft ware and hardware solutions. deployed in a public or private cloud

one database
As a young and dynamic company, Namasoft embraces Namasoft recognizes how crucial a role customer High development technique
the latest technologies and does away with legacy service plays when it comes to business soft ware, and
cumbersome solutions, therefore offering our considers after-sales service an integral part of its for business management software Support tablets and manual devices
customers a huge benefit over those who continue to solutions. Our qualified engineers are always ready and
drag long lists of outdated or even obsolete able to provide world class customer service to our
technologies. clients anywhere in the world thanks to the reach of the Full support for all database engines Support for time attendance machines
Internet and today’s remote using solutions

Namasoft develops a set of highly specialized business
solutions that range from ERP ,CRM, Cloud computing technology Working with continuous inventory style
NAMASOFT STANDS FIRMLY ON THE FOLLOWING SIMPLE FOUNDATION: Usable and very distinguished system Powerful & Secure users authorities system
- World class customer service and support
- Continuous development of our product offerings using latest technologies
- Extend our reach by opening up service centers and business partners throughout the region Web 2.0 Compatible user interface Notifications via e-mails and SMS
- Focus and emphasis on the requirements of local businesses
Adjustable Menus and screens Inquiry system and smart search
Bilingual system Powerful and effective
monitoring for users
Compatible with all operating systems
Import and export files from and to Excel
Integration and correlation between
all system modules Mature workflow system
BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Usable report designer with high technique Modern technique for linking remote branches
Full support for barcode reader Support Gregorian and Hijri calendars
Set of Optional
NAMA ERP Real Estate management
Contracting managemnt
Financial Supply Chain
management system Management system
Service Center
- Ledger - Inventory Management
- AR & AP - Purchases management
management system
- Budget & Forecast - Letter of Credit
- Banks & commercial pappers - Sales management Customer Relationship
- Loans & Letter of Guarantee - POS Management system
- Fixed assets and custodies
Projects management
Manufacturing Human Resources
Management system Management system
Document Management
- production management - Payroll management
- Job work - Human Resources system
- Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
- Capacity Resource Planning
- Costing
- Quality Control
- Quality Assurance

Company Profile web NAMA ERP Egypt NamaSoft Egypt (+202) 376 15 120 / (+202) 376 15 120 (+20 ) 100 6011 269 / (+20 ) 100 2653 880 [email protected] Saudi …

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