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Character limits rder f foundation thats my brick

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We as a community want to honor and say
Street Address:
thank you to all who serve our community
and nation. This memorial honors all Eau Claire Rod & Gun Club
service members of the Army, Marine
Corps, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, POW/
MIA, Fire/Rescue, Law Enforcement, and Community
Monetary Donation $______
Corporate Option
8x8 ($500 Min)
4x8 ($100 Min)
Emergency Medical Service

The memorial will consist of brass plaques Memorial
representing all of the different services,
6 lines of 18
3 lines of 18
Without Graphic
mounted on stainless steel poles & Foundation
centered around a US Flag pole. Please
support our service members by ordering
a personalized brick that will be installed
around the memorial or simply make a
With Graphic
3 lines of 18
3 lines of 10

Graphic:_____________ Location:(L or R/ T or B)_________
Make checks out to Community Memorial Foundation
Add to total donation. 4x8 - $50 8x8 - $100
Send me a REPLICA BRICK for my home or office. DONATION
Drop order form off at the Eau Claire Rod and Gun Club or
Payment type:
Direct Delivery to home - Additional $10
Mail to PO Box 1234 Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
Orders will be accepted beginning May 1,
2011. If you would like your brick to be
a part of the first installation in October
2011, please have your bricks ordered by
the end of August 2011

Please use the form on this brochure to
order your brick(s) and/or make your
donation and mail it or return it to the drop
box at the Eau Claire Rod and Gun Club

Place your orders online at
Questions? Please contact To honor those who serve
our community and nation
John Doe past, present and future

[email protected]
Bricks Provided by Brick Options The Marking Process
THAT’S MY BRICK!™ 4X8 BRICKS That’s My Brick™ uses a patented,
laser-based marking process that
Adept Engraving LLC has been working produces a layer of black, fused glass
with thousands of organizations on any color surface of the brick or tile

throughout the country, Helping them to The marks are flush with the surface of
raise funds for various causes through the brick or tile - less maintenance and
That’s My Pan!® Fundraisers. We are • 3 lines of 18 character personalization no chance of wear-based damage

now offering personalized bricks to • Graphic available on the Left or Right
further the success of our fundraising side with a 10 character/line limit
All samples passed each of the ASTM-
organizations. Our bricks are great (includes spaces and punctuation)
specified test conditions (Freeze/Thaw
for plazas, memorials, walkways, and cycling, Salt Spray exposure, Ultraviolet
anywhere else you use bricks! Show your Light exposure) with flying colors. The
support by personalizing a brick today! independent testing has proven that
8X8 BRICKS bricks marked with our process and
installed properly in your project will
Replica Bricks last longer than our lifetimes

Want to own a piece of the project and
display it in your home or office? These Graphics and Logos
replica bricks have rubber feet on the
That’s My Brick!™ can create a truly
bottom for safe display on a desk or
unique brick for you or your company

You can use a customized logo or
• 6 lines of 18 character personalization choose from over 100 of our images

• Graphic available on the Top or Bottom Please contact the coordinator of the
with 3 lines of the 18 character/line limit fundraiser for more details

(includes spaces and punctuation)
For your convenience we have attached
If you are interested in exploring
an order form to this brochure. Fill out
a larger display for you or your
the attached order form, and mail it or All approved images can be found at
business, either call or email
drop it off at the club
John Doe NOTE: Adding an image reduces the
555-555-5555 character limit for the 4x8 to 3 lines of [email protected] 10 characters and for the 8x8 to 3 lines
to place your order online. of 18 characters

To honor those who serve our community and nation past, present and future. We as a community want to honor and say thank you to all who serve our community

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