Xerox Cipress 500 Xerox Cipress 325 Production Inkjet

Xerox cipress 500 xerox cipress 325 production inkjet

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Xerox® CiPress® 500
Xerox® CiPress® 325
Production Inkjet Systems
Xerox CiPress 500
® ®
Xerox CiPress 325
® ®
Production Inkjet Systems
Innovative waterless inkjet technology delivers predictable
high-quality color on low-cost plain papers

Delight your customers with
unsurpassed color output on
low-cost, untreated plain paper

This waterless inkjet system enables you to produce more jobs with consistency,
predictability and reliability, grow your business with high-quality color applications
with dependable productivity and reduce your costs using inexpensive plain papers

The Xerox® CiPress® 500 and the Xerox® CiPress® 325 Production Inkjet Systems offer
you a distinctive combination of flexible low-cost plain paper options, unique patented
waterless inks, rugged piezo print head technology and an innovative print process

Raise your performance level. • Cut application and paper costs. You can • Produce more jobs with greater
Reduce your costs. take advantage of lower-cost, lightweight reliability. Designed for the print and mail
paper alternatives, such as offset, for many industry as well as publishing markets,
With the Xerox® CiPress® Production Inkjet of your applications and still see great the Xerox® CiPress® system delivers more
Systems, you can achieve outstanding color results with optimum productivity. Our reliable flat sheet output, improving
results on plain paper that is uncoated and inks sit on top of the paper much like toner post-processing equipment performance,
untreated, including economical offset papers. and litho inks rather than soaking into the enabling more efficiency, productivity and
paper’s fibers like current water-based inkjet uptime with your finishing, inserting and
Our advanced waterless inks and direct-to-
technologies. With our patented waterless mailing equipment. Even with high area
paper print process deliver exceptional output
inks, we enable high saturation and area coverage, cockle and curl are significantly
on stocks ranging from lightweight 29 gsm
coverage on stocks as light as 29 gsm, with reduced or eliminated because we use
to 160 gsm. It is ideal for your Transactional,
no show-through or strike-through. As a no water in our printing process or inks

TransPromo and Direct Mail, Catalogs and
result, you can manage your postal rates Because we do not soak the paper with
Manuals applications that use untreated plain
more effectively or include more sheets per water, we eliminate the problems with water
paper stocks

envelope for enhanced, more personalized and paper saturation that can cause severe
The benefits of plain paper include: marketing messaging. cockle and curl in your output

• Use of lower-cost offset stocks
• Easier management of inventory • Eliminate preprinted shells. Lower your
cost of manufacturing by eliminating the The Xerox® CiPress® Production
• Use of lightweight stocks with
associated supply chain costs of preprinted Inkjet System builds on our history of
higher yields per roll
shells, such as storage, transportation, innovation as well as our commitment
• No long lead time for special inkjet
labor, obsolescence and materials to the continuous feed market. As a
treated papers
handling. You can print both static and multi-technology company, we have
• Avoid high cost of inkjet treated papers
full color variable data on plain uncoated over 5,000 world-class scientists and
• No disruption to existing supply chain
paper like bills, statements, invoices and engineers working constantly to expand
With Xerox® CiPress® printers, you can personalized direct mail. the technologies and solutions we
continue to use your existing paper stocks— offer to our customers. Over the past
even your offset litho stocks—to optimize decade, we have developed a portfolio
productivity, improve lead time and obtain of continuous feed solutions that range
greater cost benefits. from 350 to 2,180 images per minute and
high speed variable data Production
Print Controllers since 1977

Expect vibrant color images with the
Xerox® CiPress® 500 and the Xerox®
CiPress® 325 Production Inkjet Systems

Our patented waterless inks deliver bright, vivid color and excellent image quality—
all on low-cost plain papers. No need for extra bonding agents or expensive specially
treated inkjet papers

Our waterless inkjet technology offers wide color gamut for the most demanding • Ongoing system reliability. Our unique
you significant advantages, especially in applications. Precise, well-controlled, waterless inks are part of the key to the
contrast to other aqueous inks and their predictable dots hold their shape to produce Xerox® CiPress® printer’s high reliability and
printing processes that require adding high sharp edges and excellent bar code readability uptime. Our print heads and inks are not
amounts of water into the paper. with crisp fonts, images and graphics. Our affected by evaporation, the most common
patented closed loop image processing cause for print head clogging and failure

The benefits of Xerox® waterless inks include:
ensures you get consistent, predictable results With our innovative technology, our ink can
• High image quality is assured. The for every job, roll to roll and month to month, remain unused in our print heads for weeks
Xerox® CiPress® 500 and 325 Production enhancing your efficiency and ability to meet and the print heads will still fire on demand,
Inkjet Systems deliver resolutions in your Service Level Agreements (SLAs). meaning there is no requirement to cap the
either 600 x 400 or 600 x 600 dpi with a print heads or worry about open time. This
also means quick startup, more uptime and
reliability, fewer stoppages and cleaning
cycles and, ultimately, greater production,
less waste and more output per shift

• Easy to handle, manage and store. • New enhanced smoothing. This is
Our waterless inks are dry granules that beneficial for certain applications that
Consistently Excellent Inks
feed easily, melt quickly and are easy to require an extra level of smoothness,
store and refill. You don’t have to move or such as photos with facial tones, tints or We’ve been developing inkjet technology
recycle our ink dispensing drums because gradients. for two decades and have manufactured
they are permanent fixtures. You can refill thousands of tons of waterless, resin-
• Ink estimation and monitoring. Ink
them on the fly, while the system is running, type inks. Leveraging that experience,
estimation tools based on area coverage
from smaller, lighter, easy-to-handle 10 kilo we understand the economies of scale
can be highly inaccurate. With the Xerox®
containers. This saves your operators from and precise quality controls needed
Ink Measurement Press Tool, we can
handling large, heavy drums with awkward to ensure that our product delivers
accurately estimate the actual amount of
hoses and messy liquids, increasing your excellent performance the first time
ink used by measuring the post-RIP file after
productivity and uptime. Storage is worry- and every time you use it. Our stringent
all color management has been applied for
free because these waterless inks have no ink manufacturing guarantees you will
precise ink usage, which will enable more
shelf-life restrictions. find our ink colors to be consistent and
accurate job estimation. Productivity is
uniform from one batch to the next,
• Waste less ink. Setup, registration, increased with the electronic soft proofing
month after month

alignment patches and cleaning procedures capability taking the proofing off the press

are automated, saving you time and money • Vector Halftoning—patented ink drop The images below are 10X enlargements
and minimizing waste for both ink and management and positioning. Process of 75 gsm offset paper

paper. No clean and purge procedures are all four color channels simultaneously
required during standby modes to keep to optimize drop placement. Reduce
the ink from evaporating and clogging the occurrences of drop-on-drop to efficiently
heads that, in turn, may require additional fill the white spaces before adding more
cleaning or head replacement. ink drops on top of each other. The result
• Ink optimization. Twelve new choices are is less ink usage while maintaining vibrant
now available for ink management from the image quality with a wide gamut equivalent
highest quality for high value applications to offset on uncoated papers. Xerox® Production Waterless Ink
down to a 54% ink savings for less
demanding applications. Instant flexibility
on a job by job basis helps manage ink cost
to leverage margins while still enabling
choices for maximum image quality for
those direct mail or catalog applications

In addition, the powerful Pantone editing
feature can protect any identified objects Aqueous Ink
on each page for optimal color. This is ideal
for maintaining maximum print quality for
client logos and branding while still allowing
ink reduction on the rest of the page

Innovative New Print Process
The Xerox® CiPress® 500 and Xerox® CiPress® 325 Production Inkjet Systems’ print
process is robust yet simple. Built on a heavy-duty web press transport, it offers precise
motion controls with closed loop monitoring for automated missing jet detection,
correction and registration. The print process uses precise web motion and thermal
controls with a patented “reflex” process for web management, monitoring and
correction of paper stretch and movement. This ensures very accurate pixel-to-pixel,
color-to-color registration and drop placement, job to job, roll to roll, month after month

Xerox® CiPress® Single Engine
Duplex (SED)
Printing duplex in one frame. A
A Ink granules are fed from drums F Ink granules are melted to a liquid K 
Intelligent Scan Bar sensor scans web
for image quality consistency and
B Blank web enters printer G 
Molten ink is jetted directly onto the uniformity and to detect missing jets
web and hardens instantly
C Web cleaner removes dust and chads L  eb is warmed with low temperature
Side two printing ceramic heater
D Web is warmed
I Web is cooled M 
Ink is pressure fixed onto the web
Side one printing
J Blank side one face down returning

for side two imaging
Flexible Configurations
from Entry Level to
Maximum Production
Multiple configurations of the Xerox®
CiPress® 500 or Xerox® CiPress® 325
Production Inkjet Systems enable you to
adopt inkjet technology, and configure a
system to match your production needs
and the layout of your facility to maximize
flow of people and materials. Our newest
Single Engine Duplex (SED) system enables
economical duplex printing in one frame
minimizing footprint and capital investment
while still producing 1,090 1-up letter size
(1,026 A4) prints per minute. The multiple
layout choices for a twin engine duplex
system include inline, 90 degree or next to
each other in parallel, either face to face or
front to back. The Twin Engine Duplex (TED)
configurations enable 2-up letter throughput
up to 2,180 prints per minute (2,052 A4). The
flexibility doesn’t end there. You start out
with a single engine for simplex or duplex
B printing and add a second system at any
time—as your business grows. You can also
enable duplex backup with the Single Engine
Duplex Kit installed in both printers of a twin
configuration enabling you to switch to SED
on either of the printers if needed

A Xerox

CiPress® Front to Back
C B Xerox® CiPress® Inline
Configuration with MICR Module
C Xerox® CiPress® 90 Degree
New MICR Optional Print Module New Inline Anilox Coating System
for Check Printing The Megtec inline aqueous coating system
Combine the efficiency of printing a high enables multiple flood coat fluids to be applied
density MICR line with the benefit of full color automatically inline at full machine speed

content in a single pass. A unique inline MICR Whether for the extra value of high gloss look
inkjet module can be added at the factory or and feel or the added durability and protection
upgraded on site expanding your capabilities for the mail stream, the Megtec inline coater
and protecting your investment. The module is enables more applications with full automation
available with 4-head and 8-head configurations and less labor than traditional offline
for 8.5" or 17" print areas for 2-up business and post-process coating methods

12-up personal check printing

Intelligent print heads deliver on
the productivity promise

Piezo mechanical drop-on-demand technology gives you reliability, durability,
consistent density and uniformity of color output for every roll, every week. With over
one million made and installed to date, these modular print heads are long lasting
with less maintenance, delivering more real print time every shift

At 39,000 drops per second, ink is dispensed at very high speeds with web throughput
at either 500 feet (152 meters) or 325 feet (100 meters) per minute. The four color
CMYK system has 56 print heads, and all 50,000 jets are managed individually and
controlled for accurate pixel placement on the page. Our jets are tunable, which means
software and process controls can manage the waveform, behavior and performance
of each piezo crystal that drives each jet. Every jet is tuned and calibrated to be uniform
and consistent for accurate drop size and placement. This unique tuning also extends
print head life by adjusting weak or excessive jetting to the right normalized level

Taken together, these factors deliver highly predictable image quality and very reliable,
consistent output roll to roll, site to site, across all substrates, month to month

More uptime = more productivity. Increase your uptime and • Easy print head replacement. While our
reduce your costs with intelligent piezo print heads are a durable
You’ll find productivity is engineered into every long-life component of the system, when
area of the Xerox® CiPress® Production Inkjet intelligent automation. they eventually do require replacement,
System. We have automated many processes Print head maintenance is automated to an operator can pause the production run
to minimize operator intervention, saving time save your operators time and labor. It also and replace the print head quickly and
and money. The result is a system that offers extends print head life and increases your easily. Print heads are a consumable item
you more uptime and more opportunity to productivity and uptime. so you always have spares on hand

generate more output each shift

Productivity features include: • Automated print head cleaning. The
cleaning process is robotically controlled Key Attributes of Our
• Speeds at 500 feet (152 meters) or and completed in minutes; there is no
325 feet (100 meters) per minute Patented Print Heads
need for operator intervention. The system
• Wide web width, 9" (229 mm) to monitors and automatically detects • Modular 3" patented design
20.5" (520 mm) which print heads require cleaning and • Onboard intelligence with
determines when cleaning is needed. values stored in non-volatile
• Closed loop monitoring
The amount of waterless ink purged in memory (NVM)
• Intelligent Scan Bar cleaning is minimal, reducing the amount
of wasted ink and paper you discard. • Multiple overlapping arrays up to
• Automated print head maintenance,
And because the ink is safe and non-toxic, 20.5" (520 mm) web width
including robotically controlled print
head cleaning it does not require licensed waste removal.* • Fourteen print heads per color
• Quick setup • Automated missing jet detection and • Precise thermal control
• Automatic head registration and alignment correction. The Xerox® CiPress® Production • Individual management of all jets
Inkjet Systems’ Intelligent Scan Bar
• Missing jet detection and auto • Acoustic and fluidic process controls
detects missing jets and automatically
correction on the fly
compensates with adjacent jets—on the • Auto registration adjusts the print
• Modular manufacturing for installation fly, in real time and at full machine speed— head positioning for color-to-color
and easier, more efficient servicing to ensure that your print quality remains and front-to-back registration
• Ink optimization to manage quality and consistent. The scan bar (which is also used automatically, on the fly in real time
cost at the printer saves time and money in our Xerox® iGen4® Press technology)
is so sensitive it can detect and correct a
*P lease consult your state and local requirements for
• No profiling of papers required single malfunctioning jet in many cases proper disposal

before the human eye can see it. With
the Xerox® CiPress® printer you can rely
on our automated closed loop detection
and correction system for print head
performance and reliability. Your operator
can monitor all of this activity on the
Graphical User Interface

Xerox FreeFlow Print Server—
® ®
An Open Solutions Platform
The power behind the Xerox® CiPress® 500 and Xerox® CiPress® 325 Production
Inkjet Systems is the Xerox® FreeFlow Print Server. The FreeFlow Print Server offers
scalable RIPs and servers with the power to handle even your most complex jobs and
confidence to meet your most challenging SLAs. With over 40,000 installations, the
Xerox® FreeFlow Print Server has the heritage and experience you expect

• Scalable RIP to match the complexity resources, eliminates bottlenecks and
of your jobs and maximum speed of the significantly reduces the time needed
printer. Architected for scalable, parallel to print the job. Maximize the power of
RIPing across multiple computers, the Xerox® CiPress® printers with the Xerox®
Xerox® FreeFlow Print Server also uses FreeFlow Print Server and produce variable
integrated caching technologies. You take jobs with unsurpassed speed and efficiency

full advantage of these technologies by
• A reliable predictable environment

choosing the number of RIP servers. This
The Xerox® FreeFlow Print Server has almost
enables you to scale RIPs to match the
a 20-year heritage of proven performance
complexity of your applications so you
processing variable data and static
can maximize the print engine’s speed
application content. Native support for
without clutching

industry standards, like JDF and JMF,
• Native data stream support gives you ensures our solution will integrate
flexibility. The Xerox® FreeFlow Print Server seamlessly with your current workflow

supports native data streams, including
• Consistent color means confident color

IPDS™, PDF, PostScript® and Xerox® VIPP®,
The Xerox® FreeFlow Print Server has
without transforms or interim data formats

advanced color management features
It offers both native data stream support
built-in to ensure reliable, predictable color
and parallel RIP to give you more control,
output across all data streams. Xerox®
enabling you to streamline your workflow
ConfidentColor is delivered via source and
and leverage maximum performance with
destination profiles, object-based color
no impact to rated speed

management, rendering intents with
• Xerox® FreeFlow VI Compose: Variable intelligent closed loop color control

data printing that keeps pace. The Xerox® All of this automation delivers consistent
FreeFlow® VI Suite, featuring VI Compose, worry-free color out of the box, roll to roll,
can substantially improve your productivity engine to engine, anywhere around
for printing personalized communications. the world

VI Compose uses a “Dynamic Document
• Achieve your business goals faster

Construction” (DDC) method of document
Choose the workflows you want. Choose the
composition, meaning you send the
power you want. The Xerox® FreeFlow Print
document and the associated data and
Server will deliver the productivity you need
variables directly to the printer without any
to meet demanding customer requirements

precomposition. This saves valuable network
Green is this printer’s favorite color

Environmentally responsible features and components focus on environmental
sustainability and are apparent in the Xerox® CiPress® 500 and Xerox® CiPress® 325
Production Inkjet Systems

• Safe, non-toxic ink. Xerox® CiPress® printers
use waterless inks that are safe and non-
toxic with no special disposal required. We
recommend that you consult with your state
and local waste disposal authorities for
additional information

• NAPIM certified ink (in the U.S.). Xerox®
solid ink has been certified to have 30%
bio-derived renewable material content
by the National Association of Printing Ink
Manufacturers (NAPIM)

• INGEDE certified output. Our output is
INGEDE (International Association of
the Deinking Industry) certified “Good
De-inkable.” This is the highest possible
rating based on ERPC (European Recovered
Paper Council) Deinkability Scores. The
Xerox® CiPress® Production Inkjet Systems
are the only high speed inkjet devices in the
• Reduced sensitivity to shop floor components, our print heads are tough
market that have received this certification

environmental control. Our print and durable and then returned to Xerox
This means that output from Xerox® CiPress®
process is less sensitive to fluctuations in for recycling

printers can be recycled from white paper
temperature and humidity. Little or no paper
back into white office paper

acclimatization is required, which means • Efficient paper and ink use. Paper and ink
• Dryer-free design. Because no water is you’ll enjoy easier paper handling and more waste is minimized due to efficient setup,
used in our ink and printing process, this flexible use of “on hand” stocks. registration, alignment patches and cleaning
system does not need costly, energy- and maintenance procedures

• Print head recyclability. Manufactured
consuming dryers

to our highest standards using patented
• The CiPress® system’s power techniques and durable stainless steel
consumption does not increase
with higher area coverage

Specifications for the Xerox® CiPress® 500 and Xerox® CiPress® 325
Production Inkjet Systems
Printer Speed in Images Xerox® CiPress® Xerox® CiPress® Xerox® CiPress® Xerox® CiPress®
• Print Engine: Continuous Feed, Digital Web 500 Twin 325 Twin 500 Single 325 Single
per Minute Engine Engine Engine Duplex Engine Duplex
• Configurations: Single engine simplex (SES), single
engine duplex (SED), twin engine duplex (TED) Simplex: U.S. Letter (8.5" x 11")
• Imaging Technology: Portrait one-up 545 354 545 354
Inkjet Drop On Demand (DOD) Portrait two-up 1,090 708
• Inks: Dye for CMY, Pigment for K waterless Duplex: U.S. Letter (8.5" x 11")
–– Capacity: 80 kilo permanent drum with Portrait one-up 1,090 708 1,090 708
10 kilo refill containers Portrait two-up 2,180 1,417
• Output: 600 x 400 or 600 x 600 Simplex: A4 (210 mm x 297 mm)
• Print Speed: 500 fpm (152 m) and Portrait one-up 513 333 513 325
325 fpm (100 m) Portrait two-up 1,026 667
Duplex: A4 (210 mm x 297 mm)
Paper Handling Portrait one-up 1,026 667 1,026 667
Web Width Portrait two-up 2,052 1,334
• Pinless or Pinfed: Maximum Duty Cycle 60M 42M 34M 24M
–– Single Engine Simplex and Twin Engine Duplex
9" (229 mm) to 20.5" (520 mm)
–– Single Engine Duplex
7" (178 mm) to 9.5" (241 mm)
Xerox® CiPress® MICR Specifications Installation Environment
• MICR line delivered via fifth color channel • Dimensions per Engine:
Image Area
in the Xerox® FreeFlow Print Server DFE –– H x W x D: 78.7" (199.8 cm) x 23.6"
• Pinless/Pinfed: single page image
• Data Streams: IPDS, Postscript, PDF (60 cm) x 47.2" (120 cm)
–– Single Engine Simplex and Twin Engine Duplex
• 325 and 500 fpm print speeds –– MICR Module adds 37.3" (94.8 cm) in width
Width: 1 pixel to 20.1" (495 mm)
Length: 6.5" to 22" (165 mm to 559 mm) • Imageable area for MICR line­: Up to 17", • Weight:
supporting 2-up business checks and 12-up –– Print engine (including Thermal Controller
–– Single Engine Duplex
personal checks and four ink drums)—12,641 lb (6,697 kg)
Width: 1 pixel to 9.18" (233 mm) side one,
8.5" (216 mm) for side two • Signal strength >80 (Canada) per –– MICR Module adds an additional 1,450 lb
Length remains the same at 6.5" to 22" CPA Standard 006 at 325 fpm (658 kg)
(165 mm to 559 mm) • Signal strength >50 (U.S.) per ANS X9.100-20 at • Room Temperature:
• Paper Types: Pinfed, pinless, uncoated, offset, 325 and 500 fpm
–– 60°F to 85°F (15.6°C to 29.4°C)
recycled, bond, newsprint • E13-B and CMC7 fonts
• Relative Humidity:
• Paper Weight: 29 gsm – 160 gsm* • MICR to CMYK registration +/-0.5 mm
–– 20% to 80%
(19 lb – 108 lb offset) • MICR character alignment to check
• Heat Output: 91,800 BTU/hr
• Pre- and Post-Processing: The printing system edge +/- 1/16 inch (1.6 mm)
does not include web input or output devices. • Electrical Requirements:
• 20 – 24 lb uncoated (plain and preprinted)
These must be purchased separately from media and check safety stock –– North America
authorized Xerox Partners. (1) 480V 75A 3-phase
• Pinless and pinfed media
• Pre/Post device configurations supported: (1) 208V 100A 3-phase
• MICR printing enabled on upstream engine of
Roll to roll, roll to fold, roll to cut sheet –– Europe
twin engine system
(1) 380V – 415V 75A 3-phase
• Security Features Supported: (1) 380V – 415V 100A 3-phase
Xerox® FreeFlow® Print Server
–– Xerox® MicroText –– Electrical Consumption
Data Streams
–– Copy Void Pantograph Standby: 14.5 kWh
• Adobe® PostScript® (must be DSC-compliant) Printing: 27 kWh
–– Original Document Watermark
• Adobe Acrobat® 9.0, PDF 1.7, PDF/X 1a, 3, 4
• Consumables:
• Native IPDS™ rendering
–– 2L bottle MICR ink
• Xerox® VIPP ® *H eavier paper weights and matte coatings are possible based
–– 2L bottle Jetfix flush fluid on successful testing by Xerox

–– Line Mode, Database Mode and Native
–– MICR print head
To learn more about the Xerox® CiPress® 500 and Xerox® CiPress® 325 Production
Inkjet Systems, contact your Xerox representative or visit
©2014 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Xerox®, Xerox and Design®, CiPress®, FreeFlow®, iGen4® and VIPP® are trademarks of
Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. 11/14 BR11809 WAGSC214 XPIBR-01UD

The benefits of plain paper include: • Use of lower-cost offset stocks • Easier management of inventory • Use of lightweight stocks with higher yields per roll • No long lead time for special …

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