Xerox Altalink Color Multifunction Printer

Xerox altalink color multifunction printer

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C 813 0 / C 8135 / C 814 5 / C 8155 / C 817 0
Xerox ® AltaLink ®
Color Multifunction Printer
The Ideal Digital Workplace Assistant for Demanding Teams
Xerox® AltaLink ® C8130/C8135/C8145/C8155/C8170
Color Multifunction Printer
Want work done right? AltaLink® will help you do a lot more than
just print. You can automate document workflows and connect
to the systems that run your business – seamlessly. Protected by
comprehensive security features, they are true Workplace Assistants
that will free up time for you to do more of what really matters

A PRODUC TIVE WORK EXPERIENCE Simplify IT support as your fleet grows. Fleet
FOR ALL Orchestrator allows you to automatically and X E ROX® CO N N E C T K E Y®
securely adjust configurations and settings on
Feel right at home instantly with AltaLink . ®
all your devices at once. Perform interactive
The intuitive and personalized tablet-like training and support your users right from
Intuitive User Experience
interface balances simplicity and efficiency your desktop with the Remote Control Panel. Enjoy a tablet-like experience with gesture-
and reduces steps to complete tasks with a based touchscreen controls and
single tap. easy personalization, plus simple workflows

Native mobility features make it easy for
Stop threats where they start with the Mobile and Cloud Ready
workers to print from their mobile devices with
comprehensive protection that's trusted by Be more mobile with cloud-hosted services and
advanced AltaLink® capabilities such as Xerox® instant connectivity to cloud and mobile devices
the most security-minded businesses
@PrintByXerox App, Xerox® Print Service Plug-in right from the user interface

and governments

for Android™ or AirPrint™. You can even copy,
Comprehensive Security
scan, or email without touching the user screen Built-in security, including the AltaLink® Trusted Prevent unauthorized access, detect threats,
with AltaLink's touchless workflows. Boot protects the integrity of the device start-up and protect data and documents with built-in
process from malicious actions, McAfee® comprehensive security features

AltaLink ® Devices bridge the physical and
whitelisting and integrations with McAfee ePO
digital worlds with apps and advanced Enables Intelligent Workplace Services
and Cisco ISE neutralize threats instantly at the
scanning capabilities that allow you to Seamless integration with Xerox ® Intelligent
device and protect the network. Configuration Workplace Services delivers next-level
digitize, route, and process information in a
Watchdog monitors and automatically workplace efficiency, employee productivity,
snap. Automate tedious tasks to save time,
remediates critical IT-defined security settings. and security

reduce errors with 1-Touch shortcuts, or simply
allow AltaLink's Adaptive Learning to Gateway to New Possibilities
Protect sensitive documents from
Transform the way you work with the apps in
automate repetitive and complex tasks. unintentional disclosure with AltaLink’s
the Xerox App Gallery. Or have one of our
Imaging Security - a proprietary marking and partners develop a custom solution for you

Translate documents to 40 languages. Convert
infrared detection technology

hard copy to audio for easy listening on the go. Find out more about how you’ll work
Get your hand written notes off the page and Native integration with popular SIEM tools smarter at

into shareable text. Redact content for simplifies reporting and management of
confidentiality. And convert scans to Microsoft security events. Xerox® Printer Security Audit
applications — all from the ever-growing Service, available as part of Xerox® Intelligent
Xerox® Workflow Central Platform. Workplace Services, helps maximize printer
fleet, document, and content security

Big jobs, small jobs, and everything in COLOR WHERE IT COUNTS
between — AltaLink ® can be customized to A high-resolution output of 1200 x 2400 dpi
do it all. Your choice of finishing options and and best-in-class HD Super Fine EA Toner plus
accessories means you can configure your superior color rendering and consistency will
device for any type of document. give your documents clarity and impact. You
can also upgrade your AltaLink ® C8100 Series
Stay in the fast lane with access to the Xerox
with the Xerox ® EX-c C8100 Print Server
App Gallery. It's your gateway to a growing
Powered by Fiery ®, delivering more options
collection of apps designed to simplify
for professional-looking documents

time-consuming, repetitive, or complex
processes as your business evolves

Xerox® AltaLink ® C8130/C8135/C8145/C8155/C8170
Color Multifunction Printer
S ingle-Pass Duplex Automatic U S E R I N T E R FA C E
Document Feeder (DADF)
Intuitive Tablet-like 10.1-inch
saves time by simultaneously
Color Touchscreen is customizable
scanning both sides of a
and lets you perform tasks in just a
document with up to 270
few taps. Try it out at
impressions per minute (ipm)

Xerox ® Integrated RFID Card
PA P E R I N P U T 3 Reader (optional) adds card-based
authentication with support for over
 wo 520-sheet Adjustable Trays (common
90 access cards

with all configurations). Tray 1 handles media
sizes up to 11.7 x 17 in./A3 and Tray 2 handles Near Field Communication (NFC)
media sizes up to 12 x 18 in./SRA3. Tap-to-Pair allows users to tap their
mobile devices to the AltaLink ® C8100
Series user panel and quickly connect
with the MFP

E nvelope Kit (optional — replaces Tray 1)  mart Proximity Sensor detects
provides feeding of up to 60 envelopes. when users are nearby. It conserves
energy during inactive periods and
automatically activates the device
when a user approaches

P A P E R O U T P U T/ F I N I S H E R S 3
High Capacity Tandem Tray Configuration
holds a total paper capacity of up to
3,140 sheets

Four Tray Module Configuration
(available for C8130/C8135) holds a total
of up to 2,180 sheets

Bypass Tray handles up to 100
sheets; Custom sizes: 3.5 x 3.9 in

to 12.6 x 52 in./89 x 98 mm
to 320 x 1,320 mm

H igh Capacity Office Finisher Business Ready C-Fold/Z-Fold Unit BR Booklet Maker
Feeder (optional) holds (optional) provides (BR) Finisher (optional) (optional) adds C-fold, Finisher (optional)
3,000 sheets of letter/A4 advanced finishing gives you advanced Z-fold and Z-half-fold creates 64-page
paper, increasing the functions, optional finishing functions capability to the saddle-stitched booklets
maximum paper capacity crease/score and at a great value. BR Finisher or BR Booklet (2 to 16 sheets)

to 6,140 sheets. saddle-stitch booklet, Maker Finisher

capable of 60-page
booklets (2 to 15 sheets)

Long Sheet Feed Kit (optional) provides
the ability to print up to 12.6 x 52 in./
320 x 1,320 mm media

Convenience Stapler
Dual Offset Catch Tray Integrated Office Finisher
(optional) staples up to 50
(available when no finishers are (optional with C8130/C8135/
sheets of 20 lb./75
installed; Single Offset Catch Tray C8145/C8155) provides
gsm media

with finishers). 500-sheet stacking and 50-sheet,
2-position stapling

Paper capacities are based on 20 lb./75 gsm stock; capacities will vary with different weight stocks
Xerox® AltaLink ® C8130/C8135/C8145/C8155/C8170 ConnectKey®
Color Multifunction Printer Technology
Speed1 (Color/Black-and-White) Up to 30/30 ppm Up to 35/35 ppm Up to 45/45 ppm Up to 55/55 ppm Up to 70/70 ppm
Monthly Duty Cycle2 Up to 90,000 pages Up to 110,000 pages Up to 200,000 pages Up to 300,000 pages Up to 300,000 pages
Hard Drive/Processor/Memory Minimum 128 GB SSD; Optional: 500GB HDD/INTEL ATOM® Quad Core, 1.9GHz/4 GB system memory (8 GB system memory AltaLink® C8170)
Connectivity 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet, High-Speed USB 2.0 direct print, NFC; Optional: WiFi/WiFi Direct with Xerox Dual Band Wireless Kit, Bluetooth (iBeacon)
Optional Controller Xerox® EX-c C8100 Print Server Powered by Fiery ®
Copy and Print Copy Resolution: Up to 600 x 600 dpi; Print Resolution: Up to 1200 x 2400 dpi
First-Copy-Out Time (as fast as) 6.10 seconds color/4.50 seconds black-and-white 5.50 seconds color/4.40 seconds 4.70 seconds color/3.70 seconds 4.00 seconds color/3.20 seconds
(from platen/warmed-up state) black-and-white black-and-white black-and-white
First-Print-Out Time (as fast as) 5.70 seconds color/4.20 seconds black-and-white 4.90 seconds color/3.80 seconds 4.50 seconds color/3.20 seconds 3.80 seconds color/3.00 seconds
black-and-white black-and-white black-and-white
Page Description Languages Adobe® PostScript® 3™, Adobe® PDF, PCL® 5c/PCL® 6
Paper Input3Standard Single-Pass Duplex Automatic Document Feeder (DADF): Up to 82 ppm simplex/141 ipm duplex (200 dpi). 130-sheet capacity for AltaLink® C8130/C8135/C8145/C8155. Paper
sizes: 3.4 x 4.9 in. to 11.7 x 17 in./85 x 125 mm to 297 x 432 mm. Up to 135 ppm simplex/270 ipm duplex (200 dpi). 250-sheet capacity for AltaLink® C8170. Paper sizes: 3.4 x 4.9 in. to
11.7 x 17 in./85 x 125 mm to 297 x 432 mm
Bypass Tray: 100 sheets; Custom sizes: 3.5 x 3.9 in. to 12.6 x 52 in./89 x 98 mm to 320 x 1,320 mm (SEF)
Tray 1: 520 sheets; Custom sizes: 5.5 x 7.2 in. to 11.7 x 17 in./140 x 182 mm to 297 x 432 mm (SEF)
Tray 2: 520 sheets; Custom sizes: 5.5 x 7.2 in. to 12 x 18 in./140 x 182 mm to SRA3 (SEF)
Choose One Four Tray Module: (Trays 3 and 4 — available with AltaLink® C8130/C8135): 1,040 sheets; 520 sheets each; Custom sizes: 5.5 x 7.2 in. to 12 x 18 in./140 x 182 mm to SRA3 (SEF)

Total standard paper capacity: 2,180 sheets
High Capacity Tandem Tray Module: 2,000 sheets; Sizes: 8.5 x 11 in./A4. Total standard paper capacity: 3,140 sheets
Optional High Capacity Feeder (HCF): Up to 3,000 sheets; Size 8.5 x 11 in./A4 long edge feed. Max paper capacity with HCF: 6,140 sheets
Envelope Tray (replaces Tray 1): Up to 60 envelopes with Auto Size detection of some sizes
Long Sheet Feed Kit (banner printing): 12.6 x 52 in./320 x 1,320 mm
Multi-feed Detection Kit (available for AltaLink® C8170 only)
Paper Output/Standard Dual Offset Catch Tray (standard when finishers are not attached): 250 sheets each; Face-up Tray: 100 sheets
Finishing3 Optional Integrated Office Finisher: Available with AltaLink® C8130/C8135/C8145/C8155, staple positions: front and rear straight. 500 sheets stacker, 50 sheets stapling,
2-position stapling
Office Finisher: 2,000-sheet stacker, 50 sheets stapled, 2-position stapling, optional hole punch, optional booklet maker (score, saddle stitch 2 to 15 sheets (60 pages))
BR Finisher: 3,000-sheet stacker and 500-sheet top tray, 50-sheet multiposition stapling and 2/3-hole punching
BR Booklet Maker Finisher: 1,500-sheet stacker and 500-sheet top tray, 50-sheet multiposition stapling and 2/3-hole punching plus saddle-stitch
booklet making (2 to 16 sheets, 64 pages) and V-folding
C-Fold/Z-Fold Unit: Adds Z-folding, Letter Z-folding and Letter C-folding to the BR Finisher and BR Booklet Maker Finisher
Convenience Stapler: 50-sheet stapling, includes Work Surface4
Customize Customize user interface, show/hide functions, personalize user experience with authentication, create 1-Touch Apps, auto wake-up with Smart Proximity Sensor, Enable Adaptive
Learning to set up shortcuts for repetitive and complex jobs. Copy, scan, or email without touching the user screen using the automatic touchless workflow accelerators
Print Drivers Job Identification, Bi-directional Status, Job Monitoring, Xerox® Global Print Driver ®, Application Defaults, Xerox® Pull Print Driver, Microsoft Universal Print
Xerox® Embedded Web Server PC or Mobile — Status Information, Settings, Device Management, Cloning, Fleet Orchestrator, Configuration Watchdog, Remote Control Panel
Print Features Print from USB, Print from Cloud Repositories (Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive), Sample Set, Saved Job, Booklet Creation, Store and Recall Driver Settings, Scaling,
Job Monitoring, Application Control, Two-sided Printing, Draft Mode, Long Sheet (Banner) Printing
Scan and Fax Scan Preview, Scan to USB/Email/Network (FTP/SFTP/SMB), Scan File Formats: PDF, PDF/A, JPG, TIFF; Convenience Features: Scan to Home, Searchable PDF,
Single/Multi-page PDF/TIFF, Password-protected PDF; Fax Features: Walk-up Fax (one-line or two-line options available, includes LAN Fax, Direct Fax, Fax Forward to Email), Fax
dialing, Unified Address Book, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Server Fax, TWAIN driver (scan); Optional: Scan To Cloud Repositories (Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive)
Mobile Connectivity Near Field Communication (NFC); Optional: WiFi Direct, WiFi (802.11 b/g/n/ac), AirPrint™ (iOS) including iBeacon (Bluetooth)
Mobile Printing Mopria® Scan, Apple AirPrint™, Xerox® Print Service (Android), @PrintByXerox; Optional: Xerox® Workplace Mobile App (iOS/Android)
Mobile Scanning Mopria® Scan, Apple AirPrint™, Optional: Xerox® Workplace Mobile App (iOS/Android)
Cloud Ready Remote services enabled, native "Print from" Cloud repositories (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive), integration with Okta, Ping Identity, Microsoft Azure;
Optional: Native "Scan to" cloud repositories (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive), direct connection to cloud-hosted services via optional apps
(accessed via Xerox App Gallery app or visit, Xerox WorkFlow Central Platform
Network Security 802.1x, IPsec, HTTPS, SFTP and Encrypted Email, McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator®, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, LogRhythm SIEM, Splunk SIEM, Network Authentication,
SNMPv3, SHA-256 Hash Message Authentication, TLS 1.1/1.2/1.3, Security Certificates utilizing ECDSA, Automatic Self-signed Certificate, Cisco® Identity Services Engine (ISE)
integration, automated threat response through McAfee DXL/Cisco pxGrid integration, Local Authentication (Internal Database), FIPS 140-2
Device Access User Access and Internal Firewall, Port/IP/Domain Filtering, Audit Log, Access Controls, User Permissions, Configuration Watchdog, TPM, Log-in with Okta, Ping Identity, and
Microsoft Azure credentials; Optional: Smart Card Enablement Kit (CAC/PIV/.NET/SIPRNet)5, Xerox® Integrated RFID Card Reader, NFC standard (authentication via optional
Xerox® Workplace Cloud/Suite Print Management and Content Security; learn more at
Data Protection McAfee Whitelisting, Firmware Verification, Trusted Boot, Job Level Encryption via HTTPS and Drivers, Encrypted Storage Drive (AES 256-bit, FIPS 140-2), Encrypted and Signed
Email; Optional: Xerox® Workplace Cloud/Suite Content Security, Encrypted Hard Disk (AES 256-bit, FIPS 140-2) with Image Overwrite, McAfee Integrity Control
Document Security Common Criteria Certification (ISO 15408) full system against the HCP PP, Encrypted Secure Print, FIPS 140-2 Encrypted Data with Print Drivers,
Imaging Security with AltaLink’s proprietary marking and infrared detection technology

Print Management Xerox® Standard Accounting; Optional: Xerox® Workplace Suite/Cloud, Xerox® Virtual Print Management Service, more at
Fleet/Device Management Xerox® CentreWare® Web, Xerox® Support Assistant, Automated Meter Read, Xerox® Cloud Fleet Management Solution, Fleet Orchestrator, Configuration Cloning;
Optional: Intelligent Workplace Services Suite, Cloud-based remote management with Xerox® Workplace Cloud6
Security Secure Device Management: Xerox® Printer Security Audit Service (auto-configuration of security settings, monitoring, and auto-remediation), Digital Certificate Management,
SIEM Reporting, Interactive Dashboard Reports
Xerox and Partner Apps Automate everyday processes with apps that translate, redact, convert text to audio or handwritten notes to text files, and paper documents to Microsoft applications, all from a
single cloud-based platform or visit to find apps by industry or workflow
Software and Solutions Xerox® DocuShare® (, XMPie® (, Xerox® Workplace Solutions (, Xerox WorkFlow Central Platform
Declared in accordance with ISO/IEC 24734
Maximum volume capacity expected in any one month. Not expected to be sustained on a regular basis
Paper capacities are based on 20 lb./75 gsm stock; capacities will vary with different weight stocks
Sold separately in some geographies
Not available in all geographies
Available in select markets
More information is available at

© 2021 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Xerox®, AltaLink®, CentreWare®, ConnectKey®, DocuShare® and Global Print Driver® are trademarks of
Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. XMPie® is a trademark of XMPie, Inc. Mopria® is a trademark of the Mopria® Alliance

The information in this brochure is subject to change without notice. 08/21 TSK-2206 BR29460 AC8BR-05UD

WebMaker Finisher. BR Booklet Maker Finisher (optional) creates 64-page saddle-stitched booklets (2 to 16 sheets). gHh Ci ap yatci Feeder (optional) holds 3,000 sheets of …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an altalink printer?

Xerox offers AltaLink ® all-in-one printers with smart apps designed to handle the most demanding office applications. Ideal for mid to large workgroups, our multifunction printers allow you to print, fax, email and scan from the convenience of one machine.

What is the xerox global print driver?

The free Xerox Global Print Driver manages Xerox and non-Xerox printers on your network with a single, easy-to-use interface. It dramatically simplifies enterprise printer management for IT managers, making it easy to add and update printers without changing drivers.

What is the xerox smart start driver installer?

The Xerox Smart Start - Driver Installer intelligently looks at your specific system configuration and installs the appropriate drivers for printing and scanning to your Xerox device. More details... The free Xerox Global Print Driver manages Xerox and non-Xerox printers on your network with a single, easy-to-use interface.