Xbox 360 Mnl Cvrindd 01 Dec 07 Distributed Into

Xbox 360 mnl cvrindd 01 dec 07 distributed into

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XBOX_360_MNL_CVR.indd 01 Dec ’07
MS Color Bar v.5 030801
lp colonies xb360L v040708.qxd 4/7/08 9:24 AM Page ii
3 Xbox LIVE®
4 Controls
WARNING Before playing this game, read the Xbox 360 Instruction 6 Main Menu
Manual and any peripheral manuals for important safety and health information

Keep all manuals for future reference. For replacement manuals, see 9 Game Screen or call Xbox Customer Support

10 Basic Controls: Movement
11 Basic Controls: Combat
Important Health Warning About Playing Video Games
Photosensitive Seizures 12 Basic Controls: Action
A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to
certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in 14 Aiming & Camera View
video games. Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have
an undiagnosed condition that can cause these “photosensitive epileptic seizures” 15 Thermal Energy (T-ENG)
while watching video games

These seizures may have a variety of symptoms, including lightheadedness, 16 Vital Suits (VS)
altered vision, eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs,
disorientation, confusion, or momentary loss of awareness. Seizures may also 17 VS Details & Controls
cause loss of consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury from falling
down or striking nearby objects. 18 Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)
Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these
symptoms. Parents should watch for or ask their children about the above 19 Data Post
symptoms—children and teenagers are more likely than adults to experience
these seizures. The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced
by taking the following precautions: Sit farther from the screen; use a smaller
20 Saving & Loading Game Data
screen; play in a well-lit room; and do not play when you are drowsy or fatigued

21 Game Settings
If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult
a doctor before playing

22 Right Trigger Weapons
24 Left Trigger Weapons
26 VS Weapons
28 Akrid Types & Controls
29 Online Battle Characters
30 Online Gameplay
32 Online Battle Modes
& Game Types
37 Online Game Rules
38 Connection Types
40 In the Lobby
lp colonies xb360L v040708.qxd 4/7/08 9:24 AM Page 2
Play anyone and everyone, anytime, anywhere on Xbox LIVE®. Build
your profile (your gamer card). Chat with your friends. Download content
at Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Send and receive voice and video messages

Get connected and join the revolution

You are
Before you can use Xbox LIVE, connect your Xbox 360® console
about to embark to a high-speed Internet connection and sign up to become an Xbox LIVE
member. For more information about connecting, and to determine whether
Xbox LIVE is available in your region, go to

on a journey Modem
to a new frontier Internet
of snow and ice..

Xbox 360
Family Settings
These easy and flexible tools enable parents and caregivers to decide
which games young game players can access based on the content rating

For more information, go to

J This game is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people, places,
or situations is purely coincidental unless otherwise indicated

J Screenshots are of a product in development. Final product may vary

lp colonies xb360L v040708.qxd 4/7/08 9:24 AM Page 4
w (left trigger) (Xbox Guide button) x (right trigger)
You can change control
configurations from Main Menu/
y (left bumper) z (right bumper)
Options/Game Settings (see page 6)
or from PDA/Configuration Y (Y button)
(see page 18)

X (X button)
B (B button)
L (left stick) Other Controls
A (A button)
Confirm A
Cancel B
< (BACK button) > (START button)
l (directional pad) C (right stick)
Human Controls (Pattern A Setting) Vital Suit (VS) Controls (Pattern A Setting)
Jump A Jump A
Action/Melee Attack B Action (Exit VS/Equip weapon) B
Anchor (see page 13) X Special Attack X
Change weapon Y Special Function Y
Zoom m/ q Light s/ o
Light s/ o Turn 90° left/right y/z
Turn 90° left/right y/z Fire left/right weapon w/x
Grenade w Move L
Shoot x
Aim (Click to Reload) C
Move (Click to Crawl) L PDA Menu <
Aim (Click to Reload) C Pause Menu >
PDA Menu (see page 18) <
Pause Menu >
lp colonies xb360L v040708.qxd 4/7/08 9:24 AM Page 6
Akrid Controls (Pattern A Setting) Game Over
When the Life Gauge drops
Jump A (hold longer for higher jump) to zero, the game is over
Attack 1 B (not used for Dongo or Neegal) and the Continue Screen is
displayed. (The Continue
Attack 2 X Screen is not displayed in Trial
Attack 3 Y Battle and Score Attack Modes.)
Turn 90° left/right y/z
Left/right directional attack w/x Continue Screen Options
J RETRY — Restart the mission
Move L from a waypoint

Rotate C J RESTART — Restart the mission
from the beginning

PDA Menu <
J QUIT — Save the data and abort the mission

Main Menu Trial Battle Mode
In this mode, battle the bosses
that appear one after the other
At the Title Screen, press > or A to proceed to the Main Menu. during the campaign. Your route
to the next stage is determined
by the results of the current stage

Main Menu Options Check your route through the battle
J CAMPAIGN bracket at the Intermission Screen
j New Game — Start a new game. before each stage

j Continue — Continue the game from a previous save. J Your Life Gauge, T-ENG,
j Mission Select — Choose a previously cleared mission to play. weapons and ammunition
j Trial Battle Mode — Select a Trial Battle. (See page 7.) are carried over to the next stage

j Score Attack Mode — Play a Score Attack game. (See page 8.) Because of this, when fighting
J ONLINE BATTLE it’s necessary to think not only
j Xbox LIVE — Connect to Xbox LIVE and participate in online battles

about the current stage but also about future battles

j System Link — Battle over a LAN connection. J Your results are reflected in your online
ranking. (Sign in to Xbox LIVE to check your online ranking.)
j Game Settings — Change the game configuration. (See page 21.)
j Xbox LIVE Marketplace — Download game content

j Campaign — View the records for Campaign mode

j Online Battle — View the records for Online Battle mode

j Trial Battle — View Trial Battle mode records

j Score Attack — View Score Attack mode records

j Achievements — View the list of achievements unlocked in the game

lp colonies xb360L v040708.qxd 4/7/08 9:25 AM Page 8
Score Attack Mode
Compete for the best score
Combo Gauge
Game Screen
by destroying enemies and objects

All enemies and destructible Life Gauge
objects (barrels, wrecked cars, etc.)
in each stage have a certain
score value. Thermal Energy
J A Combo Gauge is displayed (T-ENG) Targeting
near the top of the screen
when things are destroyed. Right Trigger
Secondary Weapon
J Your results are reflected Left Trigger
in your online ranking. (Sign in Weapon Right Trigger
to Xbox LIVE to check your
online ranking.)
Destroy something else
before this Combo Gauge Player
disappears to form a combo
and receive bonus points

J LIFE GAUGE — Displays your remaining life. If this gauge reaches zero,
you fail the mission

Unlimited Mode J THERMAL ENERGY (T-ENG) — Displays your remaining Thermal
Play with increased weapon power and movement speed Energy. T-ENG is constantly depleting due to the extreme environmental
in this bonus mode. conditions, so you must replenish it often

J To play in this mode, first select a mission at the Mission Select Screen, J RADAR — Reflects the status of your surroundings. Activating a Data
and then select Unlimited Mode. Post allows you to access its Radar data

J TARGETING RETICLE — Aims your weapon or Anchor

J LEFT TRIGGER WEAPON — Displays the weapon equipped to
and activated by the left trigger (w)

J RIGHT TRIGGER WEAPON — Displays the weapon equipped to
and activated by the right trigger (x)

weapon equipped to and activated by the right trigger (x). Press Y
to switch to this weapon

J PLAYER — The character you are controlling

lp colonies xb360L v040708.qxd 4/7/08 9:25 AM Page 10
Basic Controls: Movement Basic Controls: Combat
2 4
L MOVE — Move your character in the direction you
C AIM — Move C
to aim the Targeting Reticle indicated by 1,
move L
. above. Then attack with w or x to fire at the target

(See page 14 for more information.)
y/z TURN 90° (Pattern A) — Press either bumper to turn 90°
in the bumper’s direction. (See below for more information.) Click C RELOAD — The gauge under the Targeting Reticle shows
remaining bullets in the weapon for your current weapon

A JUMP — Press A and move L to jump in the selected Click C to reload (as long as ammunition is available)

Click L CRAWL — Click and hold, then move L to crawl w GRENADE — Use the weapon (grenade) indicated by 2, above

Numbers next to the weapon denote ammunition remaining

in the selected direction

Pick up the same weapon type to replenish ammunition

When ammunition reaches zero, the weapon becomes useless

Click L+A EVADE (ROLL) — While pressing Lin any direction,
press A time to execute an evasive roll

Y CHANGE WEAPON — Change to the weapon indicated
by 3, above

X ANCHOR — Fire the Anchor. You can combine this action
with various other buttons to reach inaccessible areas
and execute Special Attacks. (See page 13.)
x SHOOT — Use the weapon indicated by 4, above. Ammunition
is handled in the same way as for the Left Trigger Attack

m/ q ZOOM — Zoom your view in/out. Depending on your equipped
weapon, zooming in may also bring up a Scope Screen

Quick Turns (See page 14 for more information on Zooming.)
Quick turns depend on the Control Pattern you’ve selected from the Game
Settings Menu or the PDA’s Configuration Menu. (See page 21 for game settings.) B MELEE ATTACK — Available when no other context-sensitive
J PATTERN A — Press y/z to quickly turn 90° in the bumper’s attack is displayed on-screen

J PATTERN B — Click and hold C, and then move C to turn quickly
in the selected direction

J PATTERN C — Flick C to turn quickly in the selected direction

lp colonies xb360L v040708.qxd 4/7/08 9:25 AM Page 12
Basic Controls: Action Anchor
Using the Anchor greatly expands your range of movement, allowing access
to areas that are otherwise inaccessible to normal jumps

1 Aim with the Targeting Reticle
and press X. When the
Targeting Reticle is green,
Displayed deploy the Anchor and it will
attach to the target spot

When a specific action is displayed on-screen, pressing B will carry it out

2 You can now ascend to the area
where the Anchor has attached
Action Examples itself

J PICK UP — Pick up a weapon

J ENTER — Ride in a VS

J ACTIVATE — Activate a Data Post. (See page 19.)
J ATTACH — Attach a weapon to a VS

J REMOVE — Remove a weapon from a VS

Master All the Weapons
of a VS! Anchor Shot
Combine the Anchor with button presses to execute Special Attacks

You can use weapons found
in a stage, including normal
weapons and VS weapons. Evaluate
your enemy and match your attacks When using the Anchor, press
to the enemy’s weaknesses! w or x before landing on
the target. Firing the Anchor
into an Akrid or the wall, then
pressing w or x at extremely
close range, executes an attack
appropriate to the target

lp colonies xb360L v040708.qxd 4/7/08 9:25 AM Page 14
Aiming & Camera View Thermal Energy (T-ENG)
You can customize your game experience by changing your aiming style T-ENG is a new form of energy that replaces the fossil fuels of old. It is
and camera viewpoint. Before starting a game, use the Main Menu/Options/ taken from the bodies of the Akrid, the native inhabitants of E.D.N.III. This
Game Settings to change these settings (see page 21). During gameplay, use your new fuel is essential to every activity that takes place on the planet

PDA (see page 18)

T-ENG abilities include:
Aiming Style j By continuously expending T-ENG, a T-ENG-equipped VS acts as a life
J ACCELERATE — The further over you press C, the faster the Targeting support system for whoever is wearing it

j If T-ENG falls to zero, the Life Gauge will begin to deplete

Reticle moves

J FIXED — The Targeting Reticle is fixed in the center of the screen J VS USE
(it does not move around the screen). j T-ENG is used as fuel by a VS

J CRUISE — Aiming speed is constant regardless of how you press C. j If T-ENG drops to less than 100, the VS will become non-operational

j If T-ENG reaches zero, you will be required to exit the VS

With each style, you can choose the basic aiming speed (from eight
different settings) to create the aiming system best suited to your play style

(The default aiming speed is ACCELERATE 4.) j If you take damage, the Harmonizer
(see below), will be activated and will
automatically recover the life lost
Camera View to damage

J NORMAL — Camera viewpoint changes according to the situation. T-ENG can be replenished through
(NORMAL mode is the default setting.) a variety of sources, for example:
J ZOOM — Camera is always zoomed in on the character. J Defeat an Akrid

J WIDE — Camera is always zoomed out from the character. J Destroy a tank or drum

J Activate a Data Post

J FPS — First-person camera mode

J ... and many other actions

The Harmonizer is a life-support
system, installed on Wayne’s right arm,
that uses T-ENG to provide remarkable
recovery abilities

J When Wayne takes damage,
the Harmonizer system kicks in
and begins converting T-ENG
to replenish the Life Gauge

J It continues to convert T-ENG until
the Life Gauge has recovered fully

If T-ENG is completely used up
before the process is complete, Life
Gauge recovery will stop

lp colonies xb360L v040708.qxd 4/7/08 9:25 AM Page 16
Vital Suits (VS) VS Details & Controls
Vital Suits (VS) are weapons used by the settlers of the ice-cold planet
E.D.N. III to fight the native Akrid. GTT-01
Developed in the early days of settlement, this VS
was designed to assist colonization. Able to accept
attachments on each arm, it is also capable of being
When you’re near a VS, a context- armed with weapons. A victim of changing times,
sensitive action is displayed on-screen, the GTT-01 has fallen out of favor with the advent
allowing you to interact with its various of the GTF-11 (below). The current number
elements — for example, riding the VS, of GTT-01 units in use is very small

or removing a weapon (not available SPECIAL FUNCTION
for all weapons). J None
Riding a VS
Created for use in zero-gravity environments,
If the Enter action is displayed near a VS, the GTF-11 has advanced attitude-control
press B to enter the machine. Press B capabilities. This unit set a precedent as the first
while riding in a VS to exit the vehicle. bi-pedal VS with in-air mobility. It is widely used
in settlement activities

J HOVER — Press A mid-jump to hover

Press again to cancel

Life Gauge while Riding a VS
J SLIDING DASH — Press Y and move L
to dash in the selected direction

While you’re riding a VS, the Life
Gauge displays the remaining durability
of the VS. T-ENG depletes over time Developed with military use in mind. While this
unit does not have in-air abilities, it exceeds its
and when you take damage

rivals in superior running speed and jumping ability

J DOUBLE JUMP — Press A once to jump and
again to double-jump

J LONG JUMP — Press Y to initiate a long
Emergency Ejection jump; press again to cancel the jump

When a VS Life Gauge displays zero, J SMOKE SCREEN — Press X to lay down
the VS is about to explode. Tap B rapidly a smoke screen

to eject from the VS immediately in this
emergency. Failure to eject quickly results
in losing your life

lp colonies xb360L v040708.qxd 4/7/08 9:25 AM Page 18
Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Data Post
Each stage has Data Posts

Items Activate a Data Post by
approaching it and rapidly
Message tapping B. Activating a Data
Post gives you access to
Details information about your
Map surroundings, which is then
displayed both on your Radar
and on the PDA Map Screen

Activating a Data Post also
replenishes some of your T-ENG

When you open your PDA, the Mission Details Screen is displayed. If you
The Radar in the upper right corner
have activated a Data Post (see page 19), a map of the surrounding area is also
of the game screen (also see page 9) displays

Data Post information, including:
J From the Mission Details Screen, you can confirm Mission Details,
and select, check and confirm Message Logs and Configuration. Human
J Incoming messages are displayed as needed while you’re moving around

During the game, press < to open your PDA and view the Mission Details

Data Post
J MISSION DETAILS — Use the PDA to view information such as:
j Maps Next Data Post
j Mission Objectives
j Secondary Objectives
j ... and more!
On the Mission Details Screen, press s/o to select either the Message Target Mark
Logs or Configuration Screen

Each stage has emblems known as
J MESSAGE LOGS — View a log of messages sent to you by your Target Marks. Snipe each one, and you
companions during the game. may reap some special benefits. Check
j You can also check the controls of the Vital Suits that you have boarded the Target Marks you have acquired
during the mission. on the Mission Select Screen

J CONFIGURATION — Configure various game settings. These are the same
as those available from the Main Menu/Options. (See page 6.)
lp colonies xb360L v040708.qxd 4/7/08 9:25 AM Page 20
Saving & Loading Game Data Game Settings
You can change game settings from the Main Menu/Options/Game Settings
Saving and from the PDA/Configuration (see page 18)

(see page 6)
After selecting a Storage Device, you can save your game data. All game J AIMING — Change aiming and camera settings

data is automatically saved

J Xbox 360 CONTROLLER — Change the control layout

j Turn controller vibration on/off

Loading j Press X to switch between Human and VS control displays

If you select a Storage Device containing Lost Planet™ Extreme Condition J SOUND — Adjust game music and SFX volumes

Colonies Edition saved game data, the data will be loaded automatically J SCREEN/OTHER — Change the screen brightness settings
when you confirm. Auto-load occurs when you proceed from the Title Screen
and subtitle display

to the Main Menu

J RESET TO DEFAULTS — Press A to restore the default settings

Saving Multiple Data
J BACK — Press B or > to return to the Main Menu

You can only save one game per User Account or per Storage Device

To save different game data, change your User Account or Storage Device

7 6 Akrid Controls (Pattern A Setting) Jump A (hold longer for higher jump) Attack 1 B (not used for Dongo or Neegal) Attack 2 X Attack 3 Y Turn 90° left/right y/z Left/right …

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