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Verint experience management for web and mobile

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Verint Experience Management
for Web and Mobile
Now You Can: With the rise of web, social, and mobile self-service,
many customers prefer to get information or make
• Quickly drill-down, identify,
and act on customer updates themselves rather than talk to a customer service
feedback and issues across agent. By not addressing customer experience from the
your digital channels

lens of these channels, companies run the risk of losing
• Build a customer-centric customers and creating a poor brand perception

roadmap for your digital
channels as it relates
Verint® Experience Management for Web and Mobile™ is a complete,
to processes, products,
best-in-class solution set that allows companies to take a holistic approach to
and services. their customer experience. By incorporating voice-of-the-customer data across
web, mobile, and social, companies can tap into a unified data model and
• Tap into unified data to glean insights quickly. Stakeholders across the organization can take immediate
support cross-functional CX actions and make strategic decisions that drive the customer experience

strategy and investment
decisions across marketing,
ecommerce, and digital

Go Beyond the Survey
and Basic Data Collection
Companies need to not only collect basic analytics data, but also capture
more advanced experience data. Then, it’s critical to unify that data to
create a consistent, clear view of the customer and quickly uncover insights
to take the right action. No matter where companies are in the experience
management (XM) maturity curve, they can take specific steps to create
a more holistic, customer-focused experience

• S
 tep 1: Diagnostic
Employ active listening to identify and fix issues. Create listening posts
to solicit feedback based on event triggers and early warning signals

Alert stakeholders in real-time about issues

• S
 tep 2: Expanded Listening and Closed Loop
Tap into closed-loop action and follow up with specific customer feedback

Implement flexible, ad hoc surveys to better understand customer experience
and then take actions to improve web or mobile experiences

• S
 tep 3: Strategic Insights for Optimized CX
Take advantage of advanced insights to drive greater collaboration across
digital, marketing, and ecommerce teams. Apply greater structure and
consistency for customer experience (CX) initiatives by generating synthetic
KPIs, utilizing benchmarking, and creating outer-loop feedback systems

Verint Experience Management for Web and Mobile
A Comprehensive Solution Tangible Benefits and Fast ROI
to Accelerate CX Strategy Verint Experience Management for Web and Mobile supports
the needs of stakeholders who are responsible for the success
Verint Experience Management for Web and Mobile can
of web and mobile performance, including marketing and
help you connect your data across all of your organization’s
conversion owners. The Verint Experience Management
departments and ensure your CX strategy is mature. Core
solution set enables quick time-to-value and real results that
capabilities include:
drive sales and customer loyalty. Benefits to organizations
• Digital feedback that use Verint Experience Management for Web and Mobile
can include:
• Survey management
• Increased digital channel or mobile app self-service adoption
• Predictive modeling
• Optimized content and branding
• Speech and text analytics
• Decreased online order abandonment
• Digital behavior analytics
• Increased revenue through marketing improvements
• Increased Net Promoter Score (NPS)*
Turbocharge the Performance
of Your Digital, Marketing, and • Increased online orders
Ecommerce Teams
Teams across the organization that touch web and mobile Part of Verint Customer
applications can use Verint Experience Management solutions
for a variety of use cases. For example, they can:
Engagement Cloud Platform
Verint Experience Management for Web and Mobile is part
• T
 ake advantage of predictive modeling and
of a patent-protected portfolio of cloud solutions for building
analytics to support strategy decisions that improve
enduring customer relationships. With a full set of solutions for
the digital experience

digital-first engagement, Verint helps the world’s most iconic
• Isolate customer interaction points and provide brands efficiently connect work, data, and experiences to
data that can be used for feature prioritization and consistently deliver differentiated experiences at scale

process improvement

• A
 lert for real-time feedback and immediate action and
enable self-service and assisted service capabilities

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Verint® Experience Management for Web and Mobile™ is a complete, best-in-class solution set that allows companies to take a holistic approach to their customer experience. By …

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What is verint mobile enterprise feedback management?

Verint Mobile Enterprise Feedback Management — This app offers an immediate, convenient, and engaging way to capture and track customer feedback by enabling you to deploy surveys in device-friendly formats over the web, email, and SMS.

What is verints vision for the future of customer experience?

Verint and Zoom have a shared vision for the future of customer experience by helping organizations close the Engagement Capacity Gap, the chasm between what organizations know they need to do to meet rising customer expectations and the resources they have to do it.

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Verint Data Management solutions are integrated with Zoom Phone and Zoom Meetings to help businesses capture, archive, analyze, ensure compliance, and retrieve interactions.