Vegetable Varieties For Travis County

Vegetable varieties for travis county

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Daphne Richards, County Extension Agent - Horticulture
Texas AgriLife Extension Service, Travis County
1600-B Smith Rd, Austin, TX 78721 512-854-9600
Vegetable Seed Sources
January 2015 Compiled by Patty G Leander, Master Gardener Vegetable Specialist
BAKER CREEK HEIRLOOM SEEDS (417) 924-8917 Started in 1998 by an enterprising 17-year
2278 Baker Creek Road old. Got a boost from Y2K, and full color
Mansfield, MO 65704 Fax (417) 924-8887 catalog now contains more than 1300
Free catalog open-pollinated varieties from 70 countries

BURPEE (800) 888-1447 Who hasn’t heard of Burpee? Serving home
300 Park Avenue gardeners since 1876. Lots of popular
Warminster, PA 18974 Free catalog varieties with colorful, glossy pictures to
whet your appetite

THE COOK’S GARDEN (800) 457-9703 A catalog for cooks who love to garden
P. O. Box C5030 and gardeners who love to cook

Warminster, PA 18974 Fax (800) 457-9705 Specialty greens, herbs and luscious new
Free Catalog varieties. Kitchen and garden supplies too

DIXONDALE FARMS (877) 367-1015 THE onion experts

P. O. Box 129, Dept WP15 In business, in Texas, since 1913; largest
Carrizo Springs, TX 78834 Free catalog producer of onion plants in the United States

HARRIS SEEDS (800) 544-7938 Large selection of everything a veggie
355 Paul Road gardener would want to grow. Buy another
P.O. Box 24966 Fax (877) 892-9197 acre of land before ordering the catalog

Rochester, NY 14624 Free catalog
HIGH MOWING SEEDS (866) 735-4454 Committed to providing high quality, organic
76 Quarry Road seed. Open-pollinated and hybrid varieties
Wolcott, VT 05680 Free catalog selected for flavor as well as performance

JOHNNY’S SELECTED SEEDS (877) 564-6697 Incredible selection of standard and
955 Benton Avenue specialty veggies. Catalog is full of great
Winslow, ME 04901 Fax (800) 738-6314 information on each species and variety

Free catalog Organic seed available

KITAZAWA SEED CO. (510) 595-1188 An excellent source of Asian vegetable
201 4th Street, #206 seeds since 1918. Most varieties perform
Oakland, CA 94607 Fax (510) 595-1860 well in Texas, adding diversity,
Free catalog nutrition and interest to your garden

NICHOLS GARDEN NURSERY (800) 422-3985 Family owned source for standard and
1190 Old Salem Road NE specialty veggies, including herbs,
Albany, OR 97321 Fax (800) 231-5306 gourds, oriental greens and more. Pickling,
Catalog $2.00 preserving and brewing supplies, too

PARK SEED CO. (800) 845-3369 A national “biggie” with
3507 Cokesbury Road many favorites to choose from as well as
Hodges, SC 29653 Free catalog the newest selections

THE PEPPER GAL (954) 537-5540 Enough peppers to singe every taste bud in
P.O. Box 23006 Mexico and Thailand combined! Warning:
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33307 Free B&W catalog pepper growing is addictive!
PINETREE GARDEN SEEDS (207) 926-3400 Some of the best seed prices around

P.O. Box 300 Good selection, small packets, and unique
New Gloucester, ME 04260 Fax (207) 926-3886 vegetables from around the world

Free catalog
POTATO GARDEN (877) 313-7783 Formerly Ronniger Potato Farm. More
12101 2135 Road types of taters than you knew existed!
Austin, CO 81410 Free catalog A veritable “Spuds-R-Us”

RENEE’S GARDEN (888) 880-7228 Appetizing collection of vegetables and herbs
6060 Graham Hill Road selected with the kitchen garden in mind

Felton, CA 95018 Online catalog only Savory descriptions and colorful
watercolor illustrations adorn each seed packet

SEEDS OF CHANGE (888) 762-7333 Over 600 varieties of vegetable seed, all
P. O. Box 4908 organically grown. Seed starting supplies, garden
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220 Free catalog tools and cold protection supplies

SOUTHERN EXPOSURE SEED (540) 894-9480 Great selection of garden veggies, including
P.O. Box 460 many hard-to-find heirlooms and specialty
Mineral, VA 23117 Fax (540) 894-9481 items. A must-have catalog for the
Free catalog Southern gardener

STOKES SEEDS (800) 396-9238 Geared to the commercial grower, this
P.O. Box 548 catalog is loaded with a multitude of veggie
Buffalo, NY 14240-0548 Fax (800) 272-5560 species and varieties. Better have an acre of
Free catalog space or it’ll drive you crazy

SUSTAINABLE SEED CO (877) 620-7333 A California based company with Texas roots

P.O. Box 38 Website is full of gardening nuggets,
Covelo, CA 95428 On-line catalog only with lots of links to Texas based information

TERRITORIAL SEEDS (800) 626-0866 Located in the Northwest, this company carries
P.O. Box 158 many of our recommended varieties. Catalog
Cottage Grove, OR 97424 Fax (888) 657-3131 also has useful information on
Free catalog vegetable culture, diseases and insects

TOMATO GROWERS SUPPLY CO. (888) 478-7333 The premier source for the tomato addict

P.O. Box 60015 You never knew so many different varieties
Fort Myers, FL 33906 Fax (888) 768-3476 existed! Colorful peppers and eggplant, too!
Free catalog
VICTORY SEED COMPANY (503) 829-3126 Small company dedicated to preserving
P.O. Box 192 open-pollinated seeds and family heirlooms

Molalla, OR, 97038 Catalog $2.00 Carries many varieties recommended for Texas

WILLHITE SEED INC. (800) 828-1840 A long-time Texas company. Good selection
P.O. Box 23 of standard garden veggies along with a superior
Poolville, TX 76487 Fax (817) 599-5843 selection of sweet corn and melon varieties

Free catalog
Many varieties are available through local nurseries, garden centers and feed stores

Educational programs of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service are open to all people without regard to race, color, sex, disability, religion, age or national origin

The Texas A&M System, USDA and the County Commissioners Courts of Texas cooperating

SEEDS OF CHANGE (888) 762-7333 Over 600 varieties of vegetable seed, all P. O. Box 4908 organically grown. Seed starting supplies, garden Rancho …

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Small Acreage Search Vegetable Variety Selector Select your county or select a general region from the list. If varietal data is not available for your specific county, then regional data will be returned instead. CountyPlease select the Texas County in which you reside.

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If varietal data is not available for your specific county, then regional data will be returned instead. CountyPlease select the Texas County in which you reside. Select a county…

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