Your People Your Space Your Budget

Your people your space your budget

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Your people. Your space. Your budget

A better way to manage your whole workplace

Solutions for every part of your workday

Managing a workplace means taking care of your people, your space
and your budget. From random requests to last-minute fire drills, it’s your
job to be everything to everyone. So we do more than deliver on the basics

Customized for your needs. Staples Business Advantage® is one
organization built to help you meet the challenges of your often-chaotic,
unpredictable workday. We simplify purchasing and deliver meaningful
savings on everything from office products to tech and furniture. On your
busiest day, we are your extra set of hands

A team of professionals. Our industry experts assess your workplace
holistically and provide product advice and strategic insights that are relevant
and actionable – so you can start saving right away

Industry expertise. We’ve served businesses of every size for decades

It’s our only focus. And when it comes to serving you and your company,
a proven track record really matters

Doing more so you can do more

With a customized purchasing program, you’ll enjoy access to over 500,000
best-brand products, delivered fast and free

Breakroom. Promote collaboration and workplace happiness with
everything from coffee and snacks to furniture and display monitors

Facilities. Everything you need to keep your building healthy and clean,
plus consultation from experienced facility experts

Technology. Laptops and monitors, printers, mobile devices and more to
enhance productivity and connectivity

Furniture. Industry-leading selection plus space planning and design for
a comfortable, up-to-date workspace

Printing and promotional products. Impression-boosting stationery, marketing
materials and signage plus customized items like mugs, pens and jackets

Office essentials. The basics: ink, paper and desk supplies for everyday
use so you can keep your workplace running

A website built for your busy workday

Placing orders and managing your account on are fast
and easy. Here are just a few of the convenient online tools you’ll enjoy

Shopping lists. Make it easy to Online returns. Get the wrong item?
reorder, search and tag items in shared It’s easy to submit, check status and
shopping lists or saved favorites lists. track returns

Mobile app. Lets you take the conve- Quick Print. Hassle-free printing for
nience of your your team. Upload everyday projects to
account with you anywhere. Includes pick up in store or have them delivered

handy one-touch order approval

Order tracking. From placement to
Order request. Allows your teams delivery, track your order every step
to submit requests so you can easily of the way online or by email or text

consolidate group orders

Online reporting. View snapshots
Auto restock. Makes reordering or detailed reports of spend by user,
effortless. Select your most-frequently locations, products and more to
used items for automatic delivery. gain insights and identify savings

Dashboard. The at-a-glance way
to view all your orders and track *Features may be applicable to select items
and customers

their progress

Shop in store for extra convenience

When you partner with Staples Business Advantage®, you get your preferred
pricing in every Staples store across the country. Which means you have the
flexibility to get what you need exactly when you need it, all while taking full
advantage of your program

Easy ways to pay. Get your custom pricing in-store when you use a
registered credit card, or a Staples® Convenience Card that is invoiced
directly to your account

Buy online, pick up in store. For same day needs anywhere in the
U.S. in as little as 1 hour

Print to store. Upload your print project online and swing by your local
store to pick it up

Personal perks. Get your custom pricing on personal purchases for
you and your family. And receive additional discount offers throughout
the year for your personal use

Here’s the help you need most

Working with Staples Business Advantage® offers the kind of support you just
can’t get with regional suppliers and online companies — like real people on the
other end of the phone who know you and understand the ins and outs of your
account. And there’s more

Specialty support. A partnership with us means you’ll have anytime access to
experts in specific areas like cleaning and maintenance, office moves and data
storage — so, finally, you don’t have to be an expert in everything

Savings that add up. Did you know that working with multiple vendors can
undercut your ability to flex your buying power? Consolidating your workplace
purchases with Staples Business Advantage can save you money and reduce
your daily workload

Fewer to-do’s. Working with us means that instead of constantly keeping track
of multiple vendors, you’ll enjoy the simplicity of one point of contact and one
consolidated invoice. So you’ll have more time to handle the rest of your inbox

See what a partnership with Staples Business Advantage can do for you

Your program benefits at a glance

• Dedicated Account Manager
• Customized pricing
• Over 500,000 products, including your favorite brands
• Convenient shopping in store, online and via mobile
• Workspace design, technology and facility experts
• Fast and free product delivery
• Detailed reporting to help manage spending
• Single invoice for all your purchases
• Tax-exempt purchasing
• 30-day line of credit
• Unlimited users on one account
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Account number:
User ID/email:
Customer service: 877-826-7755

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