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Your gift is the difference between this seva

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Your Gift Is the
Difference Between
This & This
Gifts of Sight 2022
You have the power
to transform lives

You can send beautiful cards
to your loved ones while
helping people in need with
Gifts of Sight

We have gifts for every budget. And
we’ve made it simple to purchase a gift:
» Visit
» Fill out and mail the envelope
included in this catalog
According to the World Health Organization, at
least 2.2 billion people in the world have a vision
impairment or blindness. At least 1 billion have a
vision impairment that could have been prevented
or has yet to be addressed. Our mission at Seva, as a
global nonprofit, is to end avoidable blindness around
the world. Since 1978, we have delivered eye care
services to more than 46 million people worldwide

Your gift will help us reach many more in need

Please help

The people photographed in this catalog are not models

We are proud to show real members of our global ecosystem,
many of whom have regained their sight through Seva

Gifts of Sight 2022 03
When you give sight back to
one person, you also change
the lives of those around them

People living with visual
impairment often rely on family
members and neighbors for
their daily needs

Vision = Freedom
About 90 percent of people affected with vision impairment
live in low- and middle-income countries, where not being
able to see often means a life of poverty — or worse. It’s nearly
impossible to work, to feed yourself, or to meet your basic
needs when you can’t see. Yet most vision impairment can
be prevented or cured. In fact, more than half of the world’s
blindness is caused by cataracts, a condition that can be
reversed with a 15-minute surgery

The Ripple Effect
When you give someone the gift of sight, you’re not just helping
one person to see again; you’re supporting an entire community

When one person regains sight, the rest of that person’s family
can concentrate on work, school, improving their home lives,
and helping others in need

It’s easy to send a gift to a loved one: visit
Gifts of Sight 2022 05
A Gift Where Does
the Money Go?
of Sight: Last year, donors like
you have helped provide:
Breaks the cycle of poverty 398,354
sight-saving surgeries
Builds brighter futures through 20,348 pairs
new opportunities for education of life-changing glasses
for children
Leads to improved health 96 doctors trained
229 ophthalmic
Transforms the future for support staff trained
the person who was visually
impaired and his or her family 102 administrators trained
137 community health
workers trained
Or fill out and mail the envelope included in this catalog

Cataract Surgery Is
Simple to Perform
and Costs Just $50

It’s easy to send a gift to a loved one: visit
Gifts of Sight 2022 07
It provides one of the most
miraculous gifts: vision

T1: $50
Give the Gift of Sight
Restore Sight to a Person Who Is Blind
A $50 donation funds a 15-minute surgery
that can restore sight to a person who is blind

Your gift supports a lens implant, follow-up
care, medication, and transportation

Transform a life by giving the gift of sight

T3: $150
A Child’s Future in Focus
Restore the Eyesight of a Child
$150 is all it takes to give the gift of sight
to a child. This gift provides for specialized
pediatric surgery, post-op care, glasses,
medication, and transportation

Or fill out and mail the envelope included in this catalog

Cataract Surgery
Is Highly Effective

What Is a What Causes Cataracts?
A cataract is a Age is the most common Experiencing prolonged
clouding of the cause of cataracts in the sun exposure without
natural lens in U.S., followed by smoking wearing sunglasses is
the eye. and diabetes. another cause. Eye injuries
can cause cataracts

Cataract removal is one of the safest and most
effective types of surgery. In about 90 percent of
cases, people who have cataract surgery have
better vision afterward

How Do Cataracts Affect Vision?
As clumps of protein Over time, the clear lens Cataracts typically grow
build up in the lens, they in the eye slowly changes slowly, but over time,
affect the sharpness of to a yellowish/brownish the clouding-over effect
the image reaching color, tinting a person’s can severely impact
the retina. vision and making it hard vision and can result
to see colors. in blindness

Women and Children Are
Hugely Impacted by Blindness

According to the International Agency for Prevention of
Blindness, 55% of people with vision loss are women and
girls. More than 90 million children and adolescents live
with some form of visual impairment. Give them a second
chance to see with a Gift of Sight

“ Put your good where it
does the most

Wavy Gravy, Seva co-founder
It’s easy to send a gift to a loved one: visit
Gifts of Sight 2022 11
Donate a Life-Changing Gift
to Someone Who Needs It

Restoring sight is a hugely cost-effective health intervention
that reduces poverty—and is a life-changing experience

G3: $100
She Can See Clearly Now
Support Eye Care for Women and Girls
Women and girls represent more than half of
the visually impaired population. In regions with
limited resources, men are often given priority
treatment over women. This $100 gift supports
programs that give women and girls the eye
care they need and deserve

G170: See the Need
General Donation
Empower Seva to put your gift toward the area
of greatest need. We provide a wide spectrum
of services to people in need—to educate,
aid, and help them prevent future eye-health
concerns. A general donation will let us
meet important priorities

Or fill out and mail the envelope included in this catalog

Give the Gift of Sight
to Someone in Need in
Honor of Your Loved One

“ Seva helps me to fulfill the passion of my life, which is to develop
eye care services in remote rural areas where no eye care services exist

Though I am far away from Nepal where I was born, I get to travel and

interact with colleagues from developing countries and help them fulfill
their joy of serving needlessly blind people

Dr. Chundak Tenzing, Seva’s Medical Director
It’s easy to send a gift to a loved one: visit

Miraculous gifts: vision. 07 Or fill out and mail the envelope included in this catalog. Gifts of Sight 2022 $150 is all it takes to give the gift of sight to a child. This gift provides for specialized …

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