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Office Assessment Tool
General Office Procedures  When ISU Extension and Outreach publications are
Phone Calls displayed they are eye-catching, uncluttered, dust
 Answered with standard ISU greeting (“ISU Extension free, not fading in color, accessible and contain the
and Outreach, Mills County, this is …”). most current information and ISU Extension and
 Calls are handled politely. Outreach branding

 Timely responses are made to questions or requests  As a “green” alternative, computers and monitors
for information. could be made available for the public to access and
 Weekend and after-hours messages are provided print information instead of maintaining an excessive
with office hours stated. inventory of printed publications

 Conference rooms are clutter free and not being
Walk-ins used as storage areas. Flip charts and white boards
are available to facilitate community meetings

 Office has a professional look, a welcoming
atmosphere and meets ADA accessibility  Wireless internet access is available for county and
guidelines - full checklist, Americans with visiting staff

Disabilities Act,  Adequate customer seating is available in the lobby
fullchecklist/ada-checklist.pdf. or reception area

 Staff are neatly attired.  Office/staff information such as business cards or
 Visitors are greeted cordially upon arrival. county brochures are displayed on the front counter
 Staff are courteous and helpful in answering client or supplied by the office assistant

 Staff know appropriate contacts and how to access YOUR VIRTUAL COUNTY EXTENSION OFFICE
basic information for each program area. Office Assessment Tool
 Everyone is wearing their ISU Extension and
Outreach name tag

Virtual Presence
County Webpages
Office Appearance  Webpage has current color photos of ALL county and
Outside state extension staff serving the county

 Signage is helpful in locating and identifying the  Stories are current (within the last two months) and
extension office. removed in a timely fashion

 Signage complies with current ISU Extension and  County extension council group photo and related
Outreach red bar and wordmark image guidelines. information is present

 Exterior signage is attractive and in good repair.  Office contact location information is current

 Garbage is picked up. Landscaping is attractive and  Web stats are reviewed on a regular basis to see the
well groomed. types of information clients are seeking

 Adequate customer parking is available.  County uses popular keywords in titles, sub headings
and copy to flag more search engine traffic to site

Inside  County collaborates to share links with other
community websites including city, county, school,
 Office appearance is neat and inviting

hospital and media

 Old signs are taken down including signs that are
faded, torn, curling or outdated.  At least one staff member has direct responsibility for
webpage updates and maintenance as part of his or
 Front office bulletin boards contain current material
appropriate for the general public. her job description

 Webpage includes appropriate linkage to other Iowa  Red bar branded sign-in sheets are used to gather
State webpages and the national eXtension site. attendee contact information/email addresses

 Red bar sticker name tags are provided for attendees

Social Media  ISU Extension and Outreach red bar table tents, table
(Facebook, Twitter, etc.) cloths, podium signs and/or banners are used as
 The ISU Extension and Outreach social media appropriate

persona is helpful, friendly, professional and reliable.  Red ISU Extension and Outreach pens or pencils are
 Identify yourself as an employee or volunteer when available for attendees

interacting with social media in a professional capacity.  Business cards and/or website URL cards are
 Your county Facebook page has an advancement available for those wanting more information

specialist as an administrator to assist with trouble-
shooting and formatting. Presentation
 Your county Facebook page is clearly identified as  Proper introductions are given for presenters/collab-
being part of ISU Extension and Outreach and links to orators – verbally, or as a PowerPoint introduction

the county webpage and other ISU Extension and
Outreach resources.  Other extension-related opportunities are provided to
 Refer to the ISU Extension and Outreach Social attendees – cross-marketing:
Media Policy located at • Share a printed list of upcoming events • Include PowerPoint slides that highlight one
OrgAdvwebsite/social%20media/ISU%20Extension% or two upcoming events

20and%20Outreach%20Personal%20Usage%  Play "Our Story" or other ISU Extension and Outreach
20Policy.pdf. videos at

 Red bar PowerPoint template is used

 Email signature is included in all correspondence
containing, name, title, address, phone and email  Handouts are properly branded with a wordmark
contact information. Catch phrases or philosophical or red bar, at a minimum include specialist’s name,
statements should not be included in your university email and phone

signature.  Red bar folders are used for multiple handouts

 Correspondence is professional and appropriate.  Programs are evaluated using an appropriate survey
or other tool

 Backgrounds or wallpaper are not used as a plain  Attendees are given the opportunity to request
background is easiest to read

additional information concerning the topic at hand
 County alias is used appropriately with a system in
place to verify responses to customer requests. or other extension-related resources

 Office point of contact shares email messages with
all appropriate county office staff on a regular and
timely basis. Need Help?
Need help or an outside set of eyes? Don’t hesitate
EXTENSION IN THE COMMUNITY to contact your region’s advancement specialist!
Event and Presentation Marketing Assessment Tool
Programs, Meetings and Events
Event/Program Tasks
 Promotional materials clearly identify ISU Extension
and Outreach as the sponsor/co-sponsor

 Printed materials include a fee and justice statement
where appropriate

 Extension staff are easily identified by their name

 Meeting preparation

 Directional and/or meeting room signs are posted

Office/staff information such as business cards or county brochures are displayed on the front counter or supplied by the office assistant. YOUR VIRTUAL COUNTY EXTENSION OFFICE …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does iowa state university extension and outreach do?

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach delivers education and information based in research – for your reality. We are focusing on six initiatives for recovery – to build a strong Iowa. Ben Pullen has accepted the position of senior field manager with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Iowa 4-H Youth Development.

Is there a survey available for the iowa turfgrass institute?

The survey is available online and will remain open through late September. The annual turf and demonstration field day is a cooperative effort of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and the Iowa Turfgrass Institute, and provides participants hands-on learning and engagement with some of the biggest issues facing the industry.

How do i register for classes at iowa county?

To register at Iowa County, stop at the office, or call 608-930-9850. Pre-registration and purchase of materials is required for all the sessions. To request special accommodations please do so at least one week in advance. The manual should be reviewed in advance of taking the class.

How do i contact the extension agronomy office?

Content related questions can be sent to the current Extension Agronomy point of contact Dr. Mark Licht at: [email protected] Large quantity discounts (100 copies+) are available. To inquire, please contact us by email ( [email protected]) or calling (515)294-5247.