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Brochure building technology integrated by design pts

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Building Technology
Integrated by Design™
For More Information:
(866) 787-3271
[email protected]
The Crestron Difference
Project teams face an extraordinary challenge
to meet the industry’s goals for 2030

The only complete,
Crestron is dedicated to empowering design
fully integrated teams with the tools they need to specify
control solution. truly integrated building technology

Crestron provides facility, IT and AV managers
with the integrated, IP-based tools to achieve
a new standard in efficiency and reporting:
+ Total, seamless BMS integration leveraging Crestron
lighting control, thermostats, shade control, audio/video
distribution, digital media and control processors
to provide seamless integration with other
building systems

+ Ethernet communications for web-based control and
management, including email alerts, from laptops,
PCs and mobile devices

+ Enhanced user experience and control from Crestron
touch panels, keypads and handhelds

+ Advanced features such as room scheduling, room
combining, load shedding, daylight harvesting, and
personal workspace control

Totally Integrated Building Control
Crestron delivers complete building management for maximum energy and
operational efficiency. Only Crestron can monitor, manage, and control all
the technology throughout the entire facility both centrally and globally

Crestron lighting control and energy management solutions provides total environmental control to conserve
energy and lower costs by combining automated dimming and daylight harvesting with power
switching and load shedding

Crestron touch screens and interfaces offer global management of all systems and devices
building-wide from a centralized command center, or local control from touch panels in
each room. Monitor and control HVAC, shades, audio/video distribution and presentation
systems throughout the building from the same Crestron touch panel

800.237.2041 l 1
Monitor space and energy usage while
managing all the environmental, lighting
and AV systems throughout the building

View precise lighting levels, temperature and shade
positions in every room graphically and quantitatively
from any touch panel or PC. Monitor and track current
and historical energy consumption, and intelligently
manage resources

Monitoring & Management
Control every light, shade, audio/video
source and display device centrally
and globally on a single platform

Ethernet connectivity enables LAN, WAN or
Web-based system control and management,
and sends email advisories about pre-determined
events such as automatic load shedding due
to high levels of energy usage

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Managing energy consumption and realizing real cost savings must
extend beyond lighting and thermostats

Significant electrical energy waste results from
lighting, AV and IT equipment left on when not in
use. Crestron provides the reporting and monitoring
tools to dramatically limit this waste and proactively
reduce the cost of operations

Crestron audio/video distribution systems feature
sync-sensing to automatically turn off displays and
projectors when no active source is detected. Even
Crestron touch panels go “to sleep,” drawing less
power when not in use

Only Fusion RV (RoomView®) enterprise management software provides robust reporting
and a single view of every lighting, AV and environmental device throughout a facility

Schedule rooms using Outlook® directly from
Crestron touch panels integrated with Microsoft®
Exchange Server

When a room is scheduled, thermostats can adjust,
and lights and AV equipment can automatically turn
“ON” prior to the start of the meeting. If the meeting
is rescheduled or participants do not arrive, the room
becomes “unscheduled” and set points return to
power-saving mode

AV & Room Scheduling
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Lighting Systems Management
Crestron Fusion EM (Energy Management) provides
the most energy efficient, cost effective solution by
integrating separate environmental systems on a
common platform, achieving a synergy that
delivers optimal control and savings

Crestron Fusion EMTM energy management software provides a rich
graphical user interface which allows control and monitoring of all
connected rooms. Monitor space and energy usage while manag-
ing all the environmental, lighting and AV systems throughout the

Utilize scheduling to adapt spaces and energy usage based on oc-
cupancy and need. Analyze energy consumption; turn lights on or
off; set actions for when a room is occupied; create lighting scenes,
adjust heating/cooling set points, align shades, edit demand re-
sponse settings and design custom actions

IBT Solutions for all Markets
Conference Center
Room partitioning and combining is simple with just a tap of a wall mount
controller. Retractable walls divide conference and ballroom spaces for
scheduled events such as meetings, banquets, corporate presentations
and weddings. Web-based control enables managers to monitor room
configurations, select preset scenes or create custom configurations
directly from the banquet office

Office Building
Monitor, manage and control all the environmental systems throughout the
facility on a single platform to maximize energy and cost savings. Integrated
motion detection and occupancy sensors turn lights on in areas only when
in use. Use daylight harvesting to optimize the use of natural light, while
also managing room temperature, providing energy efficiency and personal
comfort while meeting ASHRAE standards

Hotel Rooms
When a guest registers at the front desk, the proper lighting, shade, and
HVAC settings are triggered directly from the property management system

Guests enjoy in-room amenities such as lighting, shade and climate control
from a stylish tabletop console or directly from the television. When leaving
the room, systems automatically adjust – resulting in significant energy and
cost savings

Use wall keypads and lectern touch screens to intuitively run the learning
environment. Light, shade and HVAC levels adjust for how the room is used
and the number of attendees. All of the rooms are centrally monitored by staff
that can instantaneously provide remote assistance – improving the level of
service while supporting more rooms with less staff

Industrial and Outdoor Environments
The processor’s internal astronomical clock automatically adjusts for sunrise
and sunset times on a daily basis, in addition to daylight savings. This enables
cobra-head lights in the parking lot to ramp up beginning at dusk to full-on
at sundown, then slowly dim beginning at sunrise

Stadiums and Arenas
Monitor and manage all AV resources, lighting, and environmental settings
for skyboxes from one user interface. Centrally control digital signage, public
address/background music systems and lighting, providing facilities managers
with the tools they need to do more with less

800.237.2041 l 7
Lighting Control
Solutions for Every Market
Each lighting control system reflects the needs and desires of the occupants. There are
many challenges in designing and constructing a lighting and automation system to fulfill
the requirements of your clients, and Crestron offers the equipment, flexibility and design
assistance you need to develop energy efficient, one-of-a kind solutions

Selecting the proper equipment often depends on the kind of installation; new construc-
tion, major renovation, or minor retrofit. And each presents different design challenges

Available in both wired and wireless and with a wide range of options and accessories,
Crestron makes it easy to provide control and comfort to any room or installation

Room Solutions
The variety of Crestron room solutions is limitless: from in-ceiling dimmers and
switches to 6-zone wall box shade and drape control; from EMergeTM compliant dim-
mers to DALI® and LED ballasts and drivers with limitless programming capability

All Crestron systems can be networked together as a complete solution that suits any
project to a “t”

Centralized Lighting Control
Crestron architectural dimming and switching products are the most advanced, scala-
ble, energy efficient systems on the market and go beyond simple daylight harvesting
and dimming. With the ability for peak load shedding, emergency override, native
astronomical time lock, built-in energy monitoring, integration with BMS and other
HVAC equipment, and other energy-saving features, no other company comes close
to what we can offer

Integrated Energy Management
Harnessing the best of what energy monitoring has to offer, and combining accurate
power metering data with software to manage and control, Crestron delivers complete
energy management solutions. And since most Crestron lighting control solutions
include a built-in power metering option, each zone of lighting has the ability to be
independently measured providing the ultimate granularity in understanding how
the facility is using energy

iLux Integrated Lighting System
Cameo Dimmers & Switches
Expansion Modules
The powerfully simple and intuitive interface controls Now making a Cameo® appearance are Crestron®
six lighting circuits, six shade groups, 16 preset scenes in-wall dimmers and switches, modeling the popular,
and master on/off, accommodates 16 Crestron modern look of Cameo keypads. Available in various
keypads and shade controllers and optional motion button layouts and designer colors. Cresnet® and
detection. Available in black, white and almond. infiNET EX™ technologies bring proven reliability
iLux expansion units provides
to both wired and wireless versions

control for larger loads and
additional load types

Green Light Lighting Cabinets DALI Solutions
International Keypads
Crestron has an unmatched line
Green Light architectural dimming and power Crestron solutions for DALI are uniquely positioned to of solutions for international projects
switching panels are available in a variety of provide superior dimming and to save installation and as well. Engraving is available in
sizes and configurations, including main-lug commissioning time and money. Small DIN Rail form multiple languages to insure a high
only and feed-through. factor simplifies installation with other Crestron DIN ease of use

Rail modules

Cameo Keypads
Decorator Series Keypads Designer Series Keypads
A diverse selection of 10 designer
Designed to allow installation with third-party devices. An elegant option for any décor. Extra large backlit buttons inspired colors and a dramatically
The keypads use readily available standard offer room for custom engraving. Audible feedback plays reduced footprint – 75% smaller
decorative faceplates. door chimes, voice prompts and button clicks. Optional than standard decorative faceplate

faceplate colors and finishes. Configurable button combinations

800.237.2041 l 9
Mechanical Systems & Thermostats
Schedule thermostats to set back the temperature when rooms are
not in use, after hours, and during weekends and holidays

Leveraging BACnet over IP, control rooms or zones independently so
the HVAC system is heating or cooling only those areas that are
occupied, not the entire building

The technology throughout the entire facility both centrally and globally. the requirements of your clients, and Crestron offers the equipment, flexibility and design assistance you need to …

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