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Web: Email: [email protected]
Course Introduction:
Diploma in Business and Administration is for
anyone who wishes to do office work in the BOLC
Course Benefits Diploma
public, private or voluntary sectors

The programme provides a thorough grounding in Accredited Course
functional issues involved in management, Full Tutor Support
documentation production and administration Delivered through distance learning
services. Self paced, no fixed schedules
Available to students any where in the world
Interest Free Fee Instalments
I recently completed Diploma in Business
Administration with you in Brentwood
College. The course has been so fantastic

The course was so challenging, tasking, and
actually full of various information you need
to know; it is open and self explanatory.I
have been trying to make use of this in
practical application by applying for course
related jobs

Adebanjo Felix
Course Duration: 1 Year (Flexible)
Entry Requirement:
There is no particular entry requirement for
this course

Course Accreditation:
Diploma in Business Administration
(Level 4)
Awarding Body: ABC Awards
Fee Schedule:
Total Fee: £560 (Including Admission Fee)
Admission Fee: £104
12 Monthly Instalments: £38 / Month
There is £100 discount if fee is paid in full

Discounted fee: £460
The Business Environment Fundamentals of Administrative HR Management Performance Management
The Internal And External Factors Management Functions of the Human Resource Objectives of Performance
That Affect A Business What Is Meant By Management? Management Management
Micro & Macro Environment Characteristics of Management Human Resource Planning Functions of Performance
Types Of Businesses And Their Nature of Management Code of Ethics in Human Resources Management
Ownerships Functions Of Management Objectives of Human Resource Performance Appraisal
General Principles Of Management
Social Responsibility Of A Business Management Benefits of Performance
Business Ethics Functions of the HRM Management
Managing Finance Managing Resources Effective Marketing
Financial Responsibility & Requirements For Effective Resource The Effective Marketing
Accountability Management In A Business The “6Ps” or the 'Marketing Mix'
Planning for Funds Benefits Of Resource Management Creating a Marketing Plan
Scope of Financial Management Processes Implementing the Marketing Plan
Objectives of Financial Management Problems Related To Managing
Functions of Financial Management Resources
Business Communication and Time, Stress and Crisis Assess, Manage and Monitor Risks Build and Maintain Effective
Report Writing Management The History Of Risk Management And Customer Relations
Types of Business Communication Time Saving Strategies Its Concepts Customer Relationship Management
Effective Business Communication Effective Stress Management The Elements Of Risk Traits of a Happy Customer
Guidelines Techniques Types Of Pure Risk Traits of a Bad Customer
Report Writing Preparing An Effective Crisis Risk Management Converting Bad Customers into Good
Elements of Effective Business Report Management Plan Risk Management Tools Ones
Writing Risk Management as A Business Factor
Team Management Starting a Business
Types Of Teams Advantages Of Owning A Business
Benefits Of Managing Teams The Business Plan
Effective Teams The Marketing Plan
Bruce Tuckman's Team Development Guidelines For Successful Planning
Model’ How To Determine Costs
Pricing Methods
Your Learning Experience - FAQs
How is the course delivered? Additional Supporting Material How much does it cost?
Guided learning hours for the course are 200 to 250. Additional support material and useful links are The full course fee is £560
The course is flexible you can work according to your available on the LMS (Learning Management There are two Options available for you

own schedule. The course is assignment based after System) for further reading. Option 1
each course unit you will complete an assignment Tutor Support When paying full fee in advance you will get £100 fee
which you will submit to your tutor for marking. The When you enroll on any of our courses you are discount and will pay £460 for the complete course

tutor will mark the assignment and will upload assigned a personal tutor to support you with your
feedback on the portal within 10 working days of the studies. You complete all this work under the
When paying in instalments you will pay £560 for the
assignment being submitted. On successful supervision and guidance of your tutor who
complete course. This fee will be paid according the
completion of the unit you will move on to the next provides you feedback on your assignments and
following schedule:
unit and this you will complete your course. There is course work on regular basis throughout your
At the time of admission £104. Then 12 instalments
no formal exam to take at the end. course

of £38 each

Online Discussion Forum
How will I study?
Our online forums enable you to share ideas with The fee covers complete cost of your course
When you enrol on this course you are assigned a
other students and support each other throughout which includes: the cost of registration, course
personal expert tutor, to guide and encourage you
your studies. Tutor's regularly review the forums and study material, tutor support and certification
throughout your studies with the College. Your
reply to student's questions or concerns. fee

tutor will be available throughout your course to
give you help with specific issues, and difficult topics. Payment Methods
Is the course accredited?
Relevant practical exercises and projects are We at BOLC offer you the variety of payment
This course has been accredited under ABC Awards
introduced throughout the course aimed at applying methods to make the payment process easily
QLS (Quality License Scheme) by Brentwood Open
the theory and skills learnt. manageable. You can choose any of the following
Learning College. ABC Awards is a leading national
Awarding Organisation, regulated by Ofqual, and the methods to pay your fee:
What is so special about this course?
This is a unique course. We start from the very basics Welsh Government for their qualifications on the C Credit or Debit Card
and give you all the essential knowledge required for national framework i.e. the Qualifications and C PayPal
working in the field successfully. Curriculum Framework (QCF). It has a long C Bank Transfer
established reputation for developing and awarding C Western Union
What support do students get? high quality vocational qualifications across a wide
Learning Material range of industries. Can I pay my fees in instalments?
All the core learning material will be provided to you As a registered charity, ABC Awards combines 180 Yes, you can pay your fee in up to 12 interest free
from the college. You don't have to buy any text years of examination and assessment expertise but monthly instalments. However there is special fee
books. However we encourage our students to also implements a responsive, flexible and discount available for those paying in full at the time
conduct their own further reading. innovative approach to the needs of our customers. of admission

Career opportunities
There is a business and admin element to every
employment sector, including; energy,
engineering, charities, finance, manufacturing,
tourism, health, entertainment, the law, leisure,
education and local and national government

While working in business and admin, you would
provide support to the organisations for their
smooth operations. Most of the jobs in this
sector are office based

How to Apply?
You can enroll online by completing the
Apply Online form on
You can contact us on [email protected]
and we will send you all the course information
along with the application form which you can fill
in and return to us on the same email. After
processing your application form we will send
you an invoice for the payment of your fee along
with guidance on making payment

3 Oswin Road,
Brailsford Industraial Estate
Leicester, LE3 1HR, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 292 0026 229
Web: Email: [email protected]

Diploma in Business and Administration is for anyone who wishes to do office work in the public, private or voluntary sectors . The programme provides a thorough grounding in functional issues involved in management, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Brochure Created Date:

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