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Great question, Janice! Your parents can purchase a cellular phone and our wireless home phone base for home service, and both devices would share a monthly plan. It’s just $15 per month to add another device to the plan, and calls made between phones on the same plan are free! We’re happy to help them get started at 888-345-5509.

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Customers can assign their existing landline number to the device, and any incoming and outgoing calls will be carried over Consumer Cellular’s wireless network. The Wireless Home Base Device is available for $35, and service cost is $10 a month if added as an additional line to an existing Consumer Cellular account. What phone service […]

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Home phone service providers in 2021. You may think traditional landlines are obsolete, but they offer several advantages. In most cases, home phone service still operates if there is a power outage, and you have a backup in case your cell phone breaks or gets lost. Roughly 40% of American households still have landline home phone service, according to the National Center for Health …

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Benefits of Landline Service. Landline phone service provides security that cell phones, with sometimes unreliable connections, do not. Landline phones do not run out of battery like cellular devices. Often, landline phone service is less expensive than a cellular plan, especially when bundled with other services like cable television and the

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But instead of being tethered to a physical “landline” phone, the ZTE Wireless Home Phone Base lets you receive calls to your home phone using cellular service. This also means you can take it anywhere you go—any room in your house, or on …

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Consumer Cellular Phones. Consumer Cellular offers an impressive array of cellphones, tablets, and smartphones. If you want the latest from Apple, Samsung, and Motorola, then they’ve got you covered. They also have a great option for older adults who prefer flip phones, such as the Consumer Cellular Link II, which has a one-time payment of

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Based on that mission, an economical cell phone service was born. From my experience, Consumer Cellular provides older adults with flexibility, affordability, and excellent customer service. I'm a big fan of their no-contract policy and senior-focused devices. Keep in mind that if you live in a rural area, Consumer Cellular may have spotty service.

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Sprint Nextel, Affordable Phone Service and Absolute Home Phone Public Notice: 9/21/2012 Consumer Cellular ETC Forbearance Deadline Extension Order: 6/4/2010 In this order, WCB extends from June 30, 2010, to September 28, 2010, the statutory deadline for acting on a petition for forbearance filed by Consumer Cellular.

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Monthly cell phone service discount of up to $14.85** Service connection discount of up to $39. Service conversion discount for home phone services of up to $39 . Free from paying the public purpose program surcharges, CPUC’s user fee, federal excise tax, local franchise taxes, and State 911 tax associated with your phone service

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Ooma's Telo 4G package uses 4G cellular service to place residential phone calls instead of piggybacking on your internet service. The bundle comes with a cellular antenna about the size of a liquid soap dispenser, a base station that looks like an answering machine, and — critically important — a rechargeable backup battery.

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Consumer Cellular has two options for customer service: you can chat online or call a representative over the phone. In both cases, the reps should be patient and understanding. Consumer Cellular was intended for an older audience who may not have a ton of tech knowledge. We’re happy to report our experiences with customer service were positive.

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(888) 932-4346

Stay in touch with affordable, no-risk cell plans and phones from Consumer Cellular. Call us Today: (888) 932-4346. Already a Consumer Cellular Customer? Log In. Learn More AWARDED BY J.D. POWER 11 TIMES IN A ROW Consumer Cellular has been named “#1 In Customer Service among Wireless Value MVNOs," by J.D. Power & Associates. PCMAG READERS

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Simply put, the Wireless Home Phone Base enables you to use your traditional home telephone with our wireless network. It’s truly a cost-effective solution and is just like adding a second cell phone line to your account. Once you purchase the device, using your traditional home phone only adds $10 per month to your current cell phone plan

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The Wireless Home Phone Base uses Consumer Cellular service, running on the AT&T Network, to provide phone service to your corded or cordless home phone(s). Place it anywhere in your house where you have a wireless signal. It does not require the use of a home phone wall jack like traditional home phone service.

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Consumer Cellular has been on the MVNO scene since 1995. Based in Tigard, Oregon, the carrier gears its affordable cell phone plans towards senior citizens and other light data users.. This MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) - runs on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks, and although not the cheapest they provide simplicity and value.. Check out what this carrier is all about below with our

3G Network: GSM
Networks: T-Mobile
Data Speed: 4G LTE, 5G

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Consumer Cellular was founded in 1995 and Community Phone was founded in 2017, so Consumer Cellular is a far more established company. At the time of this writing, Consumer Cellular has millions of customers while Community Phone has close to a thousand. Both …

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Cost: On average, the cost of landline phone service is $42 per month. This means that a year of service would be $544, including the purchase of a basic cordless phone for $40. Cellular Phone Service. Cellular phone calls are transmitted from your mobile device to a nearby cell tower.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How good is a consumer cellular service?

Consumer Cellular is a good option for your cell phone service if you don't need a lot of data each month or you don't need unlimited talk minutes. (Or both!) The carrier has small data tiers available at reasonable prices, and you can switch around your data allotment on a monthly basis if you anticipate needing more data.

Is consumer cellular a reliable company?

Consumer Cellular is a reliable cell phone provider that uses the AT&T’ robust network, offers competitive prices, and excellent customer services. But Consumer Cellular optimize their services for a specific audience (the AARP members and senior citizens).

Does consumer cellular have landlines?

Consumer Cellular today officially took the wraps off its home cellular service. The new Wireless Home Phone replaces a landline with a Consumer Cellular wireless phone and service. Customers can port their existing landline number to the wireless device, and calls will then be passed over Consumer Cellular's wireless network.

What are consumer cellular customer service hours?

Consumer Cellular Contact Info. Customer Service: 1-888-345-5509. Hours: Monday – Friday: 5:00AM – 9:00PM (PST)

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