Vegetables For The St Louis Area Recommended Varieties

Vegetables for the st louis area recommended varieties

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Vegetables for the St. Louis Area - Recommended Varieties
Vegetable Cultivar Disease Resistance or Tolerance/Comments
Jersey Supreme (R, FW) early, excellent yields, very tender
Jersey Giant (R, FW, CR) fine flavor, productive
Jersey King (R) highly productive
Purple Passion (FW) great flavor, very sweet purple sprouts
Green Bush: Hybrids Provider (CBMV, DM, PM, C) buttery flavor, 50 days
Derby (CBMV, PM) little fiber, great taste, 55 days
Bush Blue Lake 274 (CBMV) good bean flavor, 58 days
Matador (CBMV, A, H) excellent flavor and yields, 60 days
Contender (CBMV, PM, H, C) tender and stringless, 40 days
Topcrop (CBMV), pods easy to pick, good flavor, 51 days
Yellow Bush: Hybrids Cherokee (CBMV, R) tasty, stringless, productive, 48 days
Eureka (CBMV, BBS) high yielding, 55 days
Indy Gold (CBMV, BBS, HB) tender with good flavor, 52 days
Gold Mine (CBMV, BBS, HB) sweet, high yielding, 53 days
Pole Kentucky Blue (hybrid) (CBMV, BBS, HB) sweet, stringless, heavy yields, 65
Blue Lake (open (CBMV) sweet, tender, 60 days
Bean, Lima
Bush Burpee’s Improved Large yields, sugar sweet taste, 70 days
Fordhook 242 (H, DT) productive, nutty flavor, 65 days
Henderson’s Baby lima, tender, sweet beans, 65 days
Pole King of the Garden Large bean, productive, 88 days
Red Ace (hybrid) (CLS, H) early beet, 53 days
Pacemaker III (CLS, DM) round, 55 days
Detroit Dark Red (open (CLS) all purpose beet, round roots, 60 days
Ruby Queen (open Sweet, fine grained, solid, 52 days
Premium Crop (DM) 8-9 in. heads, holds in prime condition well, 65
Arcadia (DM, BR, H) very firm dome head, 63 days
Gypsy (DM, H) well-domed, medium size heads, 58 days
Brussels Sprouts
Jade Cross (H, Y) crisp, mild flavor, 82 days
Bubbles (R) adaptable, holds well, 90 days
Stonehead (BR, Y) 3-4 lb., round, solid heads, resists cracking, 51
Early Jersey Wakefield (Y) solid, 2-4 lb. pointed heads, resists cracking, 65
Charment (Y) solid, 3-4 lb. heads, crack resistant, 66 days
Cardinal (BR, Y) round, deep-red heads, crack resistant, 80
Ambrosia (DM, PM) very sweet, firm, juicy, 5 lb. fruits, 86 days
Burpee Hybrid (FW, PM) large, 6 lb. fruit, very productive, sweet, 82
Hale’s Best Very productive, 3-4 lb fruit, 80 days
Harper Hybrid (FW) heavy yields, 4 lb. fruit, 86 days
Short ‘n Sweet Petite, 4-in. roots, sweet, good in heavy or poor soil,
68 days
Danvers Half Long Fine-grained, sweet, 6-8 in. roots, 75 days
Kuroda Fine-texture, high moisture content, 90 days
Scarlet Nantes Sweet, tender, crisp, 6-7 in. roots, 62 days
Royal Chantenay Good for heavy or poor soil, broad, blocky shape, 70
Snow Crown Fully domed heads, 7-8 in. across, tolerant to heat
and cold, 50 days
Corn, Sweet
Sugar Enhanced (SE)
Yellow Bodacious (SW, NCLB, SCLB) tender, sweet, holds well, 75 days
Legend (SCLB) sweet, extra large kernels, 65 days
Kandy Korn (SCLB) red-striped husks, 89 days
Incredible (R, SCLB, SW) excellent taste, 85 days
White Silver King (SW, NCLB, R) tasty, widely adaptable, 83 days
Silver Princess (NCLB, SW) sweet, 7 ½ in. ears, 74 days
Bicolor Ambrosia (SW) great taste, early vigor, 75 days
Peaches & Cream (SW) sweet, large yields, 83 days
Delectable (R, NCLB, SCLB) adaptable, sweet and tender, 82 days
Slicing Bush Crop (SC) dwarf bush, tasty, 60 days
Salad Bush (CMV, SC, TLS) small compact plants, 57 days
Marketmore 76 (DM, PM, SC, CMV) picks for long time, 58 days
Sweet Slice (DM, PM, A, ALS) burpless, non-bitter, sweet taste, 62
Pickling Bush Pickle (SC, CMV) good for containers, compact, 55 days
Homemade Pickles (ALS, A, CMV, DM, PM) very good for pickling, 56
County Fair (CMV, PM, A, ALS) almost seedless, 3 in. cukes, 52
Black Bell (TMV) productive, early, 58 days
Dusky (TMV) pear shape, purple fruit, 56 days
Burpee Hybrid (DT) dark, medium size fruits, 70 days
Leaf Black Seeded Simpson (H) adaptable, early, crisp tender leaves, 45 days
Oak Leaf (H) tender, tasty leaves, 45 days
Red Sails (H) bronze-red leaves, 45 days
Bibb Buttercrunch (H) slow to bolt, compact head, tender leaves, 66
Tom Thumb (H) baseball size heads, good summer lettuce, 34
Head Summertime (H, TB) firm heads, slow to bolt, 70 days
Romaine Parris Island Tall, 8-12 in. heads, 50-70 days
Cajun Delight Productive, 30 in. plants, 70 days
Annie Oakley Tender, rich flavor, compact and early, 48 days
Clemson Spineless Productive, pods without spines, 56 days
Garden Spring (FW) Early, medium size pea, 22 in. vines, 52 days
Little Marvel (FW) 18 in. vines, 63 days
Green Arrow (DM, FW) big harvests, 24-28 in. vines, 70 days
Mr. Big (PM) large pods, indeterminate plants, 60 days
Snap Sugar Sprint (PM) stringless, 26 in. vines, 62 days
Super Sugar Snap (PM) very sweet, 55-65 in. vines, 64 days
Snow Dwarf Gray Sugar Sweet, crisp pods, 24-30 in. vines, 65 days
Oregon Sugar Pod II (PM) widely adapted, hardy, 30 in. vines, 64 days
Sweet Valencia Hybrid (TMV) orange color, blocky shape, 70 days
Karma Hybrid (TMV) red color, heavy yield, needs staking, 68 days
Purple Beauty (TMV) purple bell, crisp and sweet, 70-75 days
Golden Bell Yellow bell, easy to grow, 62 days
Giant Marconi (TMV, PVY) excellent for grilling, productive, 63 days
Gypsy (TMV) frying type, long, thick walled, sweet, 58 days
Hot Big Red Hybrid Extra long, mildly hot cayenne, 70 days
Long Red Slim Very hot, bright red, 75 days
Cayenne Red hot, dries easily, 75 days
Jalapeno Medium hot, 3 in. pepper, red, 72 days
Garden Salsa Hybrid Medium heat, great for salsa, 73 days
Early Irish Cobbler (PVA) light brown skin
Yukon God (PVA) yellow flesh potato, small to medium potato,
65 days
Midseason Kennebec (LB, M) tan tubers, smooth creamy flesh, 80 days
Red Pontiac Red all-purpose potato, high yielding, 80 days
Small Sugar Pie pumpkin, deep orange, 7 lbs., 115 days
Jack-O-Lantern Carving or cooking, 18-24 lbs., 110 days
Howden (BR) deep orange, ribbed, 20-30 lbs., 115 days
Spirit Hybrid Short 4-5 ft. vines, carving or cooking, 10-12 lbs., 100
Cherry Belle Round, brilliant red, good keeper, 23 days
Easter Egg Rainbow of colors, 1 in. globes, 28-32 days
Champion Red globes, mild flavor, 25 days
French Breakfast Red tipped with white, 2 in. long, 25 days
Burpee White Milky-white globes, mild and crisp, 25 days
Bloomsdale Long Standing (CMV) good for over wintering, slow to bolt, 40-48
Melody (DM, CMV) semi-savoyed, resists bolting, 42 days
Tyee (DM, CMV, H) semi-savoyed, fast growing, 39 days
Teton (DM) slow to bolt, smooth oval leaves, 40-50 days
Summer Black Beauty Dark green zucchini, open bush, early, productive, 45
Spineless Beauty (PM) Medium green zucchini, bears over a long
period, 43 days
Zucchini Elite Prolific, dark green, 48 days
Gold Rush Yellow zucchini, small plants, 45 days
Early Prolific Straightneck Yellow fruits, heavy yields, 50 days
Early Golden Crookneck Bright yellow, bumpy skin, 53 days
Winter Table Ace Hybrid Black-green acorn squash, 2 ½ lb fruits, semi-bush,
70 days
Early Butternut Hybrid Compact vines, sweet orange flesh, 2 lbs, 95 days
Bush Delicata (PM) semi-bush, sweet-potato flavor, 1 ½ lbs., 100
Slicing Better Boy (FW, VT, GL) prolific, adaptable, flavorful, 12 oz., 75
Celebrity (FW, TMV, VT, GL) crack resistant, flavorful, 7-10 oz.,
70-75 days
Jet Star (FW, VT) crack free, productive, 6-8 oz., 72 days
Big Beef (FW, GL, TMV, VT) flavorful, productive, 9-12 oz., 73
Paste Big Mama Hybrid Large 6 oz. tomatoes, few seeds, 80 days
Roma VF Plum-shaped, few seeds, meaty, 76 days
Cherry Super Sweet 100 Small, sweet, 70 days
Sweet Million Grape-like clusters, sweet, 1 ½ in. fruit, 65-75 days
Sun Gold Small orange fruits, sweet tomato flavor, 65 days
Crimson Sweet (A, FW) adaptable, sweet, 25 lbs., 80 days
Charleston Gray (A, FW) crisp red flesh, 30-35 lbs., 85 days
Sangria (A, FW) sweet dark red fruit, 10 ½ lbs., 87 days
Disease Resistance and Tolerance Abbreviation List
A Anthracnose PM Powdery mildew
ALS Angular leaf spot PRSV Papaya ring spot
BBS Bacterial brown spot PVA Potato virus A
BR Black rot PVY Potato virus Y
C Cold tolerant R Rust
CBMV Common bean mosic virus S Corn smut
CMV Cucumber mosaic virus SC Scab
CLS Cercospora leaf spot SCLB Southern corn leaf blight
CR Crown rot SEMP Stem pylium
DM Downy mildew SW Stewart's wilt
DT Drought tolerant TB Tip burn
FW Fusarium wilt TLS Target leaf spot
GL Gray leaf spot TMV Tobacco mosaic virus
H Heat tolerant VT Verticilium wilt
HB Halo blight WMV2 Watermelon mosaic virus
LB Late blight Y Yellows resistant
M Mosaic ZYMR Zucchini yellow mosaic
NCLB Northern corn leaf blight
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University of Missouri Extension. “Disease Prevention in Home Vegetable Gardens.” A list of vegetables
with disease resistance/tolerance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What vegetables grow best in the garden?

These include tender vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant, as well as crops with a long growing season, like broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts. Most other crops do best when sown directly into the garden soil.

What vegetables can be sown directly into the ground?

Warm-weather veggies like beans , corn , squashes , pumpkins , cucumbers , cantaloupe, and watermelons are all sown directly into the ground.

What are the best tomatoes to grow in the centralmidwest?

Hot summer weather brings out the best in large-fruited, open-pollinated varieties, which are often described as easy to grow in the Central/Midwest region. Just the same, many gardeners allow space for a few dependable hybrids such as crack-resistant ‘Jet Star’ tomatoes, which are highly respected for their flavor.

What crops can be planted directly in the garden?

Most other crops do best when sown directly into the garden soil. Root crops, including carrots, radishes, and beets, are especially well-suited to being started directly in the garden, since they do not like having their roots disturbed after planting.