The Unico System Is Backed Unico By A Company Who

The unico system is backed unico by a company who

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The Unico System is backed
by a Company Who Cares!
Unico, Inc., a US Based manufacturing company, is a
family owned company that has been designing and
manufacturing Small-Duct High-Velocity Systems since
1985. We value quality and craftsmanship and our
products come with a standard 1-year parts warranty,
which are extended when meeting certain installation

5 Year Warranty Qualifications
An extension to a 5-year limited warranty is available for YOUR
residential projects as described in Unico Bulletin 10-012

The extension applies to new Unico branded products with
Unico, Inc. is the leader in Small-Duct High-Velocity (SDHV)
heating and cooling systems and other preferred indoor
air quality HVAC systems. The company manufactures all
a Unico serial number that are installed no later than 360 its products in St. Louis MO, within its 125,000 square foot
days from the date the product was shipped from Unico. A modern manufacturing facility. The Unico System® is well known
listed Unico Preferred Contractor (UPC) in good standing must for extensive use in high performance and low load residential
install The Unico System®. The system must be installed construction, home renovation, architecturally unique homes
per Unico installation instructions and currently published and buildings, as well as various commercial applications. The
technical bulletins. The project must be registered on the company is family owned and operated and sells in all
Unico System website before any warranty claims can be 50 United States, all provinces of Canada, and in over 28
processed. countries around the world

10 Year Warranty Qualifications
An extension to a 10-year limited warranty is available for
residential projects as described in Unico Bulletin 10-014

Unico, Inc. STYLE
The extension applies to Unico branded products with a 1120 Intagliata Drive
Unico serial number only. An installation must include both Arnold, MO 63010
a blower and coil module to qualify for the extended war-
ranty. A listed Unico Preferred Contractor (UPC) in good
standing must install The Unico System®.The system must
(800) 527-0896 [email protected]
be installed per Unico installation instructions and currently
published technical bulletins. The project must be registered
on the Unico System website before any warranty claims can
be processed. The project must be registered on the Unico
System website within 90-days of installation

Register your project today at
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Why choose high velocity over The Unico System fits in where other systems can’t

a ductless system?
No Other Manufacturer Can Match US Unico SDHV Does it ALL
Placement. Unico High velocity systems use flexible 2” and
2.5” tubes instead of traditional HVAC ductwork. Unico sys- Our Innovative Duct Work makes us a better design SDHV systems are proven to have the most effective air
tems fit into walls, floors, and other narrow spaces, and are choice for your project needs. From our range of small distribution of any central air system. It dehumidifies better
flexible so they can weave through the existing layout of the trunk lines to our innovative Twist-Ft System, which than any other system; has less air temperature stratifica-
home. This is an advantage over a ductless system as its makes installation a breeze, our duct work plays to the tion; is small enough to fit in any building and often inside the
unit must be mounted on the wall in each room you want to design and aesthetics of all your projects. We have conditioned space for energy efficiency. And, being a central
cool in the home. multiple substrates and finishes to match any project’s air system, includes the ability for air filtration, disinfection,
Visual impact. The air supply vents are small and Unico décor and accents needs. Many of our face plates can be and ventilation. Unico System goes further by standardizing
provides many customizable options that match the colors stained or painted to provide the perfect complement to with MERV 7 with an option for MERV 13 filters, providing an
of your home. Traditional HVAC units typically require larger meet the needs of projects ranging from renovations to easy means to add UV light, and by integrating ventilation
soffits and areas to place large scale duct work. A ductless new customer construction. control in its blower control

air conditioner looms over doors and seating areas, stand-
ing out from the project you’ve carefully decorated
Installation time. Thanks to the flexible air supply tubing
and Unico’s unique Twist-Fit system, professional installa- Zone Dampers
tion of a Unico Small-Duct High-Velocity (SDHV) System Supply Tubing Individual rooms can always be zoned with
is simple and quick. Ductless units need to be mounted in The 2” and 2.5” Unico The Unico System®
every room to be most effective, so installation is more time System supply tubing is so
consuming. small and flexible that it fits
right into existing homes, Unico Air Handler
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Unico was the first SDHV weaving through ceiling, Provides full heating and cooling
walls, and floors for the entire house
manufacturer to offer a total Indoor Air Quality Solution
featuring UV light. The use of ultraviolet coupled with the
air circulation characteristics of a Unico System make it The Unico System®
the perfect IAQ solution for your HVAC applications. The Fits anywhere and brings
balance of the Unico System, has many IAQ benefits conditioned comfort to your
including the ability to reduce airborne odors, toxic chemical entire home
vapors, germs, mold, and bacteria

Compact Unico System Thermostat
Noise reduction. Because of Unico’s unique technol- Main Plenum Fully compatible
ogy, our high velocity systems operate with virtually no Just a third the size of with 3rd party
detectable sound – some customers describe it as “whisper conventional ducting 7”, 9” or thermostats
quiet.” Ductless systems on the other hand tend to 10” diameter
protrude from the walls they are mounted to and if not properly
secured they may vibrate as the fan cycles on and off

Comfortable temperatures in every room. The Unico
System® manages airflow and motor speed according Outdoor Unit
to the needs of the room. A Unico System creates even Most 3rd party condensers can be
temperatures and a draft-free environment in every room it’s matched to the Unico air handler
connected to. Ductless systems typically are not
coordinated with the rest of the home. That means each
ductless unit needs to be managed individually to eliminate Comfort and efficiency Our installation minimizes the aesthetic impact
drafts and warm zones

fit for your project! on your home, maintaining its original charm

Temperatures and a draft-free environment in every room it’s connected to. Ductless systems typically are not coordinated with the rest of the home. That means each ductless unit needs …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the unico system?

The Unico System provides that comfort without compromise! At Unico we pride ourselves in providing great customer care and we staff our customer care center with seasoned customer care representatives whose sole purpose is to ensure your success as a Unico customer.

Why choose unico drives?

These drives are designed to accommodate a broad range of performance requirements, be it compact, pre-engineered systems, or even custom-engineered complex solutions. You will be able to improve overall operational efficiency, profitability and reduce the total cost of ownership. Unico has a presence all over the world.

Where can i purchase the unico contractor tool kit?

The Unico Contractor Tool Kit™ is available now! Welcome to, it is your one stop shop for pre and post purchase activity as related to all things Unico. Within the website you will find a central location with easy search functions to assist you in getting your questions and support needs addressed quickly and efficiently.