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How you go about recording your observations is entirely up to you

Observations can be recorded in an artist’s sketchbook, a 3-ringed binder, a spiral
notebook, or any of several other media. Some folks even use a tape recorder to
preserve their notes at the eyepiece to supplement whatever sketches they make,
transcribing the recording into a permanent written later

It is a common practice to make rough notes accompanying a sketch while out at
the eyepiece, and then write up journal fashion an account of the session based on these
notes. The journal and the field notes that include the sketch then combine to form a
permanent record. Other observers are content with the notes they added to the sketch
they make, calling the job done at this point. For the purpose of the BSIG program you
can follow any these approaches. Your log can even include observations made for other
projects or programs, such as those of the Astronomical League; there is no reason to
keep a separate log for different projects unless that’s how you want to do it. (Print the
letters BSIG somewhere on the page for observations meant to fulfill this program’s
The log sheet templates included with the BSIG program material were developed
by Jeremy Perez of Flagstaff. Jeremy is by profession a photographer and a graphic
artist. His templates provide useful formats for just about any type of observations you
are likely to make, and are meant primarily to be used at the eyepiece. These templates
are included for your consideration, and you are not required to use them. But if you
have not yet hit upon a method or format that works perfectly for you it is highly
recommended that you give these templates a try. If nothing else, using them may well
help you determine a style of template of your own

Copies of both right-handed and left-handed versions can be found at

THE LOG SHEET TEMPLATES How you go about recording your observations is entirely up to you. Observations can be recorded in an artist’s sketchbook, a 3-ringed binder, a spiral …

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A free daily log sheet template is used to track the routines of an employee. It serves to record and evaluate the productivity of an employee. A daily log sheet template is essential in monitoring the amount of time one takes to complete a task. In addition, it serves to eliminate idleness and unproductive ventures in the workstations.

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