The First Step Is To Create All Your Pages Adding

The first step is to create all your pages adding

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Creating Forms with Multiple Pages (New Google Forms)
You can differentiate instruction by using Google forms with multiple pages. By
utilizing the, “go to page based on answer,” feature, students can be given different
questions based on how they answer. For instance, if a student answers incorrectly,
they can be taken to a review video and be given the chance to answer the question
again. Or, if the student answers correctly, they can be sent to a more difficult

These types of forms can be used for openers, closers, peer evaluations, reviews or

The first step is to create all your

• Click on Add section button
• It is recommended that you change the
page name based on contents of the

• Continue this process to make more
Adding questions
1. Click on Add question button, select either Multiple Choice or Dropdown

(Note: Only these two question types can be used to direct respondents to
specific pages. No other question type can.)
2. Click on the options button in the bottom right
corner, choose Go to section based on answer
3. Next to your answers for this question, you'll see
drop-down menus, which allow you to direct
students to specific pages in your form depending
on their answers

4. You can also choose to send respondents to the
confirmation page based on an answer by
selecting Submit form from the drop-down menu

Sending users from one section to another section

You can either send students to a different section based on their answer, or you can
send them to another section based on the current section. For example, they
answer question one and they are sent to section three. Page two has several
questions on it. When they are finished with page two, you want them to skip to
page 4

At the end of each section in your form, you’ll see a dropdown menu with options
for where to send respondents next. By default, it’s set to “Continue to next section,”
but you can change it to send respondents to a specific section in your form or to the
form’s confirmation page. (Note: If a page has a "Go to section based on answer"
multiple choice question on it, the respondent's answer to that question will
override any section navigation settings you’ve chosen.)
When you create the form, you have the same options as you did for individual
questions, including Submit form

Creating Forms with Multiple Pages (New Google Forms) You can differentiate instruction by using Google forms with multiple pages. By utilizing the, “go to page based on answer,” …

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