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Re sto n Tow n Center
Planning and Development Director
Apply by June 17, 2022
Fairfax County is expansive, prosperous, and
dynamic–and has the distinction of being the largest
locality in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. It is
immediately west of the nation’s capital. The G e o rge Wa sh i ng to n 's Mo u nt Ver n o n E st ate
Shenandoah Valley and Blue Ridge Mountains lie an
hour to the west and three hours to the east is the
Atlantic Ocean, Rehoboth Beach, DE and Ocean City,

The County itself is an attractive area characterized by
gently rolling hills, tree-lined streets, and friendly
engaging people. Its variety of housing, great schools,
and access to numerous attractions make it a popular
place to live. Many of its residents have migrated here
from other parts of the country and, indeed, the world,
making it diverse and welcoming. It is simply a
wonderful place to live, work, play and raise a family. If
that is not enough, the entire region, from Washington,
D.C. to Maryland and all of Northern Virginia are
within easy access and provide incredible
opportunities to further enrich one’s knowledge and

Living in Fairfax County is very special. As
D ull e s I nter nati o nal A i r p o r t noted, residents are diverse, warm and friendly

Crime is low–the County is ranked in the 99th
percentile for safety according to Crimegrade

The public school system, with 190,000
students, is the 11th largest in the country and
its schools are superb. This year, U.S. News &
World Report ranked one of the County's high
schools in the top10 public high schools in the
country and six others in the top 500. A wide
variety of housing exists in the County at
varying price points. According to Realtor.com,
the median sold home price as of March 2022 is

Shopping and dining opportunities are
plentiful. While many unique stores,
Wo l f Tr ap - Fi l en e Center restaurants, and centers dot the County, Tysons
Corner Center is probably the most well-known
venue, along with Tyson’s Galleria, Springfield
Town Center, and Fair Oaks Mall. Outstanding
dining opportunities are simply far too many to
mention. Needless to say, the Washington
Metropolitan Area is the place for a foodie

The area is a cultural mecca. Nearby are the
world renowned Smithsonian Museums
(Natural History, Air and Space, National
Museum of African American Art and Culture,
and the National Gallery of Art, to name but a
few) as well as the Kennedy Center (which
presents over 2,500 events each year)
Numerous other highly regarded theaters, art
galleries, and museums call the area home. The
National Zoo is a special place and enjoyable for
those of all ages

Within Fairfax County, you will find the Wolf
Trap National Park for the Performing Arts,
where you can sit under a covered pavilion or on
the lawn and enjoy both legends and chart-
2 Planning and Development Director | Fairfax County, Virginia
toppers in every genre. EagleBank Arena and the Center for the Baltimore Orioles, the NBA’s Washington Wizards, the WNBA’s
Arts on George Mason University’s campus host numerous Washington Mystics and NHL’s Washington Capitals

concerts and shows. Summer concert series are held in multiple
venues throughout the County on various nights and local Visitors and residents have many travel options. This includes
festivals include the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival, the three airports: Dulles International Airport, Reagan National
International Children’s Festival, and the annual Film Festival at Airport, and Baltimore/Washington International Airport. In
George Mason University. addition, Amtrak traverses the County, connecting it to major
U.S. destinations. Washington, D.C., Annapolis and the Port of
Popular activities in the great outdoors include traversing the Baltimore offer cruises and sailing options on the Potomac River
Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail, exploring the 52-acre and Chesapeake Bay

Hidden Oaks Nature Center in the Annandale District Park, and
watching the Great Falls along the Potomac River. Nearby are a With its strong quality of life and its career, cultural, historical, and
wealth of places for camping, biking and hiking. For those recreational opportunities Fairfax County is simply a great place
seeking more organized pursuits, recreation programs abound in to live, work, play, and raise a family. So, if you are a strong,
Fairfax County along with 16 golf courses. Alternatively, visit one experienced, innovative professional Planning and Development
of the weekly Farmers Market events throughout the County or Director, please dust off your resume and apply

visit Paradise Springs Winery in the Town of Clifton and The
Winery at Bull Run in Centreville. HISTORY
History enthusiasts will be thrilled to live in Fairfax County as it Fairfax County dates back to the Colonial Era and formally
hosts numerous sites of national and state significance including became a County in 1742. Up until the mid-1900s, the area was
George Washington’s Mount Vernon estate and the Sully Site in characterized by farms (the predominant economic activity),
Chantilly, the home of northern Virginia’s first Congressional forests, small towns, villages, and slow growth

Representative, Richard Bland Lee. Aviation buffs will enjoy the
National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, After World War II, growth in the County exploded (see Table I
which offers a large collection of aircraft and space artifacts. In on page 4), particularly in the 1960s when the Capital Beltway,
addition, many of the Civil War’s most famous battle sites, Dulles International Airport, and the Dulles Access Road all were
including Bull Run, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, and completed

Spotsylvania Courthouse, are within easy driving distances

The primary development patterns at that time were suburban–
College attendees have numerous nearby choices. Within the residential subdivisions, shopping centers, office parks, and
County are George Mason University in Fairfax and Northern industrial parks. Reston was an exception, as a 7,000-acre farm
Virginia Community College’s Annandale campus. Other highly became one of America’s first planned “new towns” in the 1960s

regarded institutions of higher learning within a half-hour to In the early 2000s, development patterns became more urban
four-hour drive include Georgetown University, American and characterized by greater density, walkability, opportunities
University, the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and for shopping, dining, entertainment, leisure, and employment

Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. Examples include Tysons, Wiehle-Reston East Station, the
Mosaic District, and Fairfax Corner. These have proven to be
The professional sports fan will not be disappointed. Within a successful in attracting people of all ages and demographics. The
relatively short drive are the NFL’s Washington Commanders opening of eleven Metro Stations in the County has played a
and the Baltimore Ravens, MLB’s Washington Nationals and the
3 Planning and Development Director | Fairfax County, Virginia
Table I: Fairfax County Population large role in encouraging mixed use developments. Even so,
single occupant vehicle (SOV) travel remains the County’s
1800 13,317 �
dominant mode of travel

1900 18,550 140%
1950 98,557 530% In 2021, Kiplinger.com ranked Fairfax County as the fourth
1960 275,002 179%
richest county in the United States (based on the highest median
incomes adjusted for cost of living)

1970 455,021 66%
1980 596,901 31% DEMOGRAPHICS
1990 818,584 37%
See Table 2 for Fairfax County Demographics

2000 969,749 19%
2010 1,081,726 12%
2020 1,150,309 6%
Source: U.S. Census Bureau After a long history as an agrarian community, Fairfax County
evolved rapidly into a suburban community where its residents
Table II: Fairfax County Demographics
commuted to employment centers primarily to the east–
Arlington County (the Pentagon and Crystal City, among
Distribution by Race Distribution by Age
others) and the District of Columbia. Over time, large and small
White 49.5% 0 to 15 19.5%
firms began to recognize Fairfax as a desirable place to be and
Black 9.6% 15 to 25 12.3% located within the County’s boundaries. The Federal
Asian 20.4% 25 to 45 27.8% Government’s presence also increased. The County’s current
principal employers are listed in Table III on page 5

Native American 0.6% 45 to 65 26.9%
Two or More Races 19.9% 65 to 85 12.0% THE GOVERNMENT
Total 100% 85 + 1.5%
The County Board of Supervisors oversees Fairfax County’s
Hispanic Ethnicity 17.3% Estimated Population: 1,150,309
government and is composed of a Chair and nine supervisors

The former is elected countywide while the latter represent
Educational Achievement (Over Age 25)
geographic districts and are elected by their constituents. All are
High School or Higher 92.7% elected at the same time to four-year terms with the next election
Bachelor's Degree or Higher 62.1% being in November of 2023. Board Members are not term
limited and historically have had long tenures

Other Statistics
Median Age�Fairfax County 38.1 The County follows the Commission–Manager form of
government where the Board of Supervisors appoints a CEO
Median Age�U.S. 38.5
(referred to as the County Executive) to oversee its day-to-day
Median Household Income�Fairfax County $127,866 operations. The current County Executive has been with County
Median Household Income�U.S. $61,937 for four years and oversees five direct reports who manage 33
Poverty Rate 5.9%
departments. See Figure 2 on page 10 for more details

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
4 Planning and Development Director | Fairfax County, Virginia
Table III: Principal Employers, Fairfax County, VA Countywide Strategic Plan | Strategic Plan
Employer Industry Employees
Federal Government Government 26,543
Fairfax County Public Schools Education 25,389
Fairfax County Government Government 12,128 One Fairfax is a joint racial and social
equity policy of the Fairfax County Board
Inova Health Systems Hospitals/Healthcare 10,000–12,000
of Supervisors and School Board. It
George Mason University Education 5,000–9,000
commits the county and schools to
Booz-Allen Hamilton Management/IT Consulting 5,000–9,000 intentionally consider equity when
Amazon E-commerce, primarily 5,000–9,000 making policies or delivering programs
and services. It is a declaration that all
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Financial Services 5,000–9,000
residents deserve an equitable
Science Applications International Corporation IT / Engineering Consulting 5,000–9,000 opportunity to succeed�regardless of
Capital One Financial Services 5,000–9,000 their race, color, sex, nationality, sexual
Source: Fairfax County, VA 2021 CAFR orientation, religion, disability, income or
where they live. For additional information
FAIRFAX COUNTY BUDGET and to read the One Fairfax policy, visit: One Fairfax | Topics
The County’s fiscal year begins on July 1 and runs through June
30. For fiscal year 2022, the County’s Total Budget is $9.1 billion. THE PLANNING AND
The General Fund accounts for $4.8 billion and includes $2.5 DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT
billion for Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) with the
remaining $2.3 billion supporting general County government The Department of Planning and Development’s mission is to
operations. Miscellaneous funds (sewer fund, capital projects, promote livable communities which enhance the quality of life

retirement, internal services, etc.) account for the other $4.3 It provides services, advice, and assistance on land use planning,
billion of the Total Budget. The County has a little over 38,250 zoning, revitalization, design, and development review to
employee positions, of which 24,829 work for FCPS. citizens, businesses, and decision-makers. The Department also
Approximately 80% of the County’s revenue comes from strives to facilitate strategic redevelopment and reinvestment
property taxes, including real estate and personal property. For opportunities within targeted areas that align with the
additional details on the budget please feel free to access the community’s vision and improve the economic vitality,
budget information: Department Homepage | Management and appearance, and function of the community

Budget (fairfaxcounty.gov)

At the present time, the Department is focused on creating more
COUNTYWIDE STRATEGIC PLAN mixed-use developments that are walkable, bikeable, transit
friendly, and beautiful. It strives to link good urban planning and
The first-ever Countywide Strategic Plan was adopted by the placemaking with reduced automobile travel

Board of Supervisors on October 5, 2021. The Plan focuses on
10 Community Outcome Areas and sets a clear, unified, The Department has a budget of approximately $15 million and
community-driven vision for the next 10-20 years. For additional 157 full-time equivalent employees. It is divided into five work
information and to read the Countywide Strategic Plan, visit: areas, with the Administration Division overseeing four
5 Planning and Development Director | Fairfax County, Virginia
Figure 2: Planning and Development Department Organization Chart
25 Employees
Zoning Zoning Evaluation Planning Community
Administration 42 Employees 37 Employees Revitalization/
40 Employees Urban Centers
13 Employees
divisions: Zoning Administration, Zoning Evaluation, Planning, goals and objectives and represents the department and the
and Community Revitalization/Urban Centers. See Figure 2 County locally and regionally

The staff is very strong. They are knowledgeable, serious about
their jobs, and work well together. All they need is a new leader. The challenges and opportunities facing Fairfax County’s next
Planning and Development Director are simple in explanation
OVERVIEW OF PLANNING AND and complex in implementation. Simply stated, the Director is
DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR’S DUTIES charged with carrying out the Department’s mission–that is,
promoting livable communities which enhance the quality of life

The Planning and Development Director plans, organizes, and Executing that vision is the difficult part

directs all activities of the Department of Planning and
Development. This work includes: (1) Conducting analysis and Fairfax County is largely developed and has minimal greenfield
making recommendations on land-use proposals; land available for large new developments. Hence, the Director’s
(2)Developing environmental policies and environmental focus will need to be on redevelopment, infill development, and
analyses of land use plans and zoning applications; (3) Preparing placemaking. In particular, the County will continue to focus on
and reviewing site specific, area-wide and policy amendments to development that promotes healthy and active lifestyles, reduces
the Comprehensive Plan; (4) Proposing amendments to and environmental impacts, maximizes economic opportunities, and
interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance; (5) Conducting public promotes equity and inclusiveness in its existing and future
facilities planning and providing input into the Capital neighborhoods

Improvement Program; (6) Issuing / approving land-use related
plans and permits; (7) Reviewing/approving activities related to Successful examples in the County, include the adoption of the
the conservation of the County's historical resources; Tysons Plan in 2010 in preparation for the opening of four new
(8) Overseeing efforts related to the revitalization of select areas Metro Stations. The Plan has resulted in explosive growth in the
of the County; (9) Managing placemaking and urban design residential and office markets–making Tysons the “downtown”
activities; and, (10) Working on public-private partnerships. In of Fairfax County. Another highly successful development is
addition, the Director oversees the implementation of agency Reston Town Center, a beautiful, vibrant, residential, retail, and
6 Planning and Development Director | Fairfax County, Virginia
employment center, which will soon have its
Ty s o ns
own Metro Station further west on the Silver
Line. The new Director will require strong skills
in urban design, planning, and placemaking to
continue to build on these successes

While the department is strong and functions
well, the new Director will be expected to
continue normal organizational assessments of
staffing demands and workloads, department
work plans, and standard practices and

Finally, Fairfax County is a large organization
with numerous departments. Working
collaboratively with other directors and their
departments will be very important to the new
Great Fal ls N ati o nal Park Director’s success

The County is looking for a dynamic, visionary,
enthusiastic individual. The best candidate will
have with a proven track record for transforming
a community, a vision for the County’s future,
and a passion for excellence in planning and
design. As the County continues to transform,
the ideal candidate will have a solid grasp of the
elements that lead to great places, through new
development, redevelopment, and preservation

He/she will be enthusiastic and personable with
outstanding people skills. The ideal candidate
will be an excellent communicator and
understand the importance of listening and
understanding what people truly want and need
before responding. He/she will be collaborative,
understand the motivation of the various parties,
and identify common ground that will lead to a
positive outcome

7 Planning and Development Director | Fairfax County, Virginia
The ideal candidate will understand the dynamics of working projects the individual will have to deal with at any one time,
with individual elected officials as well as a whole. The individual multi-tasking, while staying focused, will be critical

will be politically savvy but not politically involved. He/she will
understand that planning and development can be controversial, The next Director will be analytical, always looking for ways to
and that an important aspect of the Director’s job is to be the improve operations and efficiency as well as effectiveness

liaison to the Board representing the recommendations and He/she will be cognizant of staffing needs and workloads to
assessments of staff. ensure project demands can be met in a timely manner. The
individual will also understand technology and how to use it to
While recognizing the importance of rules and maintaining improve the delivery of services

compliance with codes, policies, and procedures, the individual
will strongly believe in getting to yes. The best candidate will be SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS
someone who will gain the trust of residents and businesses–
someone who does not find reasons to say no, but rather be A Master's degree in planning, architecture, public policy, or a
someone who is positive and who finds solutions. In other related field, from an accredited college or university plus ten
words, customer service will not be just a catchy phrase but years of increasingly responsible professional planning
rather, along with integrity, a core principle. experience, including supervision of the planning operations for
a large urban community, is preferred. Registration as a Certified
Within the department, the ideal candidate will value open Planner with the American Institute of Certified Planners or
communication, be supportive of staff and create a culture of similar profession is a plus

trust, enthusiasm, and commitment. The individual will focus on
staff development and encourage an environment where COMPENSATION
creativity will flourish. The individual will recognize talent and
mentor that talent. The best candidate will then be comfortable The top of the salary range is $206,155. Directors earn 26 days of
stepping back and letting the team members do their jobs. annual leave. Other benefits are excellent and include a pay for
He/she will give assignments, define goals, set performance performance plan as well as a Defined Benefit Plan (operated by
parameters, and expect results. Accountability will be expected the County) that vests after five years of employment

both for the team and for themselves. Above all, the individual Candidates should be aware that the County has a Management
will recognize the importance of being respectful of others. Compensation Study underway, the results of which will be
presented in July, and may adjust salaries and/or add benefits

The best candidate will be an excellent day-to-day manager who
keeps the operations running smoothly, but also takes time to RESIDENCY
think strategically and consider the future. The individual will
anticipate upcoming issues and seek to resolve them before they The Director is not required to live in the County. He/she is,
become problems. however, expected to be in the office at least two full days per
week for the foreseeable future. Therefore, as a practical matter,
In addition to being an outstanding planner, the ideal candidate the new Director will need to reside in the County or reasonably
will have a demonstrated track record of achievement in close, certainly within commuting distance by car

developing work plans and budgets that closely align with the
Countywide Strategic Plan and with the principles elaborated in
One Fairfax. With the size of the County and the number of
8 Planning and Development Director | Fairfax County, Virginia
Tys o ns Skyl in e
E-mail your cover letter and resume to
[email protected] by June 17th. Faxed and
mailed resumes will not be considered. Questions
should be directed to Colin Baenziger at (561)
707-3537, Lynelle Klein at (970) 433-7189, or
Stephen Sorrell at (513) 317-0678

Information concerning the candidates will only be
released with their permission. Further, although the
Director is a relatively high level position, we do not
anticipate any media scrutiny

Fairfax County is an Equal Opportunity Employer
and strongly encourages women, minorities, and
veterans to apply

Wo rk h o u s e Ar t s Center
For additional information about the County, visit:
Cover picture of Mount Vernon is by Cameron
Davidson for the Virginia Tourism Corporation

9 Planning and Development Director | Fairfax County, Virginia
Figure 2: Fairfax County Organization Chart
= I =
CircuitCourt and Records Office of the
- General DistrictCourt
Fairfax County Office of the Sheriff
Board of Supervisors
Clerk of theCircuitCourt
Commonwealth's Attorney
School Board StaceyA. Kincaid John Frey
Juvenile & Domestic Relations DistrictCourt Steve T. Descano
I •------------------
Office of Elections Superintendent I
Scott 0. Konopasek Scott Brabrand Office of the Independent
-- - - -
Office of theCounty Attorney

I Fairfax County

Elizabeth D. Teare I ----------
Fairfax County
·� Richard G. Schott
= Water Authority Deputy County Executive has liaison with:
- Office of the Sheriff
Board of Zoning Appeals
Public Schools -Courts
Office of the Financial and
Program Auditor
Department ofClerk Services •• Deputy County Executive has liaison with:
Jill G. Cooper - Redevelopment and Housing Authority
,-------------------------------------------------- - Fairfax-FallsChurchCommunity Services Board

- Fairfax County Park Authority Board
- Fairfax County Public Library Board
ChiefFinancial Officer has liaison with:
- Retirement Boards ofTrustees
Fairfax-FallsChurch Economic Development
RestonCommunityCenter Fairfax County Park Retirement Boards of County Executive Civil ServiceCommission **** Deputy County Executive has liaison with:
Community Services Authority
Board Authority Board Trustees
Bryan J. Hill Nicole Rawlings - Economic Development Authority

. - �
Board Vidor Hoskins
_____________ .. I I
- Fairfax County Water Authority
- Planning Commission
TheChief Financial Officer also acts as the Director of
McLeanCommunity I Redevelopment and Fairfax County Public I Human Rights the Department of Management and Budget

I Planning Commission I
Center Board I Housing Authority Library Board I
I One Fairfax I I
I I Karla Bruce I I
I I I ----�--------:-----------
-------------------- •---------------------------------------
r--------------I I I I

DeputyCounty Executive* DeputyCounty Executive** Chief Financial Officer*** DeputyCounty Executive**** _,
I DeputyCounty Executive
Thomas G. Arnold ChristopherA. Leonard Christina C. Jackson Rachel Flynn Ellicia L. Seard-McCormick
� ' = -
Police Department
Kevin Davis
- Health Department
-- Department of Family
MichaelA. Becketts
Department of Management
and Budget
- Department of Public Works
and Environmental Services
ChristooherS. HerrinQton
- >--
Department of Planning and
Barbara Byron
Facilities Management
Jose Comayaqua
,- -
Department ofCable and
Consumer Services
Rebecca L.Makely (adina)
- -- - -
Fairfax-FallsChurch Department of Neighborhood Department of Department ofCode Department of Human Office of Human Rights and
Fire and Rescue Department
JohnS. Butler
,_ Community Services Board and Community Services
Department of Finance
Christopher Pietsch
Transportation >-- Compliance Resources ,- - Equity Programs
Darvl Washinaton Lloyd Tucker Thomas P. Biesiadny Jack W. Weyant CatherineSoaae Kenneth L. Saunders
-- -
Department of Emergency
Management and Security - ·- - - Department of Housing and
Community Development
Fairfax County Public Library
Jessica Hudson
-- Department ofTax
Administration - Department of Economic
Initiatives >--
Land Development Services
William 0. Hicks
Department of Information
Technology ,- - Office of Public Affairs
Tony Castrilli
SeamusMooney Thomas E. Fleetwood Jaydeeo (JayJ Doshi RebeccaMoudrv GreaorvScott
Department of Public Safety
Ed Falcon (adina)
- ·- --- Fairfax County Park Authority
-� Juvenile & Domestic
Relations District Court
Matt Thomoson
Retirement Administration
Jeffrey K. Weiler
- Office of Environmental and
Department of Vehicle
,__ Government Relations
� '
Department of Animal
Sheltering - Department of Procurement
and Material Management -
Reasa Currier LeeAnn Pender (adina)
Office of Internal Audit
Sharan Pribadi
Mo s ai c D istri c t
10 Planning and Development Director | Fairfax County, Virginia

2 PlanningandDevelopmentDirectorFairfaxCounty,Virginia LivinginFairfaxCountyisveryspecial.As noted,residentsarediverse,warmandfriendly. Crimeislow

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