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Sample informational mailing letter

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Prince George’s County Planning Department 14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Contact: [email protected]
Sample Informational Mailing Letter
Please prepare the Informational Mailing Letter (the “letter”) in a similar format to the sample provided on the following page
below. The letter should be mailed by first class to parties listed per application type in Table 27-3407(b) of the Zoning
Ordinance and in Table 24-3308(b) of the Subdivision Regulations

Informational Mailings are required for:
(per Section 27-3403(g)(2) of the Zoning Ordinance and Section 24-3304(f) of the Subdivision Regulations)
a. Zoning Map Amendments
b. Planned Development Map Amendments
c. Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Overly (CBCAO) Zoning Map Amendments and Variances and Chesapeake Bay Critical
Areas Conservation Plans filed in conjunction with other application required public hearings by the Planning Board
or District Council
d. Special Exceptions and Minor Changes to Approved Special Exceptions
e. Detailed Site Plans
f. Preliminary Plans of Major Subdivision
g. Preliminary Plans of Minor Subdivision to be approved by the Planning Board
h. Sketch Plans for Conservation Subdivisions
The Informational Mailing Letter MUST contain the following:
(per Section 27-3403(f)(3) of the Zoning Ordinance and Section 24-3304(e)(2) of the Subdivision Regulations)
a. Application Number (issued by M-NCPPC)
b. Description of the property and its location
c. Nature of request
d. Statement of Justification, if required with the application
e. M-NCPPC contact information (phone number and email address)
f. Statement to recipients that applicant team will meet to explain the application
g. Contact information for applicant team’s primary point of contact (i.e. Agent) (name, phone number, and email
h. Explanation of procedures for becoming a person of record for the pending application
i. Statement that no government agency has reviewed the application
A municipality, civic association, or other party entitled to an informational mailing may request a copy of the site plan from
the applicant team

Informational mailings are in addition to all postings and notices required by law

After the letters have been mailed to the required parties, the following must be submitted at the time of filing the
application for review:
a. A copy of the letter
b. A list of names and addresses of those parties to whom the letter was sent
c. A "Receipt” from the M-NCPPC Planning Information Services Office
d. An affidavit of the mailing
The letter must be sent at least 30 days before the Commission accepts the application

Rev. 02/2022
Prince George’s County Planning Department
Sample Informational Mailing Letter
*The italicized language must be included in the letter*
Adjacent property owners, municipalities within a mile, previous parties of record and/or Registered associations
City, State, Zip
Dear [adjacent property owner, municipality, previous party of record and/or registered association]:
Subject: [Application Number and Application Name]
A [application type, (preliminary plan, detailed site plan etc.)] for the above-referenced project will be submitted for review to
the Development Review Division of The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, M-NCPPC

The address of the subject property is [location or address, if applicable], which is located [give geographic location and
description of property]. The nature of the review is [give a detailed description and/or attach a Justification Statement]. (Note:
Do not state the nature of the review is the application type – this will not be accepted as proper notification.)
If you wish to become a Person of Record to this application, you are encouraged to do so at this time. As a Person of Record,
you will be entitled to certain rights under the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations, but registration is required. You
may register online at, or you may submit your name,
address, and the above-referenced application number and name by mailing a written request to:
The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
Development Review Division
14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive
County Administration Building, 4th Floor
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Being a Person of Record on a separate application on the same property does not make you a Person of Record for this
application. You must request to become a Person of Record for each separate application (separate applications have different
application numbers). At this time no government agency has reviewed the application. After the application has been filed, you
may contact the M-NCPPC at 301-952-3530

IMPORTANT: This notice is your opportunity to interact with the applicant team prior to the acceptance of the subject
application. Once an application is accepted, it may be subject to mandatory action time frames that are established
by law. Contacting the applicant as soon as possible after receiving this notice will help facilitate your ability to
receive information and/or establish a time when the applicant may meet with you or your civic group to provide
information and answer questions about the development proposed. Any concerns regarding an applicant’s failure to
provide information or engage in dialogue about the proposed development should be directed in writing to the same
mailing address listed for becoming a party of record. Please be sure to include the application number with any such

If you are interested in receiving more information about this application, reviewing a copy of a site plan, or meeting to discuss
the project, you may contact [Agent’s name, phone number, and email address]

[Agent’s name]
2 Rev. 02/2022

Please prepare the Informational Mailing Letter (the “letter”) in a similar format to the sample provided on the following page below. The letter should be mailed by first class to parties listed …

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