Retirement Letter Template Human Resources

Retirement letter template human resources

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Today's Date:
Type your Supervisor's Name
WSU Street Address
City, State ZIP
Dear Type your supervisor's name here,
This letter is to inform you of my intentions to retire. My last day of work at Wayne State
University will be . My retirement date will be

I am aware that as a WSU Retiree, I may take advantage of retiree benefits as outlined on
the Human Resources website I also understand that
continuation of medical, dental and vision benefits under COBRA or enrollment in Retiree
medical, dental and vision benefits will require timely submission of enrollment forms as
outlined on the website

Add your sentiments here, if desired

Type your name here
Type your home Street Address
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Phone Number: Type your home phone number here
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WSU E-mail: Type your WSU e-mail here
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Instructions: Submit a copy of this letter to your supervisor or department chair and to
Human Resources (E-mail: [email protected]). Be sure to include this PDF as an attachment
to the e-mail

Click here to submit to Human Resources ([email protected])

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to write a simple retirement letter?

How to Write (Format) Your retirement resignation letter should begin with a header that states the contact information of the sender and addressee as well as the date. Following that, the body of the letter is where you’ll mention your plans to retire and on what specific date. Within the letter body, you can also express gratitude for the ...

How do you write a letter of retirement?

Tips for writing a retirement resignation letter

  • Tone. Depending on your position and the organization’s culture, you can choose a casual or formal tone. ...
  • Quality. Sending a well-crafted resignation letter is important in maintaining the company’s positive perception of you.
  • Recipients. You should deliver your letter to your manager to allow them to plan for your departure. ...
  • Delivery method. ...

How to write a retirement letter sample?

Your retirement letter should include several key elements, including:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your current position at the company
  • Your final working day at the company
  • Details about transitioning your workload
  • Are you open to consulting? If so, mention it

How do you write a resignation letter template?

What is a resignation letter?

  • Heading. A written letter should have the date, the recipient’s name, the name of the company and the address at the top.
  • Salutation. When beginning a letter, include a brief greeting that addresses the recipient. ...
  • Body. The body can include between one and five paragraphs. ...
  • Signature. ...