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Resume Guide
Your resume is an essential part of your job search; it is your first opportunity to make a good impression. The
information on your resume should be pertinent, concise, easy to read, and attractively laid out

Your resume needs to provide the reader with a general review of your background. Critical areas to include:
Identifying Data
Include name, address (optional), phone number, and e-mail address

• You can include your local and/or permanent address or omit your address
• Use your cell phone number (be sure to have a professional voicemail message set up)
LinkedIn Web Address with customized URL (optional)
Do not include personal information such as height, weight, ethnicity, or a photo

Objective (Optional)
An objective enables the reader to quickly learn about the position you are seeking. It should be clear and
concise with no more than two lines

An objective typically includes the type of position (internship or full time) and the functional area in which you
want to work. It can also include skills you wish to apply to the job and an industry in which you want to work

If you are interested in more than one industry or functional area (ie. Marketing & Logistics) think about
creating several resumes with a specific objective for each area of interest

Sample Objectives:
• “Seeking an internship in operations management for summer 20XX.”
• “Seeking a market research internship with a consumer goods company for summer 20XX.”
• “To obtain a position as a financial and investment analyst with a major investment bank or large
• “Pursuing a position in human resource management emphasizing recruitment and employment.”
This information should appear in reverse chronological order (present to past) with your most recent
education first. Include:
• University and Location (City, State)
• Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
• Specialization
• Graduation Date (Month Year)
It is helpful for employers to see your GPA, since not having any indicator of your academic performance
leads to assumptions that your performance has been poor. It is recommended that you include your
cumulative GPA. If you feel this is not a good indicator of your potential, think of additional ways to present
your GPA, such as your specialization GPA, which can be found on your Degree Audit Report (DARS). If you
include a GPA other than your cumulative, be sure to title the GPA accordingly, e.g. Major GPA

For students pursuing more than one major, make sure you know whether you will be receiving a dual
degree or a double major with one degree, as these should be listed differently on a resume. Talk to your
academic advisor(s) if you are unsure

Publications, professional licenses or special training may appear in this section as well as how much you
financed your own education (e.g., “Self-financed 80% of educational expenses.”)

Scholarships you have received or academic accomplishments (e.g., Dean’s List) are to be listed here along
with the semesters in which these awards were received

Study abroad can be listed in this section or you can have a separate study abroad section. Be sure to
include the university, country, dates, and one or two bullet points about what you studied or achieved
through the experience

You should list any colleges or universities from which you have received or will receive a degree under
OSU. If you transferred to OSU or took classes at a local college during high school, you do not have to list
your previous institution. If you received a degree, it is important to include information, such as the degree
you earned and your graduation date. If you want an employer to know that you transferred from another
school, even if you didn’t receive a degree, you can list the name of the institution, dates attended, and any
other specific information you would like an employer to know as a bullet point

Generally, information about high school should not be included, but it is acceptable to list high school
information on your resume early on in your academic career. It is recommended that any high school
information is removed by the end of your sophomore year

Work Experience
List your experience in reverse chronological order

The information should include:
• The organization’s name and location
• Position held
• Dates of employment (month and year only)
• Bulleted descriptions of your accomplishments. Focus on areas that relate to the position you are
seeking and provide evidence of your ability to assume responsibility, follow through, and achieve
positive outcomes. All bulleted descriptions should begin with a verb

If you have had numerous part-time jobs, highlight the most relevant experiences. Military experience may be
included in this section or in its own category. You can have more than one work experience area using
different headers, i.e. “Related Work Experience,” “Internships,” or “Professional Work Experience.”
It is also important to remain consistent with your experience. If you decide to bold the name of every
company you’ve worked for, make sure you have done so for every company

The Office of Career Management offers an extensive list of verbs for resumes that you can use when writing
your bullet points. See the end of this document

Activities, Involvement, and Leadership
Here is your opportunity to show your commitment to your major field and to leadership positions outside of
the classroom. This may include organizations such as fraternities or sororities, student clubs, and volunteer
work. Be sure to emphasize leadership roles or formal titles. If these activities include leadership positions, such
as committee memberships, list them like a job and include bullets with responsibilities

In this section, you can feature awards, scholarships, achievements and academic distinctions

Honors can be a category of its own or included as part of the activities or education sections

This section should include concrete skills such as language or computer skills. For language skills ensure you
list only those in which you are fluent. If English is your second language do not list “Fluent in English” in the
skills section, rather, list your native language

For computer skills, computer software and programs that are function specific (SAP, PeopleSoft) are
recommended over more basic skills such as MS Office. Most undergraduate business students are familiar
with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. so only include software and programs relevant to your specialization or jobs
you are applying to

The appearance of your resume is critical

• Margins: Keep margins even, using appropriate balance of white space to printed word. Minimum
acceptable margins are ½ inch

• Style: Sentences need not be complete and periods are optional. Do not write in first person, singular
case (e.g. Do not use “I,” “My,” or “Me”)

• Font: Font style should be professional (e.g. Times New Roman, Arial). Minimum recommended font
size is 10pt

• Paper: When printing hard copies, resume paper is not required, but it does add a very nice touch. The
size of the paper should be 8.5 x 11. Do not use cardstock

• Length: Do not exceed 1 page

Reverse Chronological Format
Present education, experience, extracurricular activities, skills and achievements in reverse chronological order
under each category – your most recent experience will be listed first. Advantages of this style:
• Employers are comfortable with this style because it is the most commonly used

• It is the easiest to write

• Achievements can be displayed as a direct result of work experiences

We strongly recommend using the reverse chronological format for your resume, but there are other resume
formats that may work for your experience. To explore other options we recommend making an appointment
with a Career Consultant

Targeted Resumes
“Targeting” your resume means you are customizing your resume for a particular position, company, or career
field. For example, you may be interested in both financial banking and accounting but don’t want to use the
same resume for both areas of business. This is when targeting your resume is useful. You can tailor your
resume to each industry, narrowing the focus to be most effective. A targeted resume begins with a targeted
objective and will usually emphasize educational experiences, jobs, and/or skills in the targeted field or

Using your Resume to Apply Online
Many employers use applicant tracking systems to manage job applicants. One way to help your resume be
noticed through this type of system is by incorporating keywords. Make sure you thoroughly read the
descriptions of jobs to which you apply and identify key words. Compare the list of key words to your resume
and see if you can include some in your descriptions

The best format in which to send, save, and upload your resume is a PDF. A PDF will better preserve your
formatting and prevent any inadvertent changes. When saving your resume, make sure the document title
includes your first and last name

Sometimes when applying for positions online you will have to copy and paste your resume into a plain text
box. In these cases do not worry about the format; simply make sure all the pieces of your resume are pasted
into the box

Organize Your Resume Writing
• Step 1 Write a rough draft and set it aside for a day or two

• Step 2 Edit the rough draft and run it through a spell check. Seek out advice from a Peer Career Coach
during walk-in hours in the Office of Career Management

• Step 3 Make changes to the final draft

• Step 4 Have two people proofread the draft for spelling and typographical errors. Schedule an
appointment with a Career Consultant in the Office of Career Management in Handshake

▪ This is a sample résumé ▪
Henry Kim
[email protected]
678 East 9th Ave., Apt. D
Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 678-9123
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration May 20XX
Specializations: Accounting and Marketing GPA: 3.71/4.00
• Honors Accounting Program
• 20XX OSU Homecoming Court
• OSU Presidential Leadership Citation Award (1 of 50 selected)
• Pace Setters Award (Top 2% of Fisher College of Business selected)
• Max Fisher College of Business Scholarship
Personal Health Care New Business Development Finance Intern May 20XX - August 20XX
• Facilitated and led competitive response session
• Developed competitive assessment and industry analysis for competitive assessment
• Created and assessed a competitive analysis to determine feasibility of product launch in global regions
• Collaborated with various functions to generate project information and analysis
• Initiated and organized intern events within Personal Health Care
Merchandising Intern May-August 20XX, 20XX
• Designed and prepared fashion presentations for quarterly sales meeting
• Consulted with vendors on product samples and presentation boards
• Analyzed weekly and monthly buy plans and sales forecast spreadsheets
President September 20XX -Present
• Collaborate with other business and ethnic student organizations to bring greater awareness to programs
• Create programs and events that will expand and enhance students’ knowledge of business in Asia
• Establish strong relationships with various faculty within the Fisher College of Business
• Encourage leadership team and members to initiate self and group development
Co-Coordinator-The Ohio State University January 20XX - September 20XX
• Oversaw all aspects and logistics of the event including selection of participants
• Coordinated and conducted orientation meetings and reunion events to re-emphasize visions
• Enhanced vision and stretched goals through communication with Steering Committee
• Collaborated and promoted Institute to over 60 organizations via network of personal advertising
Procter & Gamble Leadership Advantage Camp (1 of 25 selected), Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Honorary Special
Events Chair, Bucket & Dipper Junior Class Honorary, Drackett Community Council President and Vice- President
Korean (Fluent)
▪ This is a sample résumé ▪
(614) 555-9876 ∙ [email protected] ∙ 657 Dreamweaver Blvd. Columbus, Ohio 43201
OBJECTIVE Seeking a full-time marketing position beginning August 20XX
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration August 20XX
Specialization: Marketing
Marketing GPA: 3.74
Self-financing 75% of all educational and living expenses
RELATED Alpha Kappa Psi The Ohio State University
EXPERIENCE Active Member March 20XX – Present
Professional Events Chair, Fisher Fall Career Fair September 20XX
• Worked with team members to organize a publicity campaign
• Created fliers, overheads, and a newspaper ad to promote the event
• Spoke in targeted classes encouraging students to attend the career fair
• Achieved a goal of over 2,000 students attending the 20XX Career Fair
Curry Marketing Group Columbus, Ohio
Marketing Intern June – September 20XX
• Reviewed restaurant product lines, brainstormed public relation activities
• Analyzed demographics and created target list, reviewed mechanics of
consumer-directed marketing program
• Organized trade fair mailing list and handled registrations
• Solicited feedback from trade fair participants and submitted recommendations
for improvements for 20XX event
OTHER Kappa Delta
EXPERIENCE Active Member January 20XX - Present
Vice President of Finance for 20XX Pledge Class January 20XX – March 20XX
• Managed budget for all social, philanthropic, and fundraising events hosted by
the 23 person pledge class
Ohio Union Catering Columbus, Ohio
Catering Server September 20XX – May 20XX
• Explained menu and assisted guests in making dining decisions
• Served meals and responded to guest requests quickly and efficiently
• Assisted at large banquets and special university events, averaging 15 hours per week
throughout the school year
ACTIVITIES Slovenian Buckeye Society September 20XX - Present
Assistant Coach for Summer Soccer Camp June 20XX – August 20XX
COMPUTER Adobe PageMaker, PhotoShop
SKILLS Web editing including: HTML, Dreamweaver, GoLive
▪ This is a sample résumé with a double major (one outside Fisher) ▪
Melissa Krajewski
900 East Maynard Avenue Columbus, OH 43202
(614) 123-4567
[email protected]
The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business Columbus, OH
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration May 20XX
Double specialization in Finance and Communication GPA: 3.62
• Honors Cohort
• General Electric Academic Awards Program Scholarship (1 out of 70 awarded nationally)
• Morrill Excellence Scholarship
• Transferred from Ohio University with a 3.54 GPA
Work Experience
Procter & Gamble Cincinnati, OH
Finance Intern June – August 20XX
• Evaluated the success of 124 product initiatives launched during fiscal year 20XX
• Developed a replicable process for Finance Managers to evaluate company product initiatives
• Led the change to a more efficient manner of maintaining information on product initiatives, making
research time up to 20% shorter
Columbus Investment Advisory, Inc. Columbus, OH
Research Analyst January – May 20XX
• Analyzed client investment and property holdings
• Made recommendations to senior management concerning portfolio decisions
• Prepared income statements and projected future cash flows
Rockwell Automation, International Twinsburg, OH
Purchasing Coordinator/Intern June – August 20XX
• Supported purchasing managers in the constant effort to meet production requirements
• Managed daily reports for critical part shortages and past due orders
• Maintained frequent contact with material suppliers nationwide
• Initiated one-on-one meetings with the SR VP, VP, and Materials Director
The Ohio State University Columbus, OH
Summer Orientation Student Assistant June – August 20XX
• Conducted presentations and information sessions for hundreds of orientation guests
• Generated excitement within new students and parents by selling the image/attributes of the university
Undergraduate Finance Association The Ohio State University
President January 20XX – Present
• Organized and conducted chapter and executive board meetings
• Coordinated chapter harmony, promoted UFA to recruits; organized NYC trip; balanced budget
Member 20XX – Present
YWCA After School Tutoring Program September 20XX– Present
Procter & Gamble Leadership Advantage Camp – Marketing January 20XX
Peer Career Coach, Fisher College of Office of Career Management September 20XX—Present
▪ This is a sample résumé with a Dual Degree ▪
John M. Taylor
[email protected] ∙ (558) 655-2626
Fisher College of Business, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration May 20XX
Specialization: Human Resources
College of Arts and Sciences, Bachelor of Science May 20XX
Specialization: Financial Math
Cumulative GPA: 3.45
Agricultural Trade and Rural Development Study Abroad June 20XX – August 20XX
• Completed 20 hours of intensive coursework in Spanish
• Developed understanding of Mexican culture through time spent with host family in Texcoco and extensive
travel to rural areas in Mexico and Central America
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network Columbus, Ohio
Recruiting Intern October 20XX – Present
• Recruit potential hires using LinkedIn, career fairs, and online job boards
• Assist in training 4 new employees and interns
• Interview possible new hires
• Represent Northwestern Mutual Financial Network at multiple career and job fairs
College of Dentistry, The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio
Office Assistant February 20XX – November 20XX
• Adapted data spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint presentations for various
faculty and staff members
• Gained strong interpersonal communication skills in dealing with students, faculty, staff, and department heads
• Initiated a project to remodel the Student Directory
• Aided the Human Resource Director by assisting in a variety of tasks such as payroll and
new employee processing
Ohio Union, The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio
Student Assistant September 20XX – June 20XX
• Co-coordinated events such as BuckeyeThon
• Welcomed visitors at the information desk
• Aided students and staff regarding various pieces of information
• Created flyers displaying the many different events in the Ohio Union
• Member of the Human Resources Association January 20XX – Present
• Volunteer at Mid-Ohio Food Bank September 20XX – Present
▪ This is an example of a freshman résumé ▪
Benjamin Buckeye
[email protected]
(614) 596-9095
5235 Beulah Road
Cleveland, OH 86753
To obtain an internship in finance during the summer of 20XX
The Ohio State University – Fisher College of Business Columbus, OH
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration May 20XX
Major: Finance
Minor: Statistics
GPA: 3.67
Business Scholars Program
Five Guys Burgers and Fries Cleveland and Columbus, OH
Cashier September 20XX - Present
 Take orders from customers and relay information to the cooking staff
 Assist the manager in evaluating daily profits
 Work quickly to assist up to 20 customers per hour
Target Columbus, OH
Seasonal Sales Associate June 20XX - September 20XX
 Organized inventory and ensured all products were not damaged
 Created displays to market seasonal styles and attract customers
 Addressed customer questions and needs and enhanced their shopping experiences
Jones Tower Hall Council, Secretary September 20XX - Present
 Write and distribute minutes from weekly meetings to 50 residents
 Organize miscellaneous files for the residence hall to ensure all policies are met
 Elected as one of only two first-year students to the executive board
Fisher Citizenship Program, Member August 20XX - Present
 Attend events hosted by leaders of Fisher’s student organizations to become involved within the
Fisher Community
OSU Club Soccer Team, Member August 20XX - Present
Habitat for Humanity, Volunteer March 20XX
▪ This is a sample résumé ▪
First Last
999-999-9999 • [email protected] • Local Street Address • Columbus, OH 43201
The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business Columbus, OH
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration May 20XX
 Specializations: Finance and Accounting GPA: 3.88 / 4.00
 Self-financing 50% of tuition through merit based scholarships
Work Experience:
Curtiss Wright Corporation Farmingdale, NY
Accounting Intern / Inventory Control Analyst June 20XX-August 20XX
 Performed cycle count and cycle count reconciliation of finished inventory to track inventory flow
 Conducted on-going review of finished inventory and work-in-process inventory to confirm accuracy
 Assisted finished stores supervisor, as required, with all inventory control duties
 Liaised between production control and planning for oracle related inventory issues
Kumon Learning Center Rockville Centre, NY
Learning Instructor January 20XX-August 20XX
 Instructed and mentored 300+ young, academically challenged students and assisted them with assignments
and developing road-maps for success and their social skills
 Maintained relationships with 300+ parents by keeping them informed about child progress and served as
their liaison to head instructors
 Contributed to a 43% increase in membership over 3 years with various promotional ideas and strategies,
including the implementation of a referral discount and customer loyalty programs
Mio Posto Ristorante Oceanside, NY
Staff Manager, Waiter June 20XX-August 20XX
 Oversaw a 15+ staff to maximize customer experience and retention
 Coordinated and managed parties of 40-300 people, including the preparation of menus, decorations, staff,
and other
 Contributed to a 92% rating of “very satisfied” for customer service recorded from 1,000+ customer survey
Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Alpha-Sigma Chapter The Ohio State University
Fundraising Chairman April 20XX-Present
 Planned 3 new and unique fundraising events that cumulatively raised $1,500+ for organization while driving
community relations and generating positive publicity
 Contributed to organization’s first annual philanthropic concert, which sold 1,000+ tickets and raised $5,000+
Recruitment Committee August 20XX-Present
 Recruited 12 new members using targeted strategies designed to identify and attract desired potential
members who exhibit good organizational fit
Buckeye Coastal Connections The Ohio State University
Founding Member January 20XX-Present
 Founded a business networking community for students seeking opportunities on the American east and west
 Initiated a marketing campaign for organization, resulting in 70+ new members
Undergraduate Finance Association The Ohio State University
Member January 20XX-October 20XX
 Attend weekly meetings to network and enhance knowledge of the financial industry
Ohio State Barbeque Club The Ohio State University
Member April 20XX-October 20XX
▪ This is a sample résumé ▪
First Last
999-999-9999 • [email protected] • Local Street Address • Columbus, OH 43201
The Ohio State University, Max M. Fisher College of Business Columbus, OH
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration May 20XX
 Specializations: Finance & Economics
 GPA: 3.94/4.00
 Dean’s List 4 out of 4 semesters attended
Honors Contract
 1 of 20 students chosen for program designed to build critical thinking, problem solving and leadership skills
through the development and presentation of a research thesis (Honors Research Distinction)
Consulting Industry Immersion Program
 1 of 30 students selected by faculty for highly competitive program that educates students in consulting and
teaches critical thinking and problem solving skills through case studies and industry professional speakers
Max M. Fisher College of Business Columbus, OH
Educational Technology Professional August 20XX-Present
 Respond to technology inquires and troubleshoot submissions to provide assistance to students and professors
 Assist 200+ users by troubleshooting issues and ensuring programs and presentations are running efficiently
L.L. Bean Columbus, OH
Sales Representative, Floor Lead, Store Opener March 20XX-August 20XX
 Supported store expansion initiatives by aiding in marketing campaigns, store set-up and design, employee
training, and implementing customer service standards
 Engaged with customers to evaluate their experiences in order to strategize how they can be more efficient
 Streamlined new store operating systems while leading training sessions for new employees
Ellsworth Golf Course Hudson, OH
Caddy and Field Worker March 20XX-August 20XX
 Prepared and maintained course for tournaments and day-to-day play
 Developed 100+ relationships with customers to maximize their experiences and retention rates
Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Alpha-Sigma Chapter The Ohio State University
Grand Procurator (Vice President) February 20XX-Present
 Head of internal judiciary system, risk management, house management, and scholarship for an organization
with 108 active members
 Enhanced judiciary procedures through amendments to the organization’s Constitution to administer
punishments that add greater value to the community and university
 Restructured house management procedures to hold members more accountable for the use and cleanliness of
the chapter house
 Spearheaded a capital campaign program by creating business plans, networking, and coming up with new and
innovative ways of reaching out to alumni, raising $1.1 million
 Allocated $100,000 of fraternity budget to 7 committee chairmen after approving spending plans that align with
the chapter’s strategic goals
Public Relations Chairman November 20XX-April 20XX
 Led the communication of events and updates through website management and 6 monthly newsletters to
generate publicity for organization
 Created a monthly newsletter publication to communicate organization’s events and accomplishments to 1000+
recipients, who include parents, alumni, school administrators, and national organization directors
 Coordinated organization’s first annual philanthropic concert, which sold 1,000+ tickets and raised $5,000+
Member April 20XX-Present
 Volunteered 100+ hours for service projects and initiatives for the campus and local communities
 Technical Skills: Microsoft Excel, Access, PowerPoint
 Interests: College Sports, Distance Running, Italian Cooking
Verbs For Business Application Skills
approved collected executed obtained recorded specified
arranged communicated filed operated registered standardized
assisted compiled gathered ordered retrieved systematized
catalogued completed generated organized reviewed tabulated
categorized corrected implemented prepared routed trained
charted dispatched incorporated processed scheduled transcribed
classified distributed inspected proofread screened updated
coded documented monitored purchased sorted validated
acted constructed displayed founded invented planned
adapted created drew illustrated modeled revised
began customized entertained initiated modified revitalized
combined designed established instituted originated shaped
composed developed fashioned integrated performed solved
conceptualized directed formulated introduced photographed
adapted assisted demonstrated familiarized mentored represented
advised clarified diagnosed furthered motivated resolved
advocated coached educated guided prevented simplified
aided collaborated encouraged helped provided supplied
answered contributed ensured insured referred supported
arranged cooperated expedited intervened rehabilitated volunteered
assessed counseled facilitated listened
adapted coordinated enabled focused instructed taught
advised created encouraged guided motivated tested
clarified critiqued evaluated individualized persuaded trained
coached developed explained informed simulated transmitted
communicated educated facilitated instilled stimulated tutored
Analytical & Financial
administered assessed computed estimated netted reconciled
adjusted audited conserved forecasted planned reduced
allocated balanced corrected managed prepared researched
analyzed budgeted determined marketed programmed retrieved
appraised calculated developed measured qualified
Critical Thinking
analyzed coded conducted discovered formulated observed
appraised compared designed examined identified recommended
assessed compiled developed explored inquired researched
calculated computed devised focused interpreted segmented
categorized conceived diagnosed forecasted investigated solved
administered contracted enforced incorporated organized replaced
analyzed controlled enhanced increased originated restored
appointed converted established initiated overhauled reviewed
approved coordinated executed inspected oversaw scheduled
assigned decided generated instituted planned secured

Your resume needs to provide the reader with a general review of your background. Critical areas to include: Identifying Data. Include name, address (optional), phone number, and e-mail address. • You can include your local and/or permanent address or omit your address

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