Remote Workspace With Security And Compliance Solution

Remote workspace with security and compliance solution

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Solution Name and Value
Remote Workspaces With
Up and Compliance
to 10 Words
Rapidly Deliver Virtual Desktops for Remote Workforce
Unforeseen events such as pandemics compel businesses to prepare for a new reality where
most, if not all, employees are working remotely. IT executives must deliver a seamless workspace
experience to all employees across devices and locations, but existing mobile workplace solutions
are not easy to scale. IT also must ensure security, compliance and rapid recoverability in the event
of unpredictable outages

Ensuring that all users have always-on, quick and reliable access to desktop and apps, while
also maintaining integrity and security of company data, can be a complex problem if careful
consideration is not given to solution design. The success or failure of a virtual desktop
infrastructure (VDI) project often depends heavily on the end-user experience. Poor user
experience, cost overruns and data breaches may scuttle even high-budget mobile
workspace deployments

Scale Quickly To Deliver a Secure Digital
Workspace for All Employees
All businesses, as well as federal and state governments, need to rapidly roll out VDI solutions that
provide a seamless desktop experience to all employees while maintaining compliance and security

These workspace solutions must help employees stay productive with secure data access anytime, from
anywhere, on any device. At the same time, organizations must retain full visibility and control over data for
security, privacy and intelligent data governance

Secure Data Access
Day 1 Production Cloud Ready
Easy To Manage Automated Upgrades
Tailored Experience Always On
We provide a solid platform for a modern VDI infrastructure, with unique capabilities to deliver a secure and scalable
remote workspace for a seamless experience

Secure Desktops Anywhere for Your Remote Workforce
Hitachi’s integrated mobile workspace solution leverages modern technologies to provide seamless
access to apps and data for all remote employees while ensuring security, privacy and intelligent data
governance. A high-performance VDI solution is designed to deliver an excellent experience for all users
across locations, devices and connections. Seamless, device-independent collaboration drives up
employee productivity while ensuring full visibility and control over corporate data

The solution provides superior visibility, control and compliance of critical data assets. It offers extensive
control over corporate data with role-based authentication, retention and legal hold at the file or profile
level and policy-based data protection

Designed for high availability, the workspace remains accessible to remote workers even during site
failures. And, the solution enables fast recovery after device failure or during ransomware infiltration

See Hitachi Solution

Secure Digital Workspace for Desktop
Rapid Desktops With Prepackaged VDI Solution Excellent Experience of a Physical Workstation
The prevalidated turnkey VDI appliance is Ensure consistent exceptional user experiences
engineered with VMware and Intel, so you can with high-performance workspace solutions
provide flexible desktop-as-a-service capabilities that eliminate the issues with legacy VDI
from your data center. implementations. Enable a physical office-like
experience for all users, including task workers,
Deploy a digital workspace in hours

knowledge workers, power users and executives,
from the comfort and safety of their home offices

Provide a seamless experience in accessing
applications and user data

HCP = Hitachi Content Platform, UCP = Hitachi Unified Compute Platform
●● Desktops deployed in hours. ●● Always-on desktops

●● Exceptional user experience. ●● Security and compliance

Security and Compliance
Effective information governance is critical to a
successful digital workplace. Intelligent content
management and metadata capabilities provide
superior visibility, control and compliance. Control data
and access with role-based authentication, encryption,
remote wipe and mobile device management. Mitigate
ransomware, data leakage and intrusions

Enable data access control and security for
corporate and industry compliance

Always-On Desktops for All Users We’re being forced into the world’s
largest work-from-home experiment
End-user devices are critical to business operations

and, so far, it hasn’t been easy for a lot
Hitachi’s VDI solutions support continuous access
to enterprise apps and data for the distributed of organizations to implement

workforce. Legendary Hitachi business continuity
technologies provide data protection and rapid
recoverability in the event of unforeseen incidents

Source: Gartner, With Coronavirus in Mind,
Enable the desktop anytime, anywhere. Is Your Organization Ready for Remote Work,
Jackie Wiles, March 3, 2020
Reduce Cost per Desktop
Integrated turnkey software-defined solutions
support always-on secure desktops and lower
desktop costs with right-sized deployment to
eliminate overprovisioning. Lower VDI licensing costs
with VMware Horizon7 and Hitachi Unified Compute
Platform HC (UCP HC) via a special pricing scheme
on Horizon Advanced and Enterprise editions

Maximize VDI return on investment (ROI) by
reducing acquisition costs and operational

Insights and Expertise
Get the right balance between user experience
and resource efficiency. Partner with experienced,
trusted VDI experts to design a right-sized, future-
proof digital workspace that delivers an enviable
user experience without storage overprovisioning

Create a win-win deal for users and IT teams!
Consult with design and deployment partners
to architect a future-ready VDI

Hitachi Is Uniquely
Qualified To
Hitachi’s UCP solution enabled
Deliver Remote on-demand desktop delivery and
Workspaces for All
provided a consistent exceptional
experience to users. We didn’t
have to deal with the complexity
With a proven enterprise infrastructure portfolio of performance tuning as Hitachi’s
combined with rich experience in architecting infrastructure solution eliminated
and deploying a few hundred to tens of thousands guesswork and delivered consistent
of desktops, Hitachi is a partner you can trust. low latency. Unified management
Never worry again about ensuring continuous plane for converged infrastructure
access to and apps and data. We provide native reduced administration overheads
and optimized high-availability VDI design that and freed resources to redeploy to
promises near-zero recovery point and time other strategic initiatives. Hitachi’s
objectives (RPO and RTO). And you gain the team demonstrated deep technical
flexibility to procure and consume the VDI solution expertise in collaborating with us
that meets your strategic business objective to design the VDI environment for
completes the story. future-proofing, performance,
availability and compliance

Accelerate your path to remote workspaces for
all with Hitachi’s integrated end-user computing Ricardo Van Eer
solutions that deliver on scale, employee Engineer Storage and Compute
experience, costs and security

Next Steps
A best practice to build a successful VDI solution is to study and analyze user profiles, as they may have different
app and data access requirements. Engage and consult with Hitachi’s team, experienced professionals, who can
help you design a digital workspace that combines excellent employee experience with data security, compliance
and availability

●● Rapidly deploy mobile workspace for all remote employees

●● Ensure consistent user experience on any device anywhere

●● Design VDI for high availability

●● Ensure security and compliance

●● Flexible deployment and consumption

Learn how to build future-ready digital workspace solutions with Hitachi at

We Are Hitachi Vantara
We guide our customers from what’s now to what’s next by solving their digital challenges. Working alongside each customer,
we apply our unmatched industrial and digital capabilities to their data and applications to benefit both business and society

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What are the benefits of remote security?

Remote security that provides more productive experiences. Microsoft Security helps improve end-user productivity by unifying security across all platforms, providing a frictionless user experience. Enable your employees to work securely from anywhere with security solutions that work behind the scenes to protect sensitive data.

What is workspace security and why is it important?

Workspace security refers to the application of tools and solutions to protect sensitive data, networks, and access in digital workspaces without disrupting the user experience. Currently, there are many online options to deliver employees the applications, documents, and resources they need to perform their tasks from anywhere.

Why is flexibility important for remote access and digital security?

Flexibility is a big part of secure remote access and digital security in your organization. To meet today’s needs without overwhelming your security team, you need to enhance your cybersecurity capabilities. Remote security that provides more productive experiences.

What is a work from anywhere workspace?

Citrix offers a complete work-from-anywhere workspace with an advanced zero-trust security approach. In addition, it is VPN-less, which allows workers to access internal web apps and SaaS applications without needing to connect to the network.