Recruitment And Selection Policy And Procedure

Recruitment and selection policy and procedure

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Subject: Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedure
Version: 2
Date Implemented: 2020
Review Date: 2022
Responsible Lead: Head of Human Resources
Responsible Sub Lead: Director of Human Resources
Target Audience: All Employees

This policy does not apply to Agency Workers or
Contractors who work for the company from time
to time’
Related Documents and Policies: Introductory Fees Policy
Sponsorship Policy
Interview Template – available on QPulse
Policy Type: Non Contractual
Paragraph Title
1 Introduction
2 Purpose
3 Responsibilities
4 Definitions
5 Policy Development
6 Policy Principles
7 Policy Procedure
Approval and Ratification
1. Introduction
1.1 At Sonic Healthcare UK we believe that a fair and transparent recruitment
process should be followed for all vacancies within the business. This is to
ensure the right candidate is placed in the right role, without discrimination

1.2 A clear recruitment policy also allows for greater internal development as well as
the opportunity for new talent to join the business

2 Purpose
2.1 This policy aims to set clear guidance for managers to ensure they are delivering
a fair and consistent recruitment process

2.2 The policy outlines the steps required of a Recruiting Manager when seeking
authorisation for a vacancy, advertising the role and appointing into the position

2.3 The policy also highlights the responsibility of applicants, whether these are
internal or external candidates

3 Responsibilities
3.1 Candidate’s Responsibilities
 Both external and internal candidates who apply for a vacancy within Sonic
Healthcare UK are expected to comply with the requirements of this policy

3.2 Line Manager / Recruiting Manager’s Responsibilities
 All recruiting managers will be responsible for ensuring a fair recruitment process
is followed for all applicants during all recruitment campaigns. All recruiting
managers will adhere to the procedures and requirements of this policy

3.3 Human Resources Department Responsibilities

It is the role of the recruitment team to ensure fairness, equity and consistency of
application of this policy. The recruitment team will provide advice and support to
recruiting managers

4 Definitions
4.1 CoreHR System: The CoreHR recruitment system is an online platform which
allows candidates to view job vacancies and make job applications

4.2 Sponsorship: In roles where the Home Office have deemed there to be a
shortage of qualified professionals within the UK, Sonic Healthcare UK can
sponsor support in the process of gaining right to work for overseas applicants

Please see Sonic Healthcare UK’s Sponsorship Policy for further details

4.3 Right to Work: A document proving the person listed on the document has the
right to work within the UK. The list of accepted documents is published by the
Home Office

4.4 Certified copy: This is a scanned copy of a document which is signed by the
Line Manager / Recruiting Manager to confirm that they have seen the original
document, that they believe the document to be genuine and that they believe
the person named on the document is the one presenting it

5 Policy Development
5.1 Every 2 years or in light of legislative changes or further guidance being issued
and at Management or employee request

6. Policy Principles
6.1 All vacancies will be advertised internally via the CoreHR recruitment page

6.2 All candidates who attend interview will be provided feedback by the Recruiting

6.3 The recruitment process will be fair and transparent, in line with Sonic Healthcare
UK’s core values and equal opportunities

7. Policy Procedure
7.1 Vacancy Authorisation
7.1.1 Before advertising a vacancy, the recruiting manager must seek authorisation
from senior management, finance, and for new posts the CEO

7.1.2 All vacancy details must be submitted via the CoreHR recruitment portal,
vacancy requests will then be sent to the relevant authorisers

7.1.3 Once the vacancy has been approved via the relevant channels HR will make the
post live on CoreHR

7.1.4 When recruiting a Bank or Zero Hours workers, Recruiting Managers can follow
the outlined process, or in cases where an appropriate candidate has already
been sought (eg. an ex-employee returning to support with ad-hoc shifts) details
of this can be sent directly to the Human Resources Department for processing

This must include a contract request form and certified right to work document

7.2 Job Descriptions
7.2.1 All Job descriptions must be drafted with reference to equal opportunities and to
Sonic Healthcare’s core values

7.2.2 Job descriptions must set out principal components of the role

7.2.3 Job descriptions should be sent to the HR department when requesting the
vacancy so that HR can upload this onto CoreHR. Job descriptions should be
checked prior to sending to ensure duties are current

7.2.4 The HR Department holds all job descriptions for roles within The Company. If a
job description is not available for a particular vacancy however, the recruiting
manager will need to provide one. The HR Department can provide a template
for the Manager to utilize, if they cannot access these via QPulse

7.3. Advertising a Vacancy
7.3.1 No role will be advertised without authorisation from the appropriate channels (as
described in 7.1)

7.3.2 Once the vacancy is authorised, HR will make the vacancy live on the CoreHR
recruitment system so it is visible and open for applicants

7.3.3 All job vacancies must be advertised via CoreHR and applications must be made
using this system. Recruiting Managers are unable to accept applications that
are not made via CoreHR or an approved alternative recruitment channel – see
section 7.5

7.3.4 Where a role requires a specialist skillset the Recruiting Manager may seek the
help of a recruitment agency to fill the vacancy (see section 7.5). If a successful
candidate is appointed via a recruitment agency the Recruiting Manager must
ensure the candidate completes the online application retrospectively in order for
the HR department to accurately capture their personal details

7.3.5 The closing date for a role will be set by the Recruiting Manager. It is advisable to
keep the advert opened for 14 days, but this will be determined by the number of
applications received, the Recruiting Manager has the right to close a vacancy
early if a large volume of applications are received

7.3.6 All adverts must be open and available for internal applications for a minimum of
5 working days

7.3.7 If a successful candidate for a post requires sponsorship, the posts will need to
be advertised in line with the Home Office and the UKBA guidance on the
Resident labour Market Test (advertised for a minimum of 28 days in two
separate places)

7.4 Application Process
7.4.1 Applications are to be made via CoreHR. All applications are stored electronically
on the online recruitment system for a period of time specified by the system’s
provider. A copy of the application will also be stored in the employee’s
personnel file

7.4.2 Qualifying questions may be applied to job adverts where a certain qualification
is mandatory eg. HCPC registration for a Biomedical Scientist role

7.5 Additional Promotional Resources
7.5.1 If a vacancy requires a specific skillset or is difficult to recruit into the Recruiting
Manager may want to consider additional resources that can be used to promote
the vacancy

7.5.2 Recruitment agencies can support where a role requires a specific skillset
however the Recruiting Manager must discuss this option with their Senior
Manager/Director prior to engaging with an agency due to the financial

7.5.3 If the Recruiting Manager has multiple vacancies or roles requiring a specific
skillset they may want to promote the vacancies through a publication such as
The IBMS Gazette or the NHS Jobs website where appropriate. This option
should be discussed with the Senior Manager/Director as it may have a financial
cost and once approved all adverts should be sent to the Human Resources
Department who will liaise with the publication or external website

7.6 Shortlisting
7.6.1 Recruiting Managers are able to view applications and shortlist candidates via
their CoreHR recruitment page

7.6.2 Both the candidate’s application and CV will be reviewed by the Recruiting
Manager to determine those candidates best fitted to the role who will be invited
for interview

7.6.3 When short-listing, the panel members must only use the information contained
in the application form, referring to the relevant criteria in the job description

7.6.4 Shortlisting must be completed by the Recruiting Manager within 14 days of the
vacancy closing

7.6.5 Candidates who have been shortlisted must be invited to interview within 14 days
of the vacancy closing

7.6.6 Candidates who do not hear back after 14 days of the vacancy closing have not
been successfully shortlisted

7.6.7 Due to the large number of applications received, Recruiting Managers will not
provide feedback to applicants who have not been successfully shortlisted

7.6.8 Assistance in using the CoreHR recruitment system is available from the HR

7.7 Interviews
7.7.1 The interview panel must consist of at least 2 members. It is advisable that the
panel members are in post of a higher grade than the one they interview for. It is
acceptable to have a supernumerary panel member (observer) who is in the post
of the same or a lower grade than the post interviewed for

7.7.2 Relatives, close personal friends and partners of any shortlisted candidates must
withdraw from the panel and the chair must seek a replacement

7.7.3 No member of the interview panel should also be a referee for any short listed
applicant. Should a panel member find themselves in that position, they must
declare conflict of interest to the Recruiting Manager who should seek
replacement as soon as practically possible

7.7.4 It is the Recruiting Manager’s responsibility to invite shortlisted candidates to
interview. Recruiting Manager’s should send notification of an interview to all
short-listed candidates. Candidates are required to confirm that they will attend
for interview

7.7.5 It is the responsibility of the Recruiting Manager to book an appropriate room for
the interview and ensure a visitor pass is available for the candidate

7.7.6 The interview panel members will ensure that document checks are carried out
when candidates arrive for interview. The documents that will need to be
produced are a proof of right to work and proof of professional registration if

7.7.7 Certified copies of valid right to work documents must be taken by the Recruiting
Manager at interview stage. A list of valid right to work documents can be
accessed via the Home Office website or by contacting HR

7.7.8 Applicants failing to produce documents to confirm their identity will not be
eligible to proceed to interview

7.7.9 The aim of the interview is to prompt information from the candidate as to their
suitability to do the job. Candidates should be put at ease. An Interview Skills
workshop is available to all Recruiting Managers and should be attended prior to

7.7.10 The interview questions must be based on Sonic Healthcare UK’s core values
and the job description. The Sonic Healthcare UK interview scorecard is
available to access from QPulse and should be used in all interviews to ensure
there is consistency

7.7.11 Interviewers must not imply discrimination by asking questions about personal
circumstances, which are unrelated to the requirements of the job, or any
protected characteristic or Trade Union activity. In determining whether to reject
a candidate for appointment, interviewers must only consider factors relevant to
the job

7.7.12 Notes of interviews should be kept and all completed paperwork should be
scanned and emailed to the HR Department

7.7.13 The Recruiting Manager is responsible for informing the unsuccessful candidates
about the outcome of an interview and for providing feedback. All candidates who
attend an interview must receive feedback from the Recruiting Manager

7.8 Appointing a Successful Candidate
7.8.1 The panel chair is responsible for making an offer of employment to the
successful candidate, confirming their entitlements and benefits

7.8.2 A certified copy of the successful candidate’s right to work must be sent to HR at
least two weeks prior to the start date as well as a fully completed Contract
Request Form. A copy of this form can be found on QPulse or sent to you by HR

7.8.3 Upon receipt of a certified right to work the Human Resources department will
generate a contract which will be sent to the successful candidate via email

7.8.4 The successful candidate must electronically sign their contract prior to their start
date. Failure to do this may result in their start date being delayed

7.8.5 Salary is to be determined by the Recruiting Manager based on experience. If the
salary differs from the approved range, determined by the job role and
geographical location, the Recruiting Manager must seek authorisation from their
Senior Manager/Director

7.8.6 If no replacement for a post has been appointed within 6 months of the position
becoming vacant the role will be made dormant. Once dormant the role can only
be recruited into with Director approval

7.9 Criminal Record Checks
7.9.1 Certain roles within Sonic Healthcare UK require successful candidates to have a
criminal record check completed

7.9.2 Criminal record checks will not be completed for all roles, only those where it is
compulsory. These include phlebotomists and any position in which the post
holder has access to hospital wards

7.9.3 In order to conduct a criminal record check the Recruiting Manager must take
certified copies of the required documents – a list is available on the DBS
website or from the Human Resources department – and email these to the
Human Resources department who will request a check

7.9.4 In the event that the pre-employment checks are deemed to be unsatisfactory, or
are not completed in a timely manner, the Recruiting Manager must discuss this
with the Human Resources department. In certain circumstances, the offer of
appointment may be withdrawn

7.10.1 All new staff must attend a corporate Sonic Healthcare UK induction. The Human
Resources department will book new starters onto a corporate induction and
send details to the Recruiting Manager so that arrangements can be made for
the employee to attend

7.10.2 On the first day on employment to new starter’s Line Manager must complete a
local induction

7.10.3 All new starters are subject to a probationary period and it is the Line Manager’s
responsibility to offer the support needed, set and review objectives and to
monitor the new starter’s performance

7.10.4 All new starters must attend the corporate induction prior to completing their
probation period. The probation period cannot be ended(passed) unless the
corporate induction has been attended

7.11 Providing False Information
7.11.1 All applicants (both internal and external) for all jobs are required to complete an
application via the CoreHR system. By submitting an application candidates are
acknowledging that the provision of false information during the application and
selection process may lead to their offer of employment being withdrawn or
(should they already have commenced in post, to their dismissal)

Approval and Ratification
Name of Document: Sonic Healthcare UK Recruitment and Selection Policy and
This policy applies to the policy and procedure of recruiting new staff, and is a non
contractual policy. It applies to all Sonic Healthcare UK staff, regardless of contractual

Name of Management Chair:
Date: _______________________________________
Date of Next Review: 2022

6. Policy Principles 6.1 All vacancies will be advertised internally via the CoreHR recruitment page. 6.2 All candidates who attend interview will be provided feedback by the Recruiting …

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What is the process of recruitment and selection?

Recruitment and selection are different processes. First is the recruitment that has as its premise: Attraction, selection and design of the appropriate candidates for the selection phase. Then the selection is made, which aims to conduct the interviews and evaluate the candidates, in order to select an individual for the job.

What are the steps in the recruitment process?

There are 10 main areas of the recruitment process that, once mastered, can help you:

  • Optimize your recruitment strategy
  • Speed up the hiring process
  • Save money for your organization
  • Attract the best candidates – and more of them too with effective job descriptions
  • Increase employee retention and engagement
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What are the stages of the recruitment process?

What are the stages of the Recruitment Process?

  • Different Stages of Recruitment Process. A recruitment process is a step-by-step progressive process. ...
  • Job Requirement Analysis. As a recruiter, it is important that you understand the job in detail before creating a talent pool.
  • Creating a pool of candidates. ...
  • Screening candidates. ...
  • Setting up Expectations. ...
  • Salary Negotiation. ...
  • Offer. ...
  • Onboarding. ...

What are the steps in hiring process?

  • Review job applications
  • Test candidates
  • Interview selected candidates
  • Choose candidates based on pre-determined selection criteria
  • Perform background and reference checks
  • Send selected candidates for a health check