Realize The Full Transformative Value Of Microsoft Teams

Realize the full transformative value of microsoft teams

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Realize the full
transformative value
of Microsoft Teams
Many businesses are turning to Microsoft
Teams as an aid to achieving digital agility
in the face of accelerating change

Microsoft Teams offers a shared workspace with the power to
transform workplace collaboration, however, realization of the
benefits depends heavily on how the product rolled out

The right implementation KPIs tailored to Microsoft Teams – and to
your business
approach is essential As well as a baseline, measurement requires suitable KPIs

Acumen provides a group of Teams KPIs that can be configured /
Teams’ very sophistication and richness of features
weighted to truly reflect the needs of your organization

necessitates a structured, systematic approach to implementation
– an approach that keeps you focused on business impact rather In addition to these Teams-specific KPIs, you’ll need a number of
than on technology for its own sake. ROI depends on successful generic ones. For example, a “category sprawl” KPI will help you
adoption by the workforce, and adoption of appropriate behavior. to identify when other applications are being used to do the same
Monitoring of progress has to take place against KPIs that reflect thing as Teams, as a first step to standardizing on Teams

your business’s strategic goals and business objectives – not With sufficiently sophisticated algorithms underlying the KPIs,
just basic metrics about the use of Microsoft Teams, useful as using them to measure progress is effortless

those are

For example, if you’re aiming to enhance meeting efficiency, it’s
good to know how long people are spending in Microsoft Teams Managing rollout
meetings, but much better to compare that figure with the time
Monitoring effort and progress against KPIs
spent in physical meetings or virtual meetings using alternative
products and see the two measurements alter over time. As you roll out a collaboration platform like Microsoft Teams, it’s
important to maintain control over, and visibility of, the deployment
process and measure performance efficiency, service adoption,
Preparing for transformation and employee satisfaction

The KPIs provide a basis for this, enabling you to evaluate
Baseline assessment
technical data and end-user behavior. You can get visibility of
Before any transformation, it’s important to understand your any other tools in use across the organization so that you can
starting point, reviewing your current capabilities, in terms of standardize on Teams, thereby maximizing ROI

both technology and employees. This includes the technology
already in place and the workforce’s ability to absorb change
and utilize IT – and your resources in terms of applications,
devices and infrastructure. You can evaluate technology users
to identify suitable early adopters who can act as champions
and lead pilot groups to try out new functionality before you
commit to a full migration

Once you have all this information, you can create the best
possible deployment strategy, prioritizing and staging deployments
based on employee capabilities and readiness to change

You can also establish a baseline against which to measure
improvement efforts and ROI as you implement Teams, to ensure
your desired outcomes are achieved. As you progress are able to
view a dashboard comparing the baseline and current outcomes
with your strategic goals and business objectives. Supplementing basic information to generate
sophisticated insights
The Office 365 Admin Center provides valuable information on
Microsoft Teams usage, but to see the full picture you need more

Using the business KPIs you identified up front, plus algorithms
that help you understand technology usage and user behavior,
you can obtain detailed metrics with minimal effort

These metrics will enable you to really understand the current
outcomes of your transformation initiative, and see how well they
match your strategic goals and business objectives

Monitoring and phasing out other
collaborative platforms
It’s important to have visibility of all collaborative platforms,
not just Microsoft Teams. Typically, departments and projects
have established their own ways of collaborating, which, while
beneficial, can lead to inefficiencies and silos if they continue
to be used in parallel. If you know what is happening, you can
encourage everyone to move onto Teams in a timely and effective
manner without disrupting the useful collaborations that are
already happening. Acumen gives you a comprehensive, vendor-
independent picture of all forms of collaboration, online and offline,
by using both technology and employee behavior data

Champion your champions
Find those individuals who have the ability and attitude to drive
Monitoring realization of adoption of Microsoft Teams and help others use it the way you
need them to. Give them the training, motivation and authority to
desired outcomes do this. Microsoft has Champion programs to help you

Giving executives a 360-degree view
Identify where help is needed
Acumen provides management and project leaders with easy
access to the data analytics, insights and recommendations that Make sure you have the ability to identify those who are reluctant
they need to optimize performance, de-risk digital transformation or unable to adapt to new technology, so that they quickly get
initiatives, and enhance the employee digital experience. the support they need to regain motivation. Otherwise frustration
can grow and spread, undermining productivity and leading to
Each organization is able to configure KPIs that embody the staff attrition

elements that are critical to their organization. With visibility of
current progress against targets, project leaders can steer the
transformation initiative towards full achievement of your strategic
goals and business objectives. Underperforming areas will be
highlighted so that you can, where necessary, take corrective
action to get back on track. This de-risks the whole undertaking

Keeping track of the human aspects
Transformation initiatives such as Teams rollouts are as much
about human behavior as they are about technology. It follows
that tracking adoption by users is a vital part of measuring
success and keeping the transformation initiative on track to
achieve strategic goals and business objectives. Make sure
you have the tools to:
See where the champions for Teams are
 ee who is struggling with adoption and give them the help
they need – perhaps even turning them into champions
Measure agility against role-specific business outcomes
Provide signposting to help users improve their agility
 hase deployment to take account of different groups’
agility levels
 easure how workforce agility is aiding or
inhibiting progress
 how individuals how they are contributing
to organizational goals – this increases job
satisfaction and motivation
– Tailored KPIs and actionable insights
Scalable’s next generation platform, Tiered objectives
Acumen, measures the digital KPIs that Acumen offers a unique tiered structure of objectives that
show how individual, project and departmental activities fit
allow organizations to evaluate the agility in with overall strategic goals and business objectives. This
of their workforce and their technology, helps everyone to see how their efforts support a specific
reducing the risk of failed transformation goal, which provides powerful motivation and enhances
employee satisfaction

initiatives, and helping assure success in
achieving strategic goals and business Technology
objectives, including lower costs, improved Identify high, medium, and low risk technology and
efficiencies, and revenue growth. services for business transformation
 ake automated recommendations for technology
Measure, optimize, transform advancement (identify low-hanging fruit)
Acumen captures key data and the associated granular metrics
 nderstand technology sizing and readiness for
needed from thousands of endpoints across the organization
and brings the analysis of that data together in management
dashboards that provide an accurate assessment of the current  ap transformation to the right competency levels in
status of a digital initiative in meeting the business objectives. the workforce
Acumen provides deep insight into end users’ experience and  elp identify opportunities to fund innovation and
the technologies they use to get work done. Acumen not only digital transformation
monitors and measures progress against key KPIs but also  uild a roadmap and business case for technology
provides actionable insights and recommendations to enhance transformation
the agility of both employees and technology

Digital employee capabilities
 nderstand who the Teams champions are in your
organization versus who is struggling with it
 iscover how you can increase the agility of the employees
and teams who are slower to adopt Teams
 etermine how users are interacting with technology that is
going to change, and track before and after performance
Decide how best to map users to change plans
Identify how your workforce agility is aiding or inhibiting
your strategic goals and business objectives
About Scalable…
Our mission is to provide customers with the key data and insights needed to make their organizations
more digitally agile, by enhancing performance, and creating effective digital experiences for their
customers and employees

Scalable Software, an innovator in SaaS-based IT operations analytics and employee usage data since 2008, is
uniquely placed to combine the power of both technology and employee experience metrics to deliver real-time
visibility, insights, and recommendations to enable better, faster decisions that enhance digital agility

For more information: or [email protected]
©2020 Scalable Software Ltd. All rights reserved. Scalable, the Scalable logo, Acumen logo are registered trademarks of Scalable SEPT 2020
Software Ltd. All other marks are the property of their respective owners

KPIs tailored to Microsoft Teams – and to your business As well as a baseline, measurement requires suitable KPIs. Acumen provides a group of Teams KPIs that can be configured / …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top four benefits of microsoft teams?

The top four benefits are: Teams reduces the total number of meetings and their duration. Online meetings conducted over Teams are reliable and of very high audio-video quality. As a result, employees spend less time addressing setup and call quality issues, and more time interacting.

How much money can you save with microsoft teams?

The potential savings equal more than $14.3 million. Information workers save more than one hour per week by not having to switch between applications. Access to third-party and line-of-business apps inside Teams from any device benefits all workers, especially remote workers.

How does microsoft teams reduce downtime?

Having resources available online in Teams reduces downtime by 14.6 percent. When resources are available in one cloud-based location, downtime is reduced and complexity is lowered, making security and compliance easier. Compared to on-premises solutions, the time savings are worth $258,000 across information and Firstline Workers.